Bloodhound - Facts, Puppies, Temperament, Price

The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind after hearing the name bloodhound is a massive hound dog. It is often considered as one of the old and pure breeds of scent hound. Records to prove that Belgium hunters used these dogs in hunting in the eight century are also available.

Bloodhound Facts

Many varieties of the hound dogs that are presently seen were originated from the Saint-Hubert Monastery, Belgium. Bloodhound dogs were distributed as gifts among royal families during 16th and 17th centuries.


Even in the 14th century writings also, descriptions of bloodhound can be found. These dogs are helping the mankind in tracking thieves and criminals from long back. Apart from the above, the following facts can be seen about the bloodhound.

  • They need to be socialized early or else they will become timid.
  • They are gentle and affectionate.
  • They can even remember smell for 14 days which is hard to see in other breeds.
  • They are easygoing and friendly.
  • Several breeders from America and Canada are preferring this breed and their population is slowly increasing in these countries also.
  • Police and military personnel also use these dogs in reuse operations.
  • They are even permitted as evidence in some courts and this shows their reliability.
  • Their energy levels and endurance are unmatchable.
  • They are friendly with children also.
  • They are not much suitable for apartment living and a large backyard is an ideal place to keep them.
  • If you keep them in back yard, fencing is compulsory as they have a habit of following the scent if they found it interesting. This can cause unwanted problems sometimes.
  • They easily get adjusted with older dogs and other pets.
  • They drool heavily and they snore while sleeping.

Bloodhound Diet

Food requirements of this breed are a bit high when compared to other breeds. An adult male dog can eat up to six cups of dry food daily and it is better to divide food into two-three meals to avoid bloating. Change the food quantity based on its activity levels and keep an eye on its weight.


Care plays an important role in the personality development of this dog. They should have clean kennels with protected interior from harsh conditions like cold and rain. Take care of them properly or else they will pout and hide. Don’t make them feel that they are being mistreated.



They are gentle and lovable dogs. They happily welcome anyone to their surrounds. They love to get attention and love the company of humans. They try to chew everything they found interesting. They are gentle and intelligent. They are not much obedient but with proper training, you can easily get rid of their stubborn nature.

Bloodhound Lifestyle

You can observe this breed in movies The Beverly Hillbillies, Cool Hand Luke and many more. Bloodhound dogs are popular among celebrities and general public alike. With proper training, they will become friendly with all the family members and follow the commands of all the family members equally well.

A bloodhound holds the record of helping police in tracking more than 600 criminals in its lifetime.Though they appear lazy, they need regular exercises. Half an hour walk in the morning and evening is more than enough to meet its daily exercise requirements.



The bloodhound female becomes reproductive at about 10 weeks. On breeding, the bitch has a gestation period of about 60 days. it gets about six puppies delivered. after birth, the puppies grow at a fast rate and therefore need constant feeding up to about six weeks then you can start scheduling their feeding.


The blood hound just like any other dog has to have its correct breeding time determined just like all other dogs by the behaviour of the bitch. When ready, the male (stud) is brought to mate or artificial insemination is conducted.


Folds in the neck region are distinct feature of this dog and its large folded ears and diamond shaped eyes are hard to ignore. Its nose is long and the body folds of it help in holding the scent particles, so that it can track easily. Height of male dogs is in the range of 25-27 inches (63 – 69 cm) and they weigh 90 - 120 pounds (41 – 55kgs). Females dogs weigh 80 - 100 pounds (36 – 45kgs) and their height will be in the range of 23 - 25 inches (58 – 63cms).

Its coat is loose with folds in most parts of its body.You can feel some hardness on touching. It comes in different colors ranging from Black & tan, liver & tan and red-Body type. Its skin is really smooth but its bones are strong. Its back is strong and the whole body seems to be muscular.Its bones are long and strong compared to its size.

Life Span

The bloodhound lives for approximately 8 years. They can live up to 10 years under proper care. The owners should give much attention to its health and well being.

Health Issues

They are more prone to ear infections because of their large folded ears. To avoid bone related problems, it is better to include calcium in their diet and use padded bed. Excessive food intake can cause bloating in them. Hip dysplasia and cherry eye are commonly seen problems in this breed.


Clean the long, floppy ears periodically and bathe it when necessary. Cleaning the wrinkles daily will prevent bacterial and skin infections. Their body odor is a bit different and they shed occasionally. As the coat is loose, it is easy to comb.


The blood hound sheds two times a year and at this time, more care and grooming should be taken on the dog. Apart from this, they are seen to shed in a considerable amount all over the house including couches daily but minimal.

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Bloodhound Information

  1. Its full name is Bloodhound.
  2. Based on the country they are living, they are also known as Chien de Saint Hubert and St. Hubert Hound
  3. They originally belong to Belgium or Scotland or England.
  4. They belong to large size type.
  5. They belong to hound group (AKC) (KC - UK).
  6. The life expectancy of these dogs is relatively low and they can live up to eight years.
  7. They are known for their keen sense of smell and excellent tracking abilities.
  8. Female dogs usually stand 23–26 inches tall.
  9. Male dogs with height 28inches can also be seen and the average height is 26 inches.
  10. They weigh 88-120 pounds.
  11. They are available in black& tan, liver & tan and red colors.
  12. One needs to spend $850-$1100 to acquire bloodhound puppy.