Blue Lacy - Breed Information, Temperament, Price

This dog is more popular as Texas Lacy as the Texas Senate recognized it as “a True Texas Breed” in 2005. To find these dogs in large quantities on need to visit Texas. Increased popularity of this breed is forcing so many breeders to opt for this. At present, you can observe this breed even in European countries, Australia, Canada also.

Blue Lacy Facts

This breed was developed in the Texas State in the mid-19th century by four brothers who moved to Texas from Kentucky. According to them, they wanted to develop a good hunting breed and they used English Shepherd, greyhound and wolf in the developing process. In 2005, this breed was recognized by Texas Senate. Interesting facts about this dog includes:

  • It can be a good companion if you treat it right.
  • It is intelligent and easy to train.
  • Unlike several other dogs, it can be used for multi-purposes.
  • These are not that much friendly with kids and think twice before opting for this dog if you have kids.
  • Its hunting, herding and trapping capabilities have to be specially mentioned here.
  • In terms of adaptability, it is easily adaptable to all environments and suits apartment living also.
  • Its overall maintenance cost is low.
  • This breed is very popular in the Texas region and its popularity is increasing in other American regions and EU countries.

Blue Lacy Diet

Because of its active nature, it needs more energy to meet its daily requirements. That’s the reason why it eats more food than other medium sized dogs. Fed it twice a day and prefer quality food as it is more prone to food allergies when compared to other breeds.


These dogs prefer to stay indoors as their coat is thin and they can’t tolerate freezing cold temperatures. If you have other animals/birds as pets, you need to be careful until this dog mingles with them.


If the breeder gives lenience, this dog will act on its own and try to control the activities of the owner. So, the owner must be aggressive and always control the activities of the dog. These dogs are intelligent and active. They are always alert and their intense nature is worth mentioning here.


This working breed is very good at hunting. Because of its protective nature, it can act as watch dog also. The breeder need to set clear set of rules from the beginning itself to make the dog obedient.

If you properly take care of it, you will surely fall in love with this dog. One needs to spend some time with this dog daily. Keeping them in the kennel all the time will make them aggressive and if you are going on long tour, it is better to handover it to pet care homes. Some blue lacy breeders prefer the name “Pumpkin” for the tri colored variety of Blue Lacy breed.

Blue Lacy Lifestyle

If you are inactive, this dog is not suitable for you. It needs an active owner and constant physical and mental training is necessary to make the full use of this dog. Along with half an hour walk in the morning/evening; assign some aggressive tasks like hunting, trekking etc. to meet its daily exercise needs.


It is better to start the training in the initial stages itself and constant mental and physical training will make it a multi-tasking dog. It is easy to train. It is lightly built and its height to weight ratio is good. The body of it is built in such a way that it can move faster and it can even withstand hard working conditions.


After breeding then birth, blue lacy puppies should be well taken care off, to keep them away from diseases and malnutrition. As they grow, they start eating on a schedule and mature quickly to become reproductive.


Being a protective dog and possessing good physique, it rarely has predators chasing or scaring it. But you can get some bigger dogs threatening it. It is advisable to keep it safe on a compound.


Breeding occurs seasonally. They produce an average of about 6 puppies. They can go up to 10 litters.

Blue Lacy Appearance

It is hard to observe the symmetry of this breed in other breeds. Bright eyes are distinct feature of this dog and the orange/yellow color shade adds extra beauty to its eyes. Male dogs usually grow 46 to 53cms and weigh 45 pounds. Female dogs usually weigh 40 pounds and may reach up to 48cms in height.

As the name itself suggests, majority of these dogs are available in blue color. Light silver and charcoal shades are also observed in this variety. Red and tri colors are also popular but rarely seen in the USA. White color spots can be observed in the paw region in some dogs and excessive white is discouraged as far as dog contests are concerned.

Life Span

The life span of the blue lacy dog can go up to sixteen years. They will live longer if taken care of more. Most owners have them taken to the vet for proper care.

Health Issues

If one takes good care of this dog, it will be active even at sixteen years of age. Skin problems and infections are common but diseases like color dilution alopecia rarely occur. All types of foods are not suitable for these dogs as they are more prone to food allergies when compared to other dogs.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Blue Lacy Dog :

Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog


There is no need to spend thousands of dollars if you opt for this dog and occasional grooming sessions are more than enough to make it look beautiful. Its coat is short and anybody can easily take care of it. Combing with metal comb must be the part of regular grooming activities. Though it occasionally sheds, the breeder won’t observe hair in most of the cases.


This dog has very minimal shedding. Therefore it doesn’t require frequent grooming. Brushing is done to keep the shedding at bay.

Blue Lacy Dog Information and Characteristics

  1. Its full name is Blue Lacy Dog.
  2. It is also popular as Texas Blue Lacy or Lacy Hog dog.
  3. It originally belongs to United States.
  4. It belongs to medium size type.
  5. They belong to herding group (AKC).
  6. The life expectancy of this dog is very high as it can live up to 16 years.
  7. They are intelligent, active and alert.
  8. The height of the female dog will be in the range of 16-19 inches.
  9. Male dogs usually reach 21 inches and the minimum height is 18 inches.
  10. The weight of this dog will be in the range of 11-23kgs.
  11. Apart from blue, this dog is also available in red and tri color shades.
  12. One needs to pay close to $600 to get this puppy.