Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets - How to Choose the Best One and Buy

Keeping your pets hydrated is very important. Animals also need water to keep themselves cool, especially during the hot summer season. Many pet owners just leave a bowl of water for their pets to drink from, but it may not be enough to ensure their health and wellness.

A smart drinking fountain for pets is usually recommended for those who want their pets to drink cool and aerated water. A smart drinking fountain filters and provides water on the go for your pets to consume. You can also control the fountain by connecting it to an app on your phone.

In this article, you'll learn about smart drinking fountains for pets and how to choose the best one to buy.

Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets - How to Choose the Best One and Buy
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Understanding Smart Drinking Fountains for Pets

Smart pet drinking fountains work by using a motorized pump that regularly filters and circulates the water for your pet to drink. 

Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets - How to Choose the Best One and Buy
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This allows the water to maintain its freshness as it is aerated and cooled. 

The constant circulation and filtration of the water also removes and prevents bacteria and other harmful substances from building up within the drinking fountain. 

Having a smart drinking fountain for your pet encourages them to drink water.


Why You Should Use a Smart Drinking Fountain for Your Pet

You might think that a traditional bowl is enough to help your pet drink water but there is more to it than that. These drinking fountains provide fresh and clean water to your pet to prevent dehydration and certain diseases such as kidney and urinary tract infections. 

During the summer season, your pet cannot regulate its body temperature properly so it needs to drink water. Drinking water prevents your pets from overheating and helps them cool off the summer heat. 

Many pet drinking fountains also help reduce spills and mess, especially when you have a dog. Dogs can be quite messy when they drink water so having a smart drinking fountain lets them get the hydration they need without spilling water all over the place.


Key Features to Consider in a Smart Drinking Fountain

Before you buy a smart drinking fountain for your pet, there are certain things you need to consider first. You need to check the filtration system as it will affect the water quality of the fountain. 

Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets - How to Choose the Best One and Buy
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You can always check it first before you buy the item. Next, check the water capacity and the size of the fountain as this will matter a lot to your pet. Having enough water ensures that your pet stays hydrated at all times. 

You should also consider the materials it's made of and the noise it creates. Some pumps produce a lot of noise, so you might want to choose one that is quieter while still functioning optimally if noise matters to you. 

Also, always make sure that there are safety measures and certifications associated with the device before you purchase it.

Selecting and Buying the Best Smart Drinking Fountain for Your Pet

When it comes to choosing the best smart drinking fountain for your pet, the very first thing that you need to do is to ensure is that it is approved for use around pets. Fountains that have a lot of detachable items and decorations can be a safety hazard for your pets as they can swallow and choke on them. 

You should also assess your pet's needs and preferences, especially if they're able to reach inside to drink the water. Make sure that the fountain is not too high for your pet or too low that they have to crouch to drink. 

Check the area where you want to place the fountain and see if it is suitable. You should also consider your budget and see which smart drinking fountain you can afford to buy. You can buy them at online retailers or your local pet stores.

Buying, Using, and Maintaining Your Pet's Smart Fountain

Getting your own smart drinking fountain for your pet can be challenging especially if this is your first time buying one. Learn how they work before you buy it so that you'll know how to use it once it arrives. 

Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets - How to Choose the Best One and Buy
Image Source: The New York Times

You can read product reviews and compare them with different products to see which one suits your pet the most. There are a lot of smart drinking fountains with different features so research is key to getting the right one. 

You should also be looking out for the warranty and the seller's return policy. Many sellers often grant returns after a week to a month while others tend to allow only a few days. 

Lastly, search for deals and promotions but be careful when choosing. Sometimes a retailer might conduct sales to get rid of the product. Read the materials that make the product so you'll know if it is made of high quality or not.

Maintaining Your Smart Drinking Fountain for Your Pet

When it comes to maintaining your smart drinking fountain, always make sure that you clean it regularly. It is important to clean it to avoid dirt, hair, and other gunk from building up and blocking the fountain. 

Each smart drinking fountain has its own manual so you'll know how to clean it. Many smart drinking fountains have a fill line to avoid spilling water all over the place. 

Make sure that you keep the water level consistent so that you don't have to dry off the surrounding area every time your pet drinks water.

Change the Water Regularly

Most smart drinking fountains may have a filtration system that actively cleans the water, but it is still best that you change the water now and then. This helps keep the water fresh and free from germs and bacteria. 

You can also place the fountain in an area away from direct sunlight or where there is a lot of dirt as this can cause the water on the fountain to degrade fast.

Troubleshooting Tips

Many of these smart drinking fountains are connected to apps so that you can control them even when you are away. Make sure that you are connected to the app and that the fountain is also connected to Bluetooth for it to work properly. 

If there are issues, try to resolve them by checking your internet connection or the Bluetooth connection on the fountain and your app. 

Most of the time, resolving your connection issues also resolves the issues experienced by the smart drinking fountain. Make sure that your fountain is also fully charged or regularly charged to avoid any issues.


As a fur parent, you always want the best for your pets. A traditional bowl may provide them with the water they need but if you truly care for them, you'll always find the best solution for their needs. With a smart drinking fountain for pets, you give your pets a better and healthier life.