Volpino Italiano : Charming Spitz-Type Dog

As the name suggests, Volpino Italiano breed hails from Italy. It has typical spitz type appearance. The dog has double coat, pointed muzzle and upturned tail carried over its back. The name ‘Volpino’ has been derived from Latin word - ‘vulpine’ which means fox.

As the dog has fox like face so it has been named so. The dog is alert and intelligent and makes wonderful watchdog. It is wary of stranger and will bark to let you know of them.


It is an active dog and also excels at agility and rally related completion. The dog is gentle with kids and playful with elder children. They are peaceful with other dogs and even cats if they have been raised together.

The dog may get startled to see new people and animals so exposing it to numerous people and animals is necessary. The dog looks like snowball and will definitely draw the admiration of people because of its magnetic charm.

Volpino Italiano
Volpino Dog Breed

Volpino Italiano Origin

Volpino Italiano belongs to spitz family of Italy. Because of its attractive personality, it used to be popular breed among noble men and peasant. The dog has small size, attentive nature which makes it suitable to do the watch duty.


Its compact size and less appetite made the dog highly honored among poor people. This breed was also owned by renowned Italian artist - Michelangelo. Queen Victoria too owned this breed but later it was found that she mistakenly assumed this breed as Pomeranian. At present scenario, they are not so popular and rare even in their own country.

Volpino Italiano
Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to Italy and is a watchdog.
  2. It is loyal, outgoing, playful and alert breed.
  3. Life expectancy of this breed is 14-16 years.
  4. It is 24–30 cm tall.
  5. Its weight is around 4–6 kg.
  6. The dog comes in champagne, white, fawn, honey, red and black color.
  7. Average price of this breed is $600 - $800 USD
  8. The dog is highly adaptable.
  9. It is a suitable for apartment because of its small size.
  10. This breed tends to be barky. They bark frequently even on the remotest sound and sight of people.
  11. It is a suitable dog for kids of all ages.
  12. It is a pet friendly dog. They are tolerant of cats too.
  13. It is active but not hyperactive dog. It loves to play all day.
  14. The dog is not hypoallergenic.
  15. It sheds above average. Be ready to vacuum often.
  16. The dog requires regular grooming to keep its fur in shape.
  17. They are moderately easy to train. Because of their sharp mind they learn skills easily.


This breed resembles to Pomeranian but it is older and taller than it. The dog is compact and has fur like hairs all over its body. You can say it is a living soft toy. The facial structure of the dog is fox like. Their head is wedged shaped with short and pointed muzzle. Eyes and nose of the dog are black in color.

The dog has deep chest, leveled topline and short neck. Tail of the dog is bushy and carried over its back. The legs of the dog are thin and short which gives it agility. This dog gives the impression of alert and kindness.

Volpino Italiano
Volpino Italiano

Size and Weight

Average height of the male breed is 27–30 cm and female’s average height is 25–28 cm. Male breed weight is around 4.5–5.4 kg and female breed weight is around 4.1–4.5 kg.

Coat and Color

The dog’s coat is fluffy like feathers and is double coated. The dogs generally come in white color but other colors like fawn, red, and black are also acceptable.


  1. Personality - It is a happy, cheerful and lively It loves to entertain people and bring smile on their face. It makes best four-legged companion to kids because of its playful nature. They are also patient with toddlers. This dog proves to be great therapy dogs too. His jolly nature act as anti-depressant to people who are suffering from loneliness, anxiety and depression. They make ideal family dog because of their steady brain and cool demeanor.
  2. Behavior - This breed tends to be noisy. If you do not like vociferous breeds, then stay away from it. The dog is active and will run constantly in your home. It is wary of strangers and will bark to make you alert of approaching strangers. They are peaceful with other dogs and cats and are tolerable of them. The dog is loyal and makes trustworthy companion. They also crave for love and attention from owner. Apart from being a watchdog, they could also be used as bird dog and gun dog if trained properly. They are curious by nature and will leave no stone unturned to discover the fun inside home.
  3. Activities Requirement - Even though they are small in size, they need daily dose of exercise to thrive happily inside home. If you have a yard inside home, there is no need to take the dog outside. This breed is self-sufficient and can entertain itself provided it has space to run freely. The dog loves to play with balls and discs.
  4. Trainability - They have stubborn streak in them and likes to do things according to their own way. Food and positive reinforcement techniques will definitely attract them to learn skills. They are sharp minded and once they learn any lesson, they will not forget it till lifetime.
Volpino Italiano
Volpino Italiano


Quantity of food depends upon the kind of workout your dog does. A more active dog requires more food. You need to provide it raw meat and bowl of fruits for your dog. Make sure that you clean its bowl and keep fresh water at its place regularly.


Volpino Italiano has a lifespan similar to other spitz type breeds. If you provide proper care and diet, it can live around 12 to 15 years.

Health Issues

It is not hypoallergenic breed and is a healthy breed with no signs of major health issues. Minor health concerns of the dog include deafness, PRA, patellar luxation etc.


The dog’s coat requires intensive care. They shed above average so brush its coat every alternate day to keep it in good shape and texture. It will also remove debris and mats from its body. Check its ears for any signs of infection or allergy. Trim its nails if it has become longer. Do not forget to brush its teeth on weekly basis.


This breed is suitable for apartment living and urban lifestyle. It prefers to live in cool climate.

Pet Names

  1. Snow white
  2. Molly
  3. Rolly
  4. Doll
  5. Panda

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. This breed makes perfect watchdog for house because of their alert nature.
  2. It makes wonderful companion dogs to people who can devote time to their pet.
  3. It adores kids and is animal friendly.


  1. The dog sheds a lot.
  2. It is not hypoallergenic in nature.
  3. It requires daily brushing of its coat to keep it in good shape.