Spinone Italiano - A Versatile Gundog

Spinone Italiano is a versatile dog since inception. The dog can point, retrieve and hunt both on land and in water. It can work in all types of terrain and weather. At the hunting spots it becomes a tireless hunting machine and inside home it becomes a loving and caring pet dog.

The dog sports wiry, cream colored coat which gives it wise look as that of old man. Puppies requires lot of attention and pampering from humans while an adult dog will remain calm and composed after its daily exercise need is fulfilled. This dog is definitely not for apartment because it is a wanderer and jumper.


You need to have a fenced yard for it to thrive in a happy environment. They are social dog and get along with other dogs quite well but because of their hunting drive they may chase small animals and cats. The dog has a steady temper which make it suitable family dog.

Spinone Italiano Origin

This all-purpose hunting dog belongs to Italy. The dog is also the oldest gundog of the world. Exact documentation of its origin is unknown but there are many beliefs behind its origin. According to French expert, the dog was developed when several French pointing breeds interbred.

Italians believe that the breed is a result of crossbreeding Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, the German wirehaired pointer, and the Pudelpointer. Many even believed that this dog is the foundation of several other hunting breeds in Italy, Greece and Rome.


Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano Characteristics & Information

  1. The dog belongs to Italy and is a gundog
  2. It can act as gundog in water and on land and in any climate and terrain
  3. Provide mental and physical stimulation to this breed is utmost important
  4. They have hut drives for small animals. Make sure that your home is devoid of any small animals
  5. The dog needs firm leadership. It can easily loose its focus on training by scents, sound and sight
  6. The dog is a mess to have inside home. Its coat attracts, dirt, snow and mites
  7. If you are cleanliness obsessed, this dog is not for you. They tend to be fussy eaters because of their long beard
  8. They slobber and drool a lot
  9. The breed is not hypoallergenic
  10. Its coat requires several times stripping in a year
  11. Lifespan of the dog is 12 to 14 years
  12. Their height is around 60–70 cm
  13. They weigh around 34–39 kg
  14. Price of the dog is $1500 to $2000.


The dog looks like a grandpa because of its facial expression and cream colored beard. It is a large dog which has muscular body. Its body is squarely proportionate. It has broad yet elongated shape of face profound facial hair. Facial hair gives it protection from thorny bushes while hunting.  It has roman-nosed muzzle with unnoticeable stop because of its beard. Ears are large and of pendant shape. Its tail should be naturally docked.

  • Size and Weight

Ideal height of the male breed is 23 to 27 inches while female breed should weigh around 22 to 25 inches. Male typically weighs around 70 to 81 pounds while female weighs around 62 to 70 pounds.

  • Coat and Color

The dog sports single coat which is wiry in texture. Its coat height ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The beard and moustache hair is soft to touch while eyebrow is coarse to touch. They come in off-white color along with white and shades of orange. Dogs can also possess chestnut brown colored markings which is acceptable.

Spinone Italiano Temperament

  1. Personality - Puppy tends to be spunky and rambunctious in nature. When they get mature, they become steady minded and can hardly be heard barking. They love outdoor activities and can be your best partner for hiking and adventurous trip. With strangers they are shy and reserved. They adore children and wouldn’t mind disturbing their own sleep in order to play with them.
  2. Behavior - They are all-rounder hunter. Do not let their hunting skills go in vain. Give your dog opportunity to hunt in an open field. This dog loves to work alongside humans. They are the best choice of dog for someone who loves hunting, hiking and traveling. The dog loves to romp in an open field. Do not confine your dog to small area because that is highly inhumane. When they are puppy, they can shake the wits out of you but an adult dog is always sweet tempered and composed inside home.
  3. Trainability - They are not dominant but stubborn for sure. They are moderately easy to train. As hunting skills is deeply embedded in their genes you can skip hunting lessons. Socialization skill is must for them. Puppies need to be taught discipline and mannerism. Being harsh on dog while training is explicit cruelty.
  4. Activities Requirement - The dog should be given opportunity to hunt. When it is not hunting, you can take it on long walk, swimming, running or jogging. They need lot of space to open themselves, romp, jump and walk. A vigorous and challenging exercise that involves usage of their brain is suitable for them.


Dogs have a simple digestive system that is meant to process raw meat and fat. This means it should not be given food rich in carbohydrates and “human food”.  Raw diet which contains bones and meat, fish, lamb, beef is suitable for the dogs to eat. You can give vegetables to your dog but make sure it is fully cooked because their digestive glands simply cannot break walls of carbohydrates.

Spinone Italiano


The dog lives around 12 to 14 years.

Health Issues

They are not hypoallergenic dogs. Health concerns of the dog include- hip dysplasia, cerebellar Ataxia and bloat.


The dog sheds moderately. Daily brushing is required because their hair easily attracts snow, dirt and mites. Its coat should be stripped by hand, several times a year to maintain its coat. Bath the dog only when required. Clean the area near its eyes because it waters beard because it tends to drool a lot. Brush its teeth weekly to avoid dental problems. Clean its ear with vet approved solution.


The dog is not suitable for apartment lifestyle. It needs plenty of space to wander and open up. The dog thrives in every climate.

Pet Names

  1. Zizou
  2. Batista
  3. Ziggy
  4. Ruby
  5. Tara

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It possesses exceptional hunting skills and can efficiently hunt, retrieve and point in water and land
  2. Adult dogs are sweet tempered and remain calm and composed inside homes
  3. It is a healthy breed with no major health concern
  4. They adore children and will always treat them patiently.


  1. They are not hypoallergenic breed
  2. Their grooming need is extensive. Its coat attracts dirt so it requires daily brushing. Stripping several times is also necessary
  3. You need to have house accompanied with yard in order to pet this dog
  4. They are not suitable for couch potato owner. You need to give it opportunity to hunt, hike and swim.