17 Best Small Dog Breeds : Smallest Dog Breeds List

The maxim “all good things come in small packages” is proved by small dogs. They are small in stature but full of life and personality. Small dogs have lots of love to give. They are popular among the masses because they are adaptable to any size of apartment and perfect for urban lifestyle.

Small dog breeds are easy to carry and can be your travel buddy. They can perfectly fit in your lap and give you cuddle when you need the most. Apart from looking absolutely adorable they can also give you competition in agility and other physical exercises. If you’re planning to add a tiny dog to your family, take a look at the below mentioned world’s smallest dog breeds.


Chihuahua (3-6 Pounds)

Chihuahua is the world smallest dog with outsize personality. It weights 3-6 pounds and height is 6 inches to 9 inches at the shoulder. This little dog is ahead in dog sports which involves agility, obedience and rally. It has been listed among top 10 watchdogs of the world.


This breed has slender body with either smooth or long coat. Chihuahua is a wash-and-go dog. It is not hypoallergenic breed and the lifespan is 10 – 18 years. The price start from $300 and can go up to $2000.

The personality of the dog depends a lot upon how you raise it. It is notorious but you can control its mischief by correcting it from starting instead of laughing at its mistake. Many people hold the myth that Chihuahua is snappy and can bite its owner. However, this is not the case with every Chihuahua breed. There is no doubt that they are strong minded and willful but proper training and early socializing is must to have steady headed dog inside home. The dog doesn’t need lot of exercise but it needs space inside home to romp and jump.


Brussels Griffon (12 Pounds)

Brussels Griffon is a Belgian dog developed to kill vermin and rodents. The dog thinks himself as important and wants everyone to treat it with respect. It has low tolerance level for rough handling and therefore small kids should interact with dog under parent’s supervision. The height of the dog ranges from 25-30 cm and weights around 12 pounds. The average price is $1500 to $2000.

Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon

This breed is delicate and doesn’t require much exercise. Half an hour walk along with play is enough to make him happy. The dog has monkey like face with wiry band dense coat. It is hypoallergenic in nature and sheds little. It comes in blue, black, red and beige color. Its coat requires regular maintenance and trimming. Being a rare breed, the price of the dog can be higher.

Pomeranian (3 - 7 Pounds)

Pomeranian is one of the cutest and adaptable breed of the world. The dog’s tiny bright eyes and shaggy coat will make anyone captivated to it. It stands at a height of 8-12 inches and weighs 3 to 7 pounds.


The dog has a happy demeanor that will surely enrich your life experiences. Apart from being a companion dog, it excels in agility related exercises. Being a spitz breed, it has fox like face and abundant coat. The lifespan of the dog is 12 – 16 years. The average price ranges from $600-$1500.

Grooming the dog is necessary to keep its coat tidy and free of dead hairs. The dog is not hypoallergenic. Cute, feisty and funny, this breed is responsive to fun training. The dog has deep bark and its alert nature makes it good watchdog. They have enormous energy in their small body and require daily walking as well as play session.

Affenpinscher (7-13 Pounds)

Affenpinscher breed looks similar to Brussels griffon and was developed in Germany for similar purpose i.e. to kill vermin and rodents in house. This breed stands at 9-12 inches and weighs around 7-13 pounds. French describe this breed as “diablotin moustachu” which means mustached little devil.

Affenpinscher Dog Breed

The dog is full of vigor and has one motto to live life to the fullest. It will not find this breed still inside the house; it is always running or jumping or looking for thrill. The average price is $1800-$2500.

It loves to go outside for a walk with its master. As they are stubborn and have ‘tough guy personality’ so they respond well to training which involves positive reinforcement methods. This breed is suitable for adult children but toddler needs supervision.

Papillon (7-10 Pounds)

Papillon’ name means - “butterfly ears” which rightly describes the dog. It has got ears which are in the shape of wings of a butterfly. This breed stands at a height of 8-12 inches and weighs around 7-10 pounds. It is an affectionate and friendly breed that is peaceful with strangers and kids if socialized properly. The average price is $750.

Papillon Dog Breed

It is energetic and vocal which can create problem to neighbors. The dog is quick to react by barking at every new sight and sound. Agility related exercises are perfect for this breed. If you want a funky little beautiful looking breed, Papillion is right for you. The lifespan of the dog is 13 – 15 years. It has silky, flowing and long hairs which require two to three time brushing. This breed is not hypoallergenic.

Yorkshire Terrier (7 Pounds)

Yorkshire Terrier is the 6th most popular toy dog in United States. Developed for ratting, this breed is domesticated now for companionship purpose. Yorkies stand 6-9 inches tall and weighs around 7 pounds.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

The dog has wonderful long and frizzy hair which sheds less but does require daily grooming. The dog is versatile and can be trained as per the need of the master. It costs around $1200-$1500.

It has the sparkling personality that can make anyone fell in love with it. The dog has terrier heritage so not so fond of kids or other dogs. Early socialization will make the dog accepting of other person and animals. The dog enjoys long walk and will love to run errands with you. The lifespan of this dog is 13-16 years.

Russian Toy (7 Pounds)

Russian Toy is an elegant and lively dog that was bred in Russia from English toy terrier. This breed is famous in Russia but needs introduction to the rest of the world. It is similar in height to Chihuahua and even has same bodily features. The dog is 7-11 inches tall and weighs around 7 pounds. The average price is $600-$1600.

Russian Toy
Russian Toy Dog Breed

This breed also comes in two coat- smooth coat and long coat; neither coat is hypoallergenic. The smooth has fine texture of short hair while long coat has hairy ears somewhat similar to Papillion. The dog was bred to work as watchdog and hence it is quite vocal. It needs similar treatment like that of big dogs and not like toy breeds. Being an active breed, it requires daily walk and playtime. The lifespan of the dog is 11 years.

Toy Fox Terrier (3.5-9 Pounds)

Toy Fox Terrier breed is descendant of smooth fox terrier. This spunky dog stands 8.5-11 inches tall and weighs around 3.5-9 pounds. It has short, fine and smooth coach which sheds averagely and is not hypoallergenic. The dog is buzzing with energy and needs interactive play session that involves usage of body as well mind.

Toy Fox Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier

This breed is ideal for those who want an active dog but in a small body frame. The average price is $800-$1200.

Training the dog is also fun as it is bright and catches skills fast. It is loyal, entertaining and devoted dog that knows how to bring smile on family members’’ face. It is also territorial in nature and possesses protective nature towards its loved ones. The dog has a mind of its own and insists on similar treatment given to it as any other member of the family like sleeping on bed etc.

Japanese Chin (7 Pounds)

Japanese Chin is the oldest toy breed that has been on earth for more than 1000 years. The dog has a long history of companionship and makes perfect dog to those who want a mild nature lapdog. It has a happy demeanor and is fatigue resistant. The only thing, this breed carves for is constant companionship. It is neither vocal nor yappy like most other toy breeds. The cost of Japanese Chin breed is $1500 - $2500.

Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin Dog Breed

The dog has a cat-like in disposition with bit of independent streak in personality. It stands at a height of 20 – 27 cm and weighs around 7 pounds. This breed has flat with lots of flowing coat. Surprisingly it is a “wash and go” breed and only requires once a week brushing. This breed is not hypoallergenic and has a lifespan of 12 – 14 years.

Chinese Crested (10-13 Pounds)

Chinese Crested is one of the hairless breed of dog that has flowing hair only on head, toes and tail. This unusual looking breed makes great companion dog. It stands at a height of 11-12 inches and weighs around 10-13 pounds.

Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested

The breed is almost naked and is suitable for person who is allergic to dogs. Another version of this breed also comes which is long coated. The temperament of both the breeds is same. Being bare coat, this breed requires special care and attention. The average cost is $700 - $1000.

The naked Chinese crested should not be exposed to sunrays else it may get sunburn. It should be kept inside and taken for walk in evening. This dog is also called as "Velcro dog” because it gets immensely attached to owner and can’t think of life without them. The lifespan of this dog is 12-14 years.

Miniature Pinscher (8-10 Pounds)

Miniature Pinscher breed looks like a mini Doberman. It is 10-12 inches tall and weighs around 8-10 pounds. The dog looks handsome and has sturdy build that suits its outgoing personality. Its short and glossy coat adds to its beauty. It is not hypoallergenic dog and sheds moderately.

Miniature Pinscher
Miniature Pinscher

This breed is meant for owner who wants a dog that could fit in apartment but has energy of a big dog. The average price is $900 - $1300.

The dog is acrobatic and athletic. It would love to accompany you in morning walk and running. Its body is resilient and hardy and it can go on hikes too. They are also territorial in nature and can go to any extent to protect its owner. The dog is clever and an escape artist. A bored miniature pinscher will not mind to try his luck to escape owner’s house. It is imperative to provide it interesting and fun games. The expected lifespan of the dog is 13 years.

English Toy Spaniel (7-10 Pounds)

English Toy Spaniel breed is lovingly called as “Charlie” because King Charles was fond of this breed.  It is a quiet breed and perfect for urban area pet. It is mildly energetic and doesn’t have much demanding exercise needs. The dog loves to hug humans and snuggle onto their bed.

English Toy Spaniel
English Toy Spaniel

It is a lover of comfort and you’ll often find this breed jumping on your bed. It forms close attachment to generally one person in the house. Separation anxiety is common in this breed. It costs around $1000 - $1800.

It is 23 – 28 cm in height and 7-10 pounds in weight. This dog has square body, small face with long flowing silky coat. Its ears sports long wavy hair which looks as if the dog has made two ponies. Despite its long coat, it is easy to groom; requires monthly bathing and weekly brushing. It is not hypoallergenic breed and the expected lifespan of the dog is 12 – 14 years.

Maltese Terrier (6.5 – 8 Pounds)

Maltese Terrier dog looks like a living teddy bear. It is insanely adorable and cute. The dog is playful, well-mannered and epitome of companion dog. It makes perfect lapdog to those who don’t need well-mannered dog. Its height ranges from 21–25 cm and it weighs around 36.5 – 8 pounds.  The average cost of Maltese terrier is $ 1100.

Maltese Terrier
Maltese Terrier

It is neither too vocal nor rambunctious like other toy breeds. It is truly a joy to own this breed. Maltese come in white glamorous coat which is easy to maintain and is hypoallergenic. The moustache of the dog is trimmed to give the hair shape of a flower on its nose. It is an easy going breed that gets along with everyone including strangers and other pets. The dog has a primary instinct of walking and should be taken on small walk. The lifespan of the dog is 12 – 15 years.

Pug (14 to 18 Pounds)

When it comes to world’s smallest breed nobody can forget to include pugs. This breed is described as “clown of canine” world because of their great sense of humor and silly activities which they do to impress their owners. The dog is docile natured and is sweet with everyone it meets.

Pug Dog Breed

It is sturdy and compact dog with flat wrinkled face. The height of the dog ranges from 25-30 cm and it weighs around 14 to 18 pounds. The average price is $600 - $1500.

You just need to take the dog on a small walk to fulfill its exercise requirement. As the pugs have short muzzle so do not make it do vigorous physical workout in extreme weather condition. The dog has short coat which is easy to groom. It is advisable to wipe its wrinkles on regular basis so that fungus doesn’t develop. It is not hypoallergenic breed and the lifespan of the dog is 12 – 15 years.

Dachshund (16 to 32 Pounds)

It is a long bodied, small legs and scent hound breed. This dog stands at a height of ‎8 inches to 9 inches and weighs around 16 to 32 pounds. The dog was bred to flush animals especially rodents and badgers from funnels and dens. The hunting instinct of the dog is still intact and will keep your house pests and rodents free. The price ranges from $200 - $1000.

Dachshund Dog Breed

The dog is composed and calm and is happy to go on daily walk with its master. It is important to strictly monitor its diet else it may get obese which can be fatal for its spinal cord. Dachshunds crave for companionship and generally people buy this dog in pairs. The dog is acceptable of everyone including strangers.

French Bull Dog (16 to 28 Pounds)

once served as excellent ratter, French Bull dog is now a dedicated companion dog. It is 15-17 cm in height and weight is around ‎16 to 28 pounds. The dog may not look aesthetically appealing to you but owners of frenchies swear by its companionship. Once you get this dog, you will never feel like going for another breed.

French Bull Dog
French Bull Dog Breed

Being a rare breed, this breed may be expensive to you. But all your time and money is worth it when this little angel will come to your house. The average price is $1500 - $3000.

The dog has a balanced temperament and is acceptable of everyone. It has short and easy to care. If you want an outdoor dog, this breed is definitely not for you. The French bulldog thrives on human companionship and wants nothing but love and pampering of humans. Training the dog is like breeze. They are smart and have sharp memory. The lifespan of the dog is 10-12 years.

Italian Greyhound (6-15 Pounds)

All greyhounds are large in size but Italian Greyhound breed is just 10-11 inches tall and weighs 6-15 pounds. Personality wise it is similar to greyhound except its small stature. Just like other greyhound, Italian greyhound has elegant and sleek body which is perfect to aid it in running. The average cost is $400.

Italian Greyhound
Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

The dog loves to run but once it has run few times a day, it will meekly surrender itself on owner’s leg. They are calm, reserved and gentle with everyone. It has short coat which is hypoallergenic.  The lifespan of the dog is 12-15 years.