Toy Bulldog - Puppies, Breeders & Facts, Price

The Toy Bulldog is a small sized dog breed and is originated in England. This breed of dogs is said to be extinct these days. People often get confused between Toy Bulldog and Miniature Bulldog which is also called as Miniature by few breeders. People interchangeably call Miniature Bulldog a Toy Bulldog. People wanted a small sized Bulldog but because of complication involved in their health, breeders stopped developing this breed.

The Toy Bulldog – Facts, Information and Characteristics

  • The Original Toy Bulldogs are extinct these days.
  • People call Miniature Bulldog and English Toy Bulldog interchangeably a Toy Bull dog.
  • The Toy Bulldog is not hypoallergenic.
  • They are friendly towards cats in a short time.
  • In a short time, they become friends with other dogs.
  • The temperament of this dog is said to be loyal, affectionate and friendly.
  • This dog is easy to train and minimum effort is needed by the owners.
  • This breed was developed by cross mating English Bulldogs with Pugs. It is not a vocal dog
  • Life expectancy of this breed is 9 to 12 years.
  • Height of the breed is around 27–35 cm
  • Weight of the breed is around 11.4–18.18 kg
  • The dog comes in many colors like red, brindle, white, fawn, piebald.
  • Average cost of the puppy is $800 - $1200.
  • Litter size of the dog is 2-5 puppies.
  • It can thrive in an apartment because of its size and high adaptability.
  • The dog is averse to hot temperature. Make sure to keep it in an air conditioned room during summers.
  • The breed is friendly and joyous around kids.
  • The exercise needs of the breed are low but it is imperative to take your dog on a walk to maintain its health.
  • It sheds lightly and grooming need is infrequent.

Toy Bulldog Dog Breed Profile & Overview

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Toy Bulldog History

Toy bulldog is a hybrid that originated in England. The breed existed in England during 18th and 19th century. First effort to downsize the dog was made by cross mating smaller dogs with bulldogs. It was a sheer failure as the puppies born were neither healthy nor fertile enough to reproduce.

Breeders didn’t lose hope and they tried producing the breed once again. This time, they cross mated French bulldogs with English bulldog in order to reduce the weight. Only few healthy puppies were born but they didn’t flourish to the point of recognition.

Today people interchangeably called Miniature Bulldog as Toy Bulldog. Miniature Bulldog is also not a recognized breed. It was developed by cross mating English Bulldogs with Pugs. It doesn’t get recognition by any kennel club because authorities refused to call a mixed breed as Bulldog.



The Toy Bulldog is small in appearance yet has an incredible muscular body with broad muzzle and a large face. Face has many folds (wrinkles) with an undershot jaw. Its chest is heavy and pushed in forward direction. Dog has wide nose which is black in color. The ears are rose shaped and medium in size and are widely separated.

The legs are sort and strong while the eyes are wide. It has a smooth and shorthaired coat and looks beautiful in appearance. Tail of the dog is long and carried low towards the end. Dog’s gait is described as rolling. Overall the dog has a sour expression on its face. Generally, this toy bulldog was seen in various colors like brindle, white, fawn and red.

Size and Weight

The height of the male dogs is about 10.6-13.7 inches (27-35 cm) and the female dog’s height varies from 9.8-12.9 inches (25-33 cm). The male dogs weigh about 24.2-39.6 lb (11-18 kg) and the female dogs weigh about 24.2-37.4 lb (11-17 kg). Females have less exaggerated features than males.


Coat and Color

They have loose skin with many folds. Their coat should be lustrous, short and fine in texture. Their face is heavily covered with than rest of the body. They come in variety of colors like brindle, white, fawn, red, brindle, piebald, and pale yellow. Black color dogs are uncommon and frowned upon.

Toy Bulldog Temperament

  1. Personality - Toy Bulldog is bred for companionship purpose. It has a sweet and loving heart for living creatures. They exhibit patience when playing around kids. They are prized for their amicable nature, loyalty and calm temperament. They are never too high on energy and love getting belly rubbed from humans. However, puppies tend to be rowdy and rambunctious in nature. An adult dog has a laid back attitude; it wouldn’t mind afternoon nap and being a couch potato after exercise.
  2. Behavior - The Toy Bulldog is said to be loyal and very affectionate. It always likes to play with the children and it entertains the family members with its funny and lovely attitude. It is very loyal towards its owners and likes human attention all the time. Sometimes it drools and snores while sleeping. They have easy going attitude. They are generally friendly with other dogs and animals but do not take risk with non-canine animals. With strangers they may show suspicious nature.
  3. Activities Requirement - The dog has a love for relaxation. As long as they have nice place to sleep and relax, they wouldn’t mind the size of apartment. They are suitable for cozy apartment and house with yard. It is important to give daily walk to your dog to keep its body in shape. Bulldogs are afraid of water and they cannot swim so never take your dog near to any water site.
  4. Trainability - They are easy to train. You need to have patience and consistency in training them. Never ever talk to them in a rude voice because they are highly sensitive to harsh behavior. Food for sure will garner response from the dog.

Health Issues

Generally, the Toy bulldogs are healthy but it may prone to few health disorders like other dogs. It may be prone to eye, hip, knee and skin problems. Health concern of the breed may include - eye disease, hip dysplasia, vertebral problem, genetic dwarfism, ectopic ureters etc.

Few dogs are susceptible to overheat and these are also prone to cold weather conditions. So, the owners should be very attentive and care should be taken at the required time in order to keep it healthy and fit. It is not a hypoallergenic dog. As they have misappropriated size of their body so they feel difficulty in taking out litter naturally.


The toy Bulldog needs healthy and quality food to fulfil his small stomach. It is recommended to keep a proper food schedule for the dog and feed it accordingly. They may act like they are hungry every time but it is important to give it food in correct quantity else it can become overweight. Obesity reduces the lifespan of the dog so care should be taken. Give your dog two bowls of meal per day. Feed it raw meat, bacon and lamb.


The toy bulldog suits for apartment living and it likes to play well inside the house. A small-fenced yard also do good for the dog as it likes to play with the children all the time. It is sensitive towards too hot or too cold climatic conditions, so proper care should be taken all the time.


The Toy Bulldog needs minimum exercise and it likes to go for a little walk along with the owners. It will be active indoors and mostly play inside the home rather than outside.


The toy bulldog can give birth to an average of 2 to 5 puppies. Whelping is difficult for some dogs because of their large heads and few dogs need caesarean sections.


They like to play all the time inside the home and so there is not so much danger possessed by other animals. As long as the dog is under human protection it is safe and secure from its predators. While on for walks, owners should supervise the dog and don’t let other big animals come near this dog.


Breeding by professional is recommended for this dog and that should be done at a proper age. As the whelping is difficult in some dogs, vet’s attention is required in such cases.

Life Span

The average lifespan of the Toy bulldog is said to be 10 to 12 years. But, there are few cases that this dog lived more than expected i.e., up to 17 years. A proper human care and attention increases the life expectancy of the dog.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Toy Bulldog :

Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog

Grooming & Care

It is a low maintenance dog with infrequent grooming needs. The dog sheds moderately throughout the year. Use rubber brush to brush its coat once in a week. As the dog has many folds on its body especially face, so it is imperative to clean the folded skin with baby wipes or dry cloth.

It is a naturally clean dog so bath only when it has made itself excessively dirty. The dog is prone to bad breath so it is mandatory to brush its teeth daily with vet approved cleanser. Check its ears periodically for any signs of infection and wax built up. Trim its nails if it doesn’t lose it naturally.


The Toy Bulldog is said to be not a heavy shedder, but a little shedder. Regular grooming and combing is required for the dog to keep it healthy and clean.


The Toy Bulldog is extinct and is not available in these days. It was said to be existed in the England around 18th and early 19th centuries. Few measures were taken to develop this breed by the breeders but this exact breed was not developed.

Suggestible Names For The Toy Bulldog

  • For Males –Shorty, Blunt, Ter, York, Rest
  • For Females –Hip, Ferry, Gait, Bell, Ringer

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is an affectionate breed that is human oriented.
  2. It is a social breed and it gets along with other animals easily.
  3. Grooming needs of the dog is low.


  1. It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  2. It is prone to obesity and many health problems.
  3. It is a rare breed. Waiting period to avail this breed can be longer.

Toy Bulldog Dog FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h3" question-0="How Big Do Toy Bulldogs Get?" answer-0="The Male Toy Bulldogs weigh about 40 pounds and female weigh about 38 pounds. The height of Male is 10.6-13.7’’ whereas female high 9.8-12.9’’." image-0="" headline-1="h3" question-1="How Much Does a Toy Bulldog Cost?" answer-1="The average price of Toy Bulldog varies between $800 - $1200." image-1="" headline-2="h3" question-2="Why Did The Toy Bulldog Go Extinct?" answer-2="Breeders tried to produce a small sized Bulldog but it was a sheer failure as the puppies born were neither healthy nor fertile enough to reproduce. Because of complications involved in their health, breeders stopped developing this breed." image-2="" headline-3="h3" question-3="Are Mini Bulldogs Good Pets?" answer-3="Mini Bulldogs are loyal and very affectionate and have easy going attitude. They are friendly with children and goes well with other dogs and animals." image-3="" count="4" html="true" css_class=""]