Chihuahua - Puppy, Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua breed is one of the smallest breed in the world with Mexican origin. The name Chihuahua is named after its origin in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This belongs to toy dog group because of its tiny size.

The Chihuahua - Facts, Information and Characteristics

The Chihuahua is one of the popular breeds in the world. This has unique characteristics that make it stand one among the popular breeds.

  • Though Chihuahuas are tiny in size, they are smart and active players.
  • This breed has a good life span and it withstand almost 20 years if it is in good health condition.
  • This may be prey to many of the animals like hawk, raptor etc. so care should be taken while leaving them alone.
  • This is aggressive in nature and may get into fights with other dogs.
  • This breed has to be socialized properly or it may be reserved with the strangers and other pets.
  • As they are prone to many genetic health issues it is advised to buy the puppy from reputable breeder. Check the health condition of puppy before purchasing it.
  • Vet’s advice would help during the whelping process of the pet.
  • They are sensitive to cooler weather so they need jackets while going out on cooler days.
  • They are smart dogs and also quick learners.
  • They are little difficult to be trained and the trainer needs to tolerate the pet.
  • Chihuahuas maintains good relation with cats if they are properly trained.
  • They not so friendly towards kids and other unknown dogs.
  • Chihuahuas are not hypoallergenic dogs.
  • The price of the Chihuahuas range in between $500 to $800 USD on an average.

Chihuahua Appearance

This tiny sized breed grows up to a height only about 6-10 inches (15-23 cm). The weight of these dogs is not more than 2-6lbs (1-3 kg), most of them are less than 6lbs. Both male and female dogs measure about same size. Chihuahua breed comes up with two kinds of coats; they are long haired coat and smooth-haired or short haired coat.

These dogs come in various colours and various combinations of colours. The most common coat colours are white, black, sable, fawn, brown and many more colours. The rounded head with large, upright ears and large, dark and round eyes gives a cute look to this tiny creature. Though they are tiny they have muscular body and firm bone structure.

Chihuahua Behaviour

Chihuahuas are popular as good guardians, so they can be termed as good watch dogs. They are good companion dogs for the family and they are very loyal once they believe in the owner. They are active, brave, entertaining and quick learners. But Chihuahuas turn to be a good companion only under proper training and when it inherits good genes.


Genetically some dogs turn to have bad temper that doesn’t suit for a family. So when you choose a puppy, be careful of the temperament of its parents. Chihuahuas turn to be nice dogs with good temperament when they are under proper training and supervision. They love to live with the people they believe and enjoy travelling with them.

Chihuahua Health Issues

The most common health problems found in Chihuahuas are dental problems, molera or soft spot on top of the skull, low blood sugar, swollen head or Hydrocephalus, Collapsed Trachea, Shivering, slipped stifles, heart problems and eye problems.

They are easily prone to stress, cold and obesity. Most of the health issue should be treated well only under the supervision of veterinarian. A good attention towards the health of Chihuahua is mandatory to protect this from severe health problems.


Chihuahua Diet

It is strongly recommended to feed the pet with best quality food to keep him fit and fine. They need about ¼ to ½ cup of dry food for a day; this may vary based on the age, activity and size of the pet. The feed should contain milk, biscuits, drinking water and any other dog food if possible.


This tiny breed settles down in big apartments and small apartments as well. They are fine in any type of house but they need to be supervised as they can go through small holes in the fencing. In open yards they may chase the squirrels, so they need to be supervised. Chihuahuas love warm weather and they are sensitive to cool weather.


They are active, agile and very loyal under good supervision. They are good watchdogs and react even for a small noise. They don’t like big noises and it may turn dangerous to the children.

Over protectiveness may hinder good temperament of the puppy so it needs to be let free. They always choose a place under blanket, couch or a pillow as the like warm weather. Socialize properly so that it can make good companionship with the people.

Life Cycle

Chihuahua breed usually give birth to 2- 5 puppies on an average. But this breed needs to be properly supervised as Chihuahuas can undergo caesarean because of large heads of the puppies. It is advised to keep the mother Chihuahua under the observation of the vet.


Do not leave Chihuahuas alone outside or unleash the dog on daily walks. Larger dogs, raptors, hawks and other big animals may turn as predators and attack the pet. So please pay attention towards the pet while running in the yard or on daily walks.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Chihuahua :

Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua


At a proper age the Chihuahua can be taken for breeding. At the age of two, breeding can be a healthy process. Professional breeding is mandatory as this breed can come across many genetic health diseases. It is necessary for both the puppies to be in good health condition for breeding.

Chihuahua Life Span

The average life span of the Chihuahua is 15-20 years. The life expectancy may increase if the puppy is maintained in good health condition.



Grooming is an easy process for the Chihuahuas as they come with short and smooth hair. Brush the short-haired pet with a soft bristled comb and the long-haired Chihuahua with a pin brush weekly.

Bathe the pet now and then or if they seem to be untidy. Clean the ears and eyes regularly so that it prevents from clots and tearing problem. Brush the teeth regularly as they are prone to dental problems very easily.


In a contrast, the puppies with long hair shed very little when compared to the puppies with short hair. Regular grooming prevents the hair from shedding and keeps the pet clean and tidy.

Suggestible Names For Chihuahua

  • Female Dogs : tiny, curly, Mandy, Honey, Rosie
  • Male Dogs : Buddy, Dave, Rocky, Andry, Rex.