Caucasian Shepherd Dog - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

This is a dog that has origin in Georgia. It is a very special breed of dog and its very well known in the area where it comes from. It is also called Caucasian ovcharka.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Facts and Information

  • This large breed of dog is popular in Armenia, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  • Weight: Male-50–100 kg and Female- 45–80 kg
  • Height: Male-27–31 in and Female- 25–28 in
  • Dominant, Alert, Quick, Calm, Strong and Powerful
  • Puppy Price: 1,200-3,000 US dollars.


The Caucasian shepherd dog is a voracious eaters and any good commercial dog food which is high in protein will do. Some of the dogs do have allergies and it is important to study our dog and see what food they consume with relish and check that they have no adverse reactions to the food which they eat.



This dog is very strong and can be used to shepherd a flock of sheep or goats. It can kill wolves and bears and is used also as a hunting dog due to the brute power and strength it possesses.  It can also be a very powerful guard dog and the increase in demand for this dog especially as a guard dog in the United States may not be unconnected with it being the perfect guard dog with very aggressive features. This dog is not for someone without devotion or time for dogs because it can be a handful at times. This dog also must be treated with care.


The Caucasian shepherds are working dogs. They are not the kind to sleep and lazy around all day. They love to be put to work and hard work at that. When you put the dog on a leash it finds it difficult to stay on



This dog has a colorful history as it was used as a guard dog during the communist era and it still is a police dog even in modern Russia today. The dog can be a wild card and it is used for dog fighting even until today.


The Caucasian shepherd females weight about 45 pounds while the males usually weigh an average of 65 to 80 pounds.



The Caucasian shepherd has no known predators because it is capable of handling itself well and could kill any attacker weather animal or person who tries to come against it. This shepherd dog is really strong.


The Caucasian shepherd dog is built strongly. It legs are short and strong and the body very muscular. It has very strong teeth especially the molars are built very strongly to attack and crush bones. It does have this water resistant double coat of fur. It has a grave look on its bear like face. The coat can grow longer or shorter and that depends on the region where the dog resides. Caucasian shepherds can grow very tall to about 70cm and could also be really weighty and heavy, weighing about 80 kilos sometimes. Some of the Caucasian shepherds come with cropped ears while some have straight ears and no cropping.


The Caucasian shepherd dog usually lives for about 9 to 12 years and lives to a ripe old age of 12 years.

Health Issues and History

Caucasian dogs are built to be very strong and generally healthy. Some may suffer from dysplasia, obesity and sometimes heart problems. Yet, generally by and large these dogs are very healthy breeds of dogs and hardly have any illnesses.


This dog does not take to being pampered like pooches and other pet dogs. Although, it can still be combed from time to time to checks for ticks and fleas as dogs tend to harbor a lot of these. Vaccination is also important as a regular visit to the vet doctors is mandatory to keep the dog in optimum health.

Temperament and Personality

This dog is a very aggressive dog which does not entertain weakness in any form. It is a dog which is constantly alert. It is built with a very powerful structure and it can be a very brutal and brutish attack dog.  This may have been some of the reasons why it was used in the past as a prison dog. It is also a very quick and smart dog and does have this dominant personality.

Dominating everyone both in its environment and its surroundings. Even in dog fights, the dog is almost uncontrollable and even tries to attacks referees of such contests. The dog can really be vicious. When training or dealing with this dog the master must be temperate and in complete control of his emotions. You cannot afford to become so angry and lose your cool or your temper with this dog. This dog can maul a man and wrestle a man to the. This breed can be very difficult and it is not good for families with children to have the breed around neither is it safe to leave the dog alone with children.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of Caucasian Shepherd Dog :

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Grooming and Training

Training a Caucasian shepherd dog is certainly not an easy task. The dog is very obstinate and strong willed and hardly wants to listen or take instruction. It takes a strong will and a mind of steel to force this dog into submission and make it obey the masters will.  To train this dog, the trainer must be an alpha, must set the rules and dictate the pace. For this dog to learn the rules and instructions must be constant, never wavering and you must wear the dog down by repeating commands over and over again. Once this dog is broken, it can become a very willing and loyal servant. It never lets its masters down and it is fiercely protective of its master.

People who have reared these dogs for long get very attached to them and cannot have another breed.  Some people like to run what they call puppy school where they train a lot of dogs at the same time. Caucasian shepherds are not friendly with other dogs and cannot stand their company. They certainly do not thrive in dog / puppy schools as they keep fighting all their classmates. They are difficult to control when on their own not to talk of when they are in the company of other dogs. They Caucasian shepherd always has the look of a dog deep in thought and its brutish strength is unparalled.