Morkie – Mini Fashion Dog

Morkies are glamorous, feisty and are affectionate, confident, low shedding dogs. They are a designer dog breed which is a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. Morkshire Terriers, Yorkese are the other names of Morkies.

Despite their small size, Morkie has a big personality with energy levels to match. Morkie grabs the attention of the people with their dandy look and positive glance. Smart, self-assured, perky are some of the common dispositions of this breed. 


Morkies are lap dogs and huge cuddlers! keep it in mind, the size of its teacup while giving hug or sleeping aside. Morkie belongs to the toy breed group. They are like a small size companion that can be carried anywhere. Morkies are great watchdogs as they inform you something amiss if they see or hear at the door. Morkies are somewhat stubborn thanks to terriers in them.

Morkie Dog Breed Profile & Overview

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Morkie History 

The history of the Morkies is dubious, but according to the known information Morkies originated in the US during the late 1990s. They are crossbred between Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. They were bred between two toy dog breeds to become the ultimate designer lap dog.

Their fame peaked in 2008, thanks in part to Britney Spears buying Yorkies in 2007 and 2008. Over the last 10 years they become popular in England, Ireland due to their temperament.

Morkie Characteristics 

  • The Morkies are capricious and they inherit either both of the parental traits or one of them.
  • Despite the small size, it looks more adorable.
  • Miniature Morkies always want to crave the attention of the owner.
  • Morkies are suitable for families, singles, older people.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • The size of the Morkies vary between 6-10 inches.
  • The weight varies between 6 -12 pounds.
  • They always bark to express their insecurity.
  • They maintain sweet disposition with other canines and cats too.
  • They are perceptible to the situations.
  • The life span of the Morkies is 10-14 years.
  • They are adaptable to the environment.
  • They are good watchdogs.
  • They are easy to carry for traveling and it acts as a perfect companion for the owner.
  • They remain active all the time.
  • Training is the best indicator to see their potentials.


The Morkies appear in small size and their appearance differs even they are in the same litter. They possess a soft and beautiful coat. Their face is round in shape with striking dark eyes with hazel and brown color and has a bottomed nose with a tiny bone structure. Tail is a little bit curly on one side and sinuous on another. The muzzles are fine with reasonable length. The ears are floppy or erect based on the inheritance acquired.


Precisely the appearance can vary depending on their attributes they inherit from the parental breed. White Morkies look like Maltese, black Morkies look like Yorkshire Terrier. One thing is sure that these teacup dogs are much smaller than breed standards.

  • Size & Weight 

The male Morkies size varies between 7-10 inches, whereas the female Morkies size varies between 6-9 inches. The weight of the male Morkies varies between 6-12 pounds, whereas the female Morkies weight varies between 4-8 pounds.

  • Coat & Colour

The coat is wavy with variant colors and color combinations. The color of the coat varies from white, black, brown; black & white; tan and black. In general, these are seen in white & black colors.


Morkie Temperament

1. Personality - The Morkies are lively and playful dogs. They love to roam around and play with toys. The Morkies are amiable with other dogs, cats and mature children. Morkies are lap dogs with sweet loving nature. They are affectionate towards the family members but attach to one family member mostly. More demand some attention, hence suited for one-person home or smaller families.

2. Behavior  - The Morkies are courageous and shows the aggressiveness to small kids. Early socialization can reduce this problem. They expect cuddling from owners. They act as a companion while watching TV on a sofa. They wait eagerly for challenges.  They are good watchdogs as they inform you of someone at the door. They will let you know if they see or hear something amiss.

Morkie enjoy themselves by playing games like fetch, fly ball. They become protective in front of strangers. Although they are small in size, their traits are appreciable. They are one of the fun-loving breeds who enjoys humor. They are confident in completing the activities. They are known for their active stature and blissful personality. 

3. Activities Requirement - They are perfectly suitable for both apartments, small and large houses too. Morkies are quick learners, so the activity should be fun and short. Praise with positive clause works as a boost to them. Repetition of exercises should be avoided as it can make Morkie stubborn and aggressive.

A 30-minute walk will be enough for them which makes them healthy and fit. A yard or wooden house is not necessary for them because it develops separation syndrome. Appraisal acts as a motive for them. While playing outside, observe them so that other animals will not harm them.

4. Trainability - Morkies are somewhat stubborn because of Terrier in them. Training them is a bit tough but it gives them a lot of fun. With Perseverance and patience Morkie learns to obey commands. They play with toys and likes trick training.

Reward-based training is beneficial for them as it rejuvenates them with positivity. They inculcate socialization during training. If proper exercise is not provided, they will exhibit their agony in the form of barking and they destroy things.


Although they are miniature dogs, they like food a lot. Formulate diet by keeping their energy level and its small size. Give the food 2 times in a day for Morkie. Kibble food is good for them as it increases bone strength. Boiled eggs, pumpkin slices, blueberries, cooked meat are the favorite food for Morkies. Avoid large and sharp food items like fish as it causes dental and digestion problems. 

Life Span

The life span of Morkies is 10-14 years. 

Morkie Care 

Schedule regular health check-ups to find any health issues. Periodical vaccination is needed by the vet doctors. Brush teeth daily to prevent oral issues which are common in small breeds. Morkies are stubborn and have high energy levels, hence 30 min walk per day is necessary to prevent boredom, destructive behavior.

They are playful and lively and do mischievous things. Care is necessary while handling Morkie because of their small size, use harness instead of a collar to prevent Trachea Collapse. Avoid negative tone during training as it will negatively impact them. 

Morkie Facts

  • They are exceptionally intelligent
  • They are tolerant to cold and hot climates
  • They are congenial
  • They are easy to train
  • They strive for attention and care.

Morkie Health Issues 

  • Tracheal Collapse

Collapsing trachea is a common cause of airway obstruction in toy breed dogs. A harsh cough is developed due to heavy exercise and intense activity. Cough suppressants, Corticosteroids, bronchodilators, and antibiotics are used in treating this condition. 

  • Dental Issues

The Morkies possess weak jaw which acts as a barrier during strong chewing. Plaque and tartar will develop due to insufficient maintenance. Regular brushing and dental checkups are suggestible to avoid this problem.

  • Eye Problems

The eye problems for a Morkies are caused in 3 ways - Cataracts, Corneal ulcers, Glaucoma. These 3 problems can be seen in their early puppy stages of 8 weeks of duration. Surgery is the best solution to rectify these conditions, otherwise it may lead to loss of vision.


Morkie Grooming

Morkies need some maintenance on grooming. Regular brushing with the help of a bristle brush keeps them free from tangles. They need bathing every month with a dog shampoo prescribed by vet doctor. They also need a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks.

Nail clipper is used to remove the nails once or twice a month. Check ears for debris and Pests daily. Trim the ear hair and use cotton ball externally to remove the flea and debris. The Morkie has a moderate long fur that needs to be trimmed regularly. Remove tear stains around the eyes.

Morkie Shedding 

Morkies are low shedders, stray hairs can be recognized easily during brushing time. Despite being low shedders, they are not considered Hypoallergenic but may be a good option for allergic persons. 


The price of the Morkies varies between $1500-$3700.


They are apartment-friendly and suitable for a house with small space or single-person households.

Morkie Pet Names

  • Male : Ferd; Bunny; Scot; Oscar 
  • Female : Ruby; Skye; Coco; Tilly

Things To Consider Before Buying


  • They are low shedders.
  • They can be easily carried to every place
  • They are vigorous dogs in front of strangers.
  • They are lovable, cute dogs.


  • They bark too much
  • It needs daily grooming
  • They are sensitive to the owner’s mood
  • They are prone to be stubborn when they left alone.

Morkie Dog Breed FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h3" question-0="Do Morkies Hurt Small Children?" answer-0="No, but the relationship between them is a bit sensitive as both are innocent." image-0="" headline-1="h3" question-1="What Is The Life Span Of Morkies?" answer-1="The life span of Morkie is 10-14 years." image-1="" headline-2="h3" question-2="Do Morkies Are Tolerant Of Weather Conditions?" answer-2="They are tolerant of both hot and cold conditions." image-2="" headline-3="h3" question-3="Do Morkies Are Apartment-friendly?" answer-3="They can fit in the apartments and are suitable for urban lifestyles." image-3="" headline-4="h3" question-4="Do Morkies Bark A Lot?" answer-4="Morkies bark a lot to express their view." image-4="" count="5" html="true" css_class=""]