Toy Manchester Terrier - A lively and sharp-witted dog

Toy Manchester Terrier is a tiny sized dog developed for killing rats, rodent and rabbit. This breed is named after a city of England - Manchester. This breed is a descendant of black and Tan Terrier and shares much of its trait with that dog. This dog is also referred to as smaller version of Doberman in appearance.

The dog is leaner and has athletic body. Modern Manchester Terrier has two types - Toy and Standard. Both the types of dogs have same history and ancestors except the size.


Toy Manchester Terrier has typical personality of terrier group. It is a high spirited and rambunctious dog that is always eager to play. It is sporty, independent and of happy. The dog craves for human companionship and should never be left alone for longer duration of time. The dog is passionate and is curious and will never be still in the house. It has jest for living an adventurous life.

Toy Manchester Terrier
Manchester Terrier - Toy

Manchester Terrier Origin

The dog belongs to Manchester, England. It was developed by cross mating English Black and Tan Terrier with Whippet plus the Bull Terrier and White English Terrier. The breed was used to keep the house rodents and pests free. It specializes in killing rodent, rabbit, rats and other small animals and insects.

Manchester Terrier Characteristics 

  • The breed belongs to Manchester city, England.
  • It has strong prey drives and is expert in killing rodent.
  • Lifespan of this breed is 14-16 years.
  • It is an active, loyal, independent, lovable and intelligent dog.
  • The size of the dog is 25-30 cm.
  • Weight of the dog is 5.4 to 10 kg.
  • It comes in two colors - black, black-tan.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  • Average cost of the breed is $600 - $1000 USD.
  • Like other terriers, they have a habit of barking and digging.
  • They have a short coat which shed negligibly.
  • They are moderately easy to train as they learn new tricks quickly.
  • Grooming needs of the dog is low and infrequent.
  • The dog thrives in warm climate.
  • They are active indoors and needs great deal of exercise.


Toy Manchester Terrier is small, sleek and has athletically built up body.  The dog looks similar to Small Doberman Pinschers. It is also considered as improved version of old black and tan terrier.


The dog has narrow face with well-developed pointed muzzle. They have well arched neck with leveled topline. Its ears are small and v-shaped. Tail of the dog is thin and naturally carried low. Eyes are medium sized and expressive to look. Overall expression on their face is keen and bright.

Toy Manchester Terrier

Size and Weight

Ideal height of the Toy Manchester is 10 and 12 inches tall. The dog should weigh less than 12 pounds.


Coat and Color

It has short and glossy coat. It is a single coated dog which has smooth and dense hair. Coat should be coarse to touch. The dog comes in jet black color with mahogany color markings on muzzle, face, ears, belly and legs.


  1. Personality - This breed has a typically terrier nature. Its toy size makes it look cuddly and sweet. They are sharp witted and are mischievous They are extremely smart and will always look for ways to trick you. They crave for human touch in their life all through their life. With family members they are devoted and loyal. They might not be suspicious of strangers but are definitely standoffish and aloof of them. They take time in mixing up with new person. Like other terrier they have the tendency to test boundary set for them. Correct any bad behavior of your dog at once so that they may not become habitual of any bad habit. They are always alert and makes excellent watchdog.
  2. Behavior - They are easy going dogs that know how to live life to the fullest. They are always in jolly mood and love to woo humans. They may not be good with toddlers because of their dominant trait but with younger children they are playful and cheerful. Typical terrier behavior like digging and barking is intact in them and no amount of training can make them get rid of these habits. If left unattained for longer duration, they become destructive in nature. The dog has also strong prey drive and will keep your home pest and rodents free. They are friendly with dogs raised with them. They are good choice of breed for city dwellers.
  3. Trainability - They are stubborn, strong willed and have mind of their own. A firm and consistent leader can only train them effectively. Never correct your dog physically because that can make them aggressive in nature. Motivational training methods that involves, play treats and appreciation are best for them.
  4. Activities Requirement - They are high energetic dogs that need lot of plays and exercises. A busy terrier is a calm terrier. They also excel in dog sports related to agility. They love to accompany humans in running an errand. The dog is also fond of fetch games.


They tend to eat more. Care should be taken because obesity decreases the lifespan of the dog. As they are high energetic small dogs, so they need diet formulated for such breeds. Their diet should be rich in proteins and fats. Feed your dogs in accordance with its activity level.


Life expectancy of the dog is 14-16 years.

Toy Manchester Terrier

Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic breed. Dog’s health concern may include Von Willebrand disease, pattern baldness, cataracts, PRA, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. The dog gets cold easily so during winter season they should be wrapped in quilt and should wear sweater.

Grooming and Caring

It has a short coat which requires infrequent grooming. This breed sheds negligibly so it is the perfect choice of dog for cleanliness obsessed people. Brush its coat once a week to keep it neat and mats free.

Terriers are mainly prone to bad dental health. Their teeth should be regularly brushed to maintain healthy gums. You should also visit the vet for routine checkup of its dental health. Trim its nails if it doesn’t wear it naturally. Cleaning the ears should also be a part of grooming regime.


As the dog is small sized so it can live in any size of apartment. It is suitable for urban lifestyle. It cannot survive extreme cold climate because of its short and single coat.

Pet Names

  1. Tittu
  2. Chinku
  3. Koochi
  4. Liza
  5. Apsara

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a cheerful and playful dog that makes great family companion.
  2. This breed is suitable for urban lifestyle.
  3. It sheds lightly and has low grooming requirement.
  4. This breed will keep your house rodents and pests free.


  1. It barks excessively which can be annoying for you as well as your neighbor.
  2. It keeps on spinning and running inside home. It can never stay still.
  3. It is not a hypoallergenic breed; asthmatic patient should not own this breed.
  4. It is not so easy to train because it tends to be strong willed.