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Animals Adda was created to fulfill the inbuilt curiosity of human to know all the facts about animals. From the ancient times to the present, mankind is acquainted with the nature and interaction with animals has been a constant need of us. One may buy or take a look at an encyclopedia; however, separating the important facts from the excessive information is a cumbersome task. This website has been created keeping the importance of concise content in mind. Animals Adda consists of a wide range of animals, from the very popular species to the lesser-known species of animals. Clear headings on the content of each animal make it easier for the readers to reach straight to the information of their interest.

This saves the time and effort of the readers; hence, they appreciate and recommend our website to their family and friends. The number of followers of Animalsadda.com is increasing every day, and we owe this popularity to our loyal readers and the dedicated writers of our website. Their enthusiasm towards exploring the domestic as well as wild animals keeps us motivated to keep the content updated with the latest discoveries of species. There is nothing about an animal that you cannot find on our website. However, this huge amount of information is organized in the website in a way that the readers do not find it complicated to navigate and locate the required information.

Animals Adda does not promote violent depiction of animals under any condition. The images undergo a round of extensive review before being published. The editors pay extra attention to ensure that the content is upto the quality standards of our website and also to make sure that no offensive or violent content gets added to the website to degrade the reputation of Animalsadda.com. In our pursuit of excellence, we have obtained several recognitions from the industry experts from time to time. We encourage our readers to raise a red flag if they find any content of our website incorrect or irrelevant.

About the Writer :

Hi, I am Marcello. The team of this website works hard towards perfection day and night. This excellence increases the expectation from me, as a writer. While writing the content for this website, I do plenty of research from books, encyclopedia, and sometimes, I go out in the wild to gather as much information about the animals as possible. The editor of Animals adda approves only that content which is up to the mark of readers’ expectations. When I write content about an animal, I try to incorporate every fact about the animal so that the readers may get answer to their every query and curiosity in a single place.

About the Editor :

Hi, I am Ashwin editor of this amazing website. I, along with my expert team, work hard to make this website a one-stop solution for the readers to know everything about animals. There is nothing that you cannot find on this website. I am always open to hearing the thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and feedback of our readers. I would love to hear from you, feel free to write your concerns regarding the content.