Catalan Sheepdog - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

This is an interesting dog which is actually a shepherd dog and it is used to herd sheep. The dog is covered very much with fur and does have these cute looking eyes. Its herding instincts seem to be natural and it does very well as a sheep dog

Catalan Sheepdog Facts and Information

  • This sheepdog is bred in Europe especially in Spain, Germany, Finland, and Sweden
  • Weight: Male: 16–20 kg and Female: 16–20 kg
  • Height: Male: 19–22 inches and Female: 18–21 inches
  • Protective, Intelligent, Trainable and Agile
  • Puppy Price: Average $600 - $800 USD



As the name suggest the Catalan sheep dog originated from Cataluña in Spain. We can also find this dos in Germany, France, Sweden and Spain.

Catalan Sheepdog Diet

The diet of the Catalan sheep dog is the high quality commercial dog feed which has to be given in high content. Due to the fact that the dogs have a very high activity rate, they feed very well and must be well taken care of. We can also give them high quality dry food which can be mixed with canine broth which they love to eat. The high protein content of this kind of diet is adequate for them.


They originated mainly is Spain but can be seen all around the world now. They like to move outdoors and suck up the sunshine while they come home to sleep either in the courtyard or inside the home.



Catalan dogs are warm personalities who like to be cheerful and also love to move around. Being shepherd dogs, their instinct make them want to move around, run and bark as well as have a good feel of the sun and wind.



The Catalan sheep dogs are to dogs which do not tolerate alcohol, wine or beer, chocolate , poultry bones and yeast dough.


Catalan sheepdogs breed normally like other dogs and give birth to their young ones alive but they are susceptible to particular reproductive problems such as breast cancer in the females and testicular cancer in the males. It is important that while the dogs are still young a reproductive technique is carried out to diminish their chances of coming down with these diseases. Contact your vet doctor for more


Catalan dogs have this shaggy appearance because they are covered with hair and long undercoat covering even their faces. The dog could sometimes grow to as much as 17 to 22 inches tall and the weight can be between 30 to 45 pounds in weight.

Life Span

The Catalan sheep dogs live for about between 12 to 15 years and good care must be taken of them for them to be able to reach these ripe old dog ages.

Health Issues And History

This dog is generally a very healthy and strong breed of the canine family. They hardly have issues or problems except for one. The usually suffer from hip dysplasia, which is like a dislocation of the hips. They suffer very much from this problem.

Catalan Sheepdog Grooming

There is nothing too special about the grooming of Catalan dogs. Get then a brush and brush down their hair as frequently as you like. They should be taken for vaccination as often as possible with the dentist determining how many times this should happen in a year. The dogs should be examined for ticks and fleas and this can be manually removed from the body of the dogs. The dogs do not need to be bathed too frequently, just a couple of time in a year and before you take a bath or them, ensure that their hair has been combed and checked for ticks and other parasites which like to lurk in the locks of hair and make sure they are all removed.

Oral Health

Sometimes our Catalan sheep dogs suffer from halitosis which is bad breadth. Sometimes it can get so bad that we may need to see a dentist. This is important because sometimes these dogs suffer from dental plaques and they may need a canine dentist to help them out. If we begin to feel that the breath coming from our dogs is unbearable than it might be a good idea to get help for the dog. Sometimes the Catalan sheep dog may begin to have ammonia smell in its breadth. This may be an indication that the dog is suffering from kidney disease and promptly vet care and sometimes hospitalization is required.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of Catalan Sheepdog :

Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog

Temprament And Personality

The Catalan sheep dog is a very good companion. It does have a high IQ and it learns very easily. It is easy to train and herding of sheep comes natural to it. Apart from herding, it also excels in dog sports, it can be taught to dance it is quite a cheerful dog. It also does very well as a watch dog as it is very alert and not friendly to strangers. It is good as a companion dog and stays sharp always. The dog learns to socialize if they are taught early then can be calm around children.

They get to know their handlers and family members very well and really try to protect family. They can be hostile to visitors. When they come back from their shepherding, they can be tired, tame and docile at home from the exertions which they have put themselves through. For people who have them as pets and are not doing any sheep herding, the dogs like to exercise and take long walks. You must be ready to thoroughly exercise the dog.

Kernel / Housing

The dogs like an outdoor kernel or home which is airy and allows them to relax and feel the breeze along their faces. A doggie bed or a box made from wood will work just fine. These dogs are adorable and can be trained o excrete in a particular place and not on the rug or all around the house. Being smart dogs themselves, they learn very quickly and can be taught not to defecate anyhow.

The world of canine care is a world that needs determination and practice. Catalan sheepdogs are nice looking pouches and they are fun to be around. Not everyone that own this dogs has sheep or goats to shepherd, so these dogs can act as good companions and they are subtle around children.