Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier : A Pure Breed Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is purebred dog which belongs to Ireland. The dog is sweet and affectionate to everyone. Its coat has a silky touch which is its trademark. The breed gets along well with other animals.

They adore children and love to play with them. If you enjoy grooming dogs, then this is an appropriate pet for you. Its coat requires dedicated grooming. Though its exercise requirement is low but it shouldn’t be completely neglected. It’s small size and sweet temperament makes it a lovable apartment dog.


The dog looks gracefully happy and kind.  It is a curious indoor dog that loves to follow humans everywhere. The dog gets immensely attached to family and should never be left alone. It also excels in performing farm work like flushing flies and birds.


It is an ancient breed of Ireland. It is one of the three big Irish terriers. Historically the dog was used to guard farms and shoo away birds and flies. The breed is dedicated in its work and versatile in nature. Soon people realized its potential to be a gundog. The dog excels in retrieving and locating its prey. The dog was also used as show dogs. Kerry blue terrier is believed to be its descendant.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Facts And Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to Ireland
  2. It is an efficient gundog apart from being a farm dog
  3. They are highly adaptable and can thrive well in city or countryside
  4. They are not aggressive breeds and can get along well with other breeds
  5. If you are cleanliness obsessed person, this breed is not for you. Its silky coat attracts dirt and mats easily
  6. Being from terrier family, it has a tendency to bark excessively
  7. It also has a habit of digging
  8. Half an hour exercise is enough for this breed
  9. They shed little but you need to daily comb its hair to avoid tangled hair
  10. It is a hypoallergenic breed
  11. It lives around 12 to 15 years of age
  12. It weighs around 16–18 kg
  13. This breed is 46–48 cm tall
  14. They are affectionate, playful and lively breeds.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Appearance

It is a medium sized dog which has compact body. It has squarely proportioned body which means it is equal in length and height. Its face is elongated and has a strong muzzle. Ears are v shaped and folded forward. The eyes are almond shape and brown in color. Its tail is naturally docked and carried upward. Its nose is strong and dark in color. Back is strong and has a deep chest. Overall expression on its face is ‘terrier like’.

  • Size and Weight

Ideal size of the mature male breed is 18 to 19 inches while female ideal size is between 17 to 18 inches. Male weighs around 35-40 pounds while female weighs around 30 to 35 pounds.

  • Coat and Color

The dog possesses single coat which is dense and long. The hair is silky and lustrous. Facial hair tends to be profuse in appearance. Whole body is covered in wavy hair. Puppy is born of darker shade and as it reaches two years of age, hair color lightens up. Its coat comes in various shades of wheaten color.



  1. Personality - Their friendly and easy going temperament makes it the most desirable terrier dog. The dogs love to play and participate in every kind of family activities. They remain joyful and puppy like throughout their life. The dog adapts well to urban life or farm life. The dog is exuberant in nature and loves to swirl, bounce and run all through the day. As they are people oriented dog, so they enjoy the company of humans.
  2. Behavior - This breed will buzz around the house whole day. It loves to sit in human lap and wants pampering from them. They are also fussy eaters and can make the house dirty. Cleanliness obsessed person should be wary of this breed. They love children and are patient around them. They also possess great sense of humor and love to entertain with their trait. The dog is a digger so make sure you provide it space to dig. They are also excessive barkers.
  3. Trainability - It is difficult to keep the dog’s attention intact in lessons. You need to be gentle and kind with your dog while training it. Cruel or rude behavior can affect its mental growth. Basic obedience commands and no bark command should be taught to this breed.
  4. Activities Requirement - Minimum 30 minutes’ exercise is sufficient for this breed.  Moderate exercise will keep the dog happy and its body in a healthy state. The breed thrives well in an apartment life. They also make great hiking buddy. This breed proves to be great watch dog.


The dog should be fed dry fruits and two bowls of meal per day. You are advisable to add corn or safflower oil in its diet. This will keeps its coat healthy and will not make it dry. A daily milk and bone will provide it calcium supplement which will keep its teeth and gums healthy.


The dog lives up to 12 to 15 years of age.

Health Issues

It is a hypoallergenic breed. The dog is prone to renal dysplasia which is a kidney problem. Its coat is prone to allergies so make sure you use chemical free shampoo. Terrier is also known to suffer from hip dysplasia, blood clot and PRA.


As the undercoat is absent so the dog sheds lightly throughout the year. But daily brushing is required to keep its coat healthy and debris free. Bath the dog as when needed. Brushing its teeth and trimming its nails should also be included in its grooming regime. You can also trim or clips its hair to give a clean look. Check its ear for any sign of wax or allergy.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


The dog can adapt any lifestyle. It can thrive in any climate with extra precaution.

Pet Names

  1. Juju
  2. Ruby
  3. Jerry
  4. Oggy
  5. Oswald

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a human pleasure dog which is highly sociable
  2. The breed is hypoallergenic in nature. Hence suitable for person suffering from dog allergies and asthma
  3. The breed makes excellent watch dog.


  1. The breed has high grooming needs
  2. They tend to be excessive barkers
  3. Their coat attracts debris, snow and mats.