Transylvanian Hound : Medium-Sized Hound

Transylvanian Hound is a medium sized hound of Hungary. This dog has a reputation of being a fierce hunter. This breed is a great addition to family as it is friendly and loyal. As the dog was bred for hunting purpose so it is full of energy and vitality. The dog needs great deal of exercise to be happy.

Apart from hunting they are also proficient in tracking games, search and rescue missions. Like other scent hounds they have slender but athletic built up body. This breed has a short coat with black and tan colored coat. The dogs have a characteristically tan color eyebrow which gives it unique attributes.


People often get confused with this breed and Rottweiler because same black-tan colored coat. The dog is highly trainable as it is gifted with intelligent brain. It excels in driving, pointing and agility games. As it is a scent hound, it has a tendency to follow scent. It is recommended to keep your dog on a leash when you take it on a walk.

Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound Origin

Transylvanian Hound is a thousand-year-old Hungarian hound. It is believed that Magyars when invaded the country brought with themselves many kind of hound breeds. Transylvanian Hound is the result of cross mating of hounds brought by Magyars with local Hungarian breeds.


Earlier there were two kinds of this breed - Short Legged Transylvanian Hound and Long Legged Hound. With time only Long-Legged hound prevailed. This breed was mostly used by royal people for hunting bears and wolves in the mountains of Transylvania. Because of its amiable and friendly nature, it makes wonderful family dog too. The breed is rare in the world and needs preservation.


  • The breed belongs to Hungary and is a hunting dog.
  • It has short coat which is easy to groom.
  • The breed has a sharp and high pitched voice. It doesn’t bark excessively.
  • The breed is friendly and incredibly loyal to its family.
  • It can thrive in an apartment if trained and exercised well. For this breed, a house with average sized yard is a cherry on cake.
  • It is an energetic breed that remains active inside home.
  • This breed needs ample amount exercise and mental stimulation.
  • It is important to teach the dog leash trained, they tend to follow scent and can run without caring about traffic.
  • The breed comes in black and tan coloration.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  • Lifespan of this breed is 10 to 12 years.
  • Height of the dog is 55 – 65 cm.
  • Weight of the dog is 66-77 lb.
  • Average cost of the dog is $600 - $800 USD.


It is a medium sized dog with slightly longer body than tall. It has leveled topline and pronounced wither. Chest of the dog is deep and belly is tucked it. The dog has a typical athletic type body.

It has a typical hound like shape of the head and facial features. It has wedged shaped skull which is slightly longish. Its nose should have straight bridges with well defined broad nostrils. Its ears are floppy shaped, set medium high and fall close to cheeks. Eyes should be slightly oblique, dark brown and of medium sized. It has a medium thick tail which gets curved towards the end.


Size and Height

The dog should be 55 to 65 cm tall. It should weigh around 25 kg.

Coat and Color

It has a medium thick skin with dense coat. The dog has a double coat which has glossy touch. Topcoat consists of guard hair and undercoat of down hair. Its coat should be straight, short and lie flat to the body. The dog comes in combination color of black and tan. Black should be the ground color and tan marking. The dog should definitely have tan marking on eyebrow region to be standard breed.


  1. Personality - It is a good natured lively breed that is friendly in nature. Even though it was developed for hunting, the dog shows no sign of aggression and is amiable to humans. It used to hunt independently so it might be willful minded but overall it is a human pleasure that loves to bring smile on family members. It is a curious breed and has irresistible cravings to follow scent. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your dog on leash when you take it out.
  2. Behavior - It is social dog that forms good relationship with children as well as animals. It is a courageous hunter and can be trained to be effective watchdog and guard dog. It is a gentle and easy going breed. Inside home it remains lively and is full of vigor. It has a great sense of direction and makes incredible tracking, retrieving, pointing dog.
  3. Activities Requirement - The dog is fond of hunting. Occasionally take it on hunting spot. The dog can hunt in all weather and terrain. It loves to live adventurous and challenging life. It is bestowed with stamina and agility. Take your dog on long walk, running, jogging and trekking.
  4. Trainability - The dog can be trained as per your need. It is smart and always excited to learn new things in life. This attitude of the dog makes it easy to train. Keep the training duration short because it gets easily distracted by scent in the environment and loses its focus.

Transylvanian Hound


Feed your dog high quality protein rich dry food. It should be fed 250-300 grams of meat per day which should be supplemented with vegetables, flaxseed and fish oil.


It can live up to 10 to 12 years.

Health Issues

The dog is not hypoallergenic in nature. It is a healthy and hearty dog with no major health issues. Hip and elbow dysplasia can affect the dog in older age.

Grooming and Caring

It has short coat which sheds minimally. Brush its coat with bristle brush once a week to keep it mats and debris free. Bath the dog as needed. You can apply dry shampoo to its coat.

The breed is prone to dental problems so make sure you brush its teeth regularly. This will keep the bad breath at bay and gums and teeth healthy. Clean its ear with vet approved solution. Clip the nails monthly if they make sound while hitting on floor.


It is a remarkable adaptable dog. The dog can live in an urban area and in apartment if it is exercised daily. The dog can withstand extreme climate.

Pet Names

  1. Phoebe
  2. Titan
  3. Ruby
  4. Beast
  5. King Kong

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is good natured dog that is human oriented.
  2. It is highly trainable and can be trained in any area.
  3. The dog has a keen sense of smell and direction and it makes perfect hunt and retrieve dog.


  1. It is not a hypoallergenic dog.
  2. It is a rare breed; waiting time can be longer to buy this breed.
  3. It is not a suitable breed for busy and inactive people.