Cairmal Dog : Facts and Information

The Cairmal dog is a small sized dog and is developed by crossing the Cairn Terrier and the Maltese dog breeds. It is not a pure-bred and it is said to be an active participant of dog agility and competitive obedience.

The Cairmal dog – Facts, Information and Characteristics

  • The other name for the Cairmal dog is Cairmal Terrier.
  • The origin of the Cairmal dog is not known.
  • The temperament of this dog is active, friendly and energetic.
  • It belongs to the small-sized breed of dogs.
  • The price of the Cairmal puppies ranges from $500 to $800.
  • It is easy to train these dogs and no special training is required.
  • This dog becomes friendly with cats very soon.
  • This dog is friendly towards other dogs.
  • Hypoallergenic is not specified for the Cairmal dog.
  • It barks very less and is said to be less for watchdog and more for companion dog.


The Cairmal dog seems small in appearance and it has small eyes which are widely separated. The ears are semi-erected and it has not very long tail. Generally, this dog is seen in various colors like gray, white, black and red. The height of this dog varies from 10-13 inches (25.4-33 cm) and it weighs about 10-15 lb (4.5 -6.8 kg). The coat of the dog is said to be long, medium and thick which is very harsh and rough to touch.



The Cairmal dog is considered to be very friendly and affectionate. It will be a good companion dog for the humans as it always likes to be with the family members and owners. Even children love to play with this dog as it is always active and sportive.

Health Issues

Generally, Cairmal dogs are healthy and sometimes it may be prone to few health disorders. By maintaining the good environment around the dog and by proper health care, these dogs will be healthy and fit all the time.


The Cairmal dogs need healthy and good diet in order to stay healthy. So, the owners should prepare a proper food schedule and should feed the dog accordingly. Do not over feed the dog and feed it twice or thrice a day. Use only clean drinking water.



It suits well for the apartment living. Mostly, this dog will be active in the indoors and few times it need a small yard for the play. So, a house with small fenced yard will do well for the dog as it is always like to play and run.


A short walk daily will keep the Cairmal dog healthy and fit. A little exercise in the small yard also helps it to be active. While the dog is out for the walk, owner should supervise the dog and a proper attention towards the dog is highly recommended.


On an average, the Cairmal dog gives birth to 2 to 4 puppies. It is advisable to have a proper attention towards the puppies and in case of any emergencies, consult the vet.



As this dog is small in size, it may attract the big animals and may possess danger. Advisable to keep it under human protection and make sure that yard is fenced in case it is playing outside.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Cairmal Dog :

Cairmal Dog Cairmal Dog Cairmal Dog Cairmal Dog Cairmal Dog


A professional breeding is recommended for the Cairmal dog so that it can give birth to healthy puppies. Make sure that, the dog attained a proper age before the breeding.

Life Span

The Cairmal dog has an average life-span of 12 to 14 years. Maintaining the good diet and a little exercise daily will keep the dog fit and healthy which may increase the lifespan of the dog to 15 years.


This dog needs regular brushing once in a week. As it plays most of the times, the coat may be filled with dust, so brush it properly and make it bath whenever necessary. Check and clean the ears of the dog regularly to avoid any ear problems.


The Cairmal dog is not a heavy shedder but sometimes it does sheds little. So, regular grooming is advisable for this dog in order to keep it safe and clean.

Suggestible Names For The Cairmal Dog

  • For Males – Pal, Ruskie, Fey, Gopa, Hall
  • For Females – Grill, Fill, Rest, Bria, Neem