Bucovina Shepherd - Powerful Dog To Guard Livestock

The Bucovina Shepherd is a livestock guardian dog. Presently it has been also used as watchdog and companion dog. This breed is the oldest among three Romanian shepherd dogs. The dog is fierce with predators like wolf and cougar but sweet with kids. The dog is large muscular and powerful. Its big head and loud bark are enough to wand away strangers.

Their friendly disposition makes them great family dogs. This formidable guard dog is popular in its native place but outside the world it is still a rare breed. The other names for this dog are Bucovina Mountain Dog and Bucovina Wolf Dog. The dog looks fluffy because of it long and flowing coat.


It comes in black and white or gray and white color. It needs ample of exercise when it is young but as the dog gets older, the activity level of the dog decreases. This breed is ideal for families who want a guard dog with gentle nature. This breed is synonym to gentle giant.

Bucovina Shepherd Origin

The dog belongs to Carpathian Mountains, Bukovina (north eastern Romania). In local language it is also called as Dulau or Capau (shepherd’s dog). The primary job of the dog was to guard livestock and property. This breed is massive and powerful so it was also used to hunt bears and wolves.

The dog is fearless and has a never give up attitude. It is strong and resilient, perfect for Romanian weather. Nowadays Bucovina Shepherd Dogs are increasingly kept as companion dog because of its easy going nature.


Bucovina Shepherd Characteristics And Facts

  1. The dog belongs to Romania and is a guard dog
  2. The average lifespan of the dog is 10-15 years
  3. The dog is protective, gentle, calm and fearless
  4. The height of the dog is 68–78 cm
  5. The weight of the dog is 50–90 kg
  6. The dog comes in black and white, grey and white and brindle and white in color
  7. The litter size of the dog is 4-6 puppies
  8. The average price of the dog is $800 - $1000 USD
  9. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  10. The dog is adaptable to any climate
  11. It is a giant dog and needs space to thrive
  12. The dog loves to play but it get calmer when becomes old
  13. It doesn’t bark unnecessarily but will bark to make you aware of the strangers
  14. The dog needs at least an hour of physical activity
  15. The dog sheds moderately and it should be brushed routinely
  16. It is moderately easy to train
  17. The dog is fearless and is highly protective in nature.


The dog is mammoth creature with massive head and wide skull. The shape of the muzzle is like truncated cone. The nose is black and well developed with wide nostril. The dog has strong jaws with leveled bite teeth. Eyes of the dog are small in comparison to its big size. The ears are v-shaped and set atop its head. The neck is slightly long and bulky. The chest is deep and little protruding. The tail is carried low but gets straight when the dog gets in alert position.

  • Size and Weight

The length of the male breed is 68–78 cm and it weighs around 50–90 kg. Females are slightly smaller. The average length of the female breed is 64–72 cm and weighs around 50–80 kg.

  • Coat and Color

The dog has short hair on face and forelegs but longer hair on body. In the neck region, the hair forms thick mane. The backsides of the legs have long fringes. The tail of the dog is thick and bushy. The skin of the dog is dark grey color and thick. This breed comes in white, grey and white and brindle and white.


Bucovina Shepherd Temperament

  1. Personality - The dog was bred to protect sheep and cattle from big animals like wolves and foxes. The guarding instinct of the dog is quite strong. Despite being big in size, it has quick reflexes. The dog is incredibly loyal and is highly devoted to its family members. It is sweet and gentle with every member of the family. The dog has a playful nature and it loves to make kids laugh through its comic activities. This breed can be too big for toddlers so keep toddlers interaction with dogs under supervision.
  2. Behavior - The dog is leery with strangers. It is important to train the dog so that it can discern between what is true threat and not. The dog has a booming bark that can scare away any trespassers or animals. It is alert and always watchful of its surroundings. If this breed is raised with other dog, it treats other dog as its family. Otherwise it is known be highly aggressive with stray dogs and animals. You need to teach the dog its position in the pack so that it respects everyone irrespective of size or age.
  3. Activities Requirement - The puppies and younger dogs tend to be rambunctious and needs daily running for at least an hour. The dog loves to play games like tug of war which involves usage of brain as well as strength. Take the dog on regular walk even when it has reached its old age.
  4. Trainability - The dog is naturally good mannered so you can easily teach it basic canine manners. You need to confident and strong to train this dog because within a year of span they grow to their full potential. Establishing leadership and socialization should be the core of the training session.


Being a carnivorous animal dog should be fed meat, bacon, lamb and beef. Its diet should contain fat and protein. Raw egg, coffee, chocolate should never be fed to this dog.


Life expectancy of this dog is 10 – 15 years

Health Issues

It is not hypoallergenic breed. The dog is hearty and healthy. Only health issues they are prone to are dry skin, patellar luxation and cataracts.


The dog sheds heavily. Daily brushing will keep the dead hairs in control. The dog is naturally clean so bathing is always an option. Check its ears monthly for any signs of infection or allergy. Brush its teeth daily for healthy oral hygiene. Do not forget to clip its nail if it makes click sound while hitting on floor.

Bukovina Sheepdog


They are active and energetic dogs. They do better in house with yard but if you fulfill its daily needs of exercise, it can live happily in apartment too. The dog is suitable for cold climate countries.

Pet Names

  1. Janu
  2. Chunky
  3. Brutus
  4. Salvador
  5. Silver

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a sweet and affectionate dog that is friendly to every human
  2. The dog is an inherited guard dog. It is alert and makes effective watchdog too
  3. They are easy to train and can be mold to do any task.


  1. The dog is not hypoallergenic. Asthmatic or allergic people should avoid this pet
  2. The dog is suitable for other dogs as it tends to have animal aggression
  3. The dog sheds heavily.