Russkiy Toy : Facts, Puppies, Price, Temperament

The Russian Toy dog is originated in Russia and is considered as a very small-sized breed of dog. This dog was near to extinction in 1920s and 1990s but thereafter it was known to outside of Russia and was developed.

The Russian Toy dog – Facts, Information and Characteristics

  • The other names for the Russian Toy dog are Russkiy Toy, Russian Toy Terrier, Moscow Toy Terrier, Russian Terrier and Moscovian Miniature Terrier.
  • Smooth coated and long coated dogs are available in this breed and both are called as Russian Toy Terriers.
  • Smooth coated dogs were known to be Russian toy Terriers whereas the long coated dogs are Moscow Long Haired Toy Terriers.
  • This dog is considered as the good watch dog and also a right fighter.
  • The temperament of this breed can be defined as active, playful, intelligent and loyal.
  • Household training is sufficient for the dog and is very obedient towards the owners.
  • The Russian Toy takes time to become friends with cats.
  • It needs time to be friendly towards other dogs.
  • The price of the Russian toy dog is about $400 to $600.


The Russian Toy dog is very small in size with big eyes and triangular ears and a small head. The dog generally seen in two types, one is smooth coated with short and shiny coat and smooth to touch. The other is long coated which is moderate in length and is straight with hair on ears, limbs and chest.


The ears are big and the muzzle is pointed with an oval-shaped chest. Generally, the dog is seen in various colors like brown and tan, black and tan, blue and tan, solid red and few times sable or brown sable. The height of the Russian Toy dog is about 8-10 inches (20-26 cm) while it weighs about 3-6 lb (1.3-2.7 kg).


The Russian Toy dog is said to be lovely, friendly, active and intelligent dog. The dog is loyal to the owners and it adapts to the home-environment very soon.

It becomes friendly with the family members very soon and likes to play with the children. It is said to be the good watch dog and is very active all the time.


Health Issues

As the dog was not known to other countries until 1990s apart from Russia, health disorders of the dog are not very well-known. But, it is advisable that regular exercise and proper care will keep the Russian Toy dog active and energetic. In case of any emergency or unusual symptoms, contact the vet immediately for any help or advice.


A proper and healthy diet is recommended for the Russian toy dog. Do not make it eat heavily as it is of small size, so try to prepare a food schedule and feed it properly. Use only clean drinking water.


The Russian Toy dog suits for apartment living. It likes to play very well all the time and is a very intelligent dog, so a house with small yard also keeps the dog active and energetic.



The Russian Toy dog is suitable for the daily walkers as it like to walk along with the owners. It likes little exercise and seems active all the time. Children love to play with the dog and are not preferable for small children.


The Russian Toy dogs can give birth to an average of 2 to 4 puppies. Due to its small size, a proper attention is required for the dog and vet’s advice is recommended in case of any health issues.


As the dog is very small in size, it may be prey to other big animals. So, owners should strictly supervise the dog with proper attention and whenever it is on for daily walk keep an eye on the surroundings in order to keep the dog safe and secure from other animals.

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Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy Russkiy Toy


The breeding should be done for the dog at a proper age and a professional breeding is advisable for the Russian Toy dog. After the breeding, a healthy diet and little exercise should be maintained to keep it fit and healthy.

Life Span

The Russian Toy dog can live up to an average of 10 to 12 years. Upon proper attention and regular supervision, the dog may live longer.


The smooth coated dog should be brushed whenever needed but the long coated dog should be brushed daily. Trim the nails whenever required and check the ears regularly and make it bath whenever necessary.


The Russian Toy dog is not a heavy shedder and it sheds little. So, regular grooming is advisable for the dog so that it can be clean and fresh.

Suggestible Names for the Russian Toy

  • For Males – Tar, Early, Dag, Darlie, Suxi
  • For Females – Fairy, Smarty, Aqua, Sea, Repo