Korean Jindo Dog - A Hunt Dog

The Korean Jindo is a loyal, intelligent and fierce hunt dog. The dog has a magnetic appearance. It’s wide round face and well developed body can lure anyone to buy this dog. Its magnificent coat further adds to its beauty.

However, Jindo is not for everyone as it has stubborn streak. Only strong and experienced leader who knows about breed’s characteristics can tame the dog. Jindo is known for its loving demeanor towards it family and fierce hunting skills.


Because of its sweet disposition towards family, people own this dog for companionship purpose too. The dog is also naturally protective. Early socialization is necessary so that it can differentiate between good and evil person.

This will also make the dog to exist peacefully with other animals. They are remarkable guard and watchdogs and are also used in Korean military services.  The dog excels at agility related sports. It is also a great jumper.

Jindo Dog


Jindo Dog Origin

Nothing concrete can be said about its history because there is no written record of this breed. Studies have concluded that the dog hails from Jindo Island in Korea but no one knows how they came to that island.

It is also speculated that this breed is a descendant of Mongolian dogs. This breed is designated as one of the national treasure of Korea. Jindo dogs have been used in hunt games since inception. The dog is proficient in killing small to medium sized dog. They have been also used as guard dog because of their high protective instincts towards their pack.

Jindo Dog Characteristics

  • This breed belongs to Korea and it is a hunt dog.
  • They were also used as guard dog when the owner goes for hunting and their job was to protect owner from attack.
  • It is an active, bold, loyal, protective and faithful dog.
  • Life expectancy of this breed is 12-15 years.
  • Height of the dog is 48-65 cm.
  • It weighs around 16-23 kg.
  • The dog comes in black, black and tan, red, grey and white color.
  • Average cost of the puppy is $1300 - $1400 USD.
  • The dog is playful and cheerful towards its own family kids.
  • The dog sheds regularly. Grooming needs of the dog is moderate.
  • It barks when necessary.
  • This breed is a challenging to train. Experienced owner is supposed to train the dog.
  • The dog loves to be around its family. It is not an outside dog. This makes them fairly good for apartment.
  • You need to exhaust the dog on daily basis to have an even tempered dog inside home.
  • These dogs are afraid of water and are not good swimmers.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic breed.

Jindo Dog


Jindo Dog Appearance

Jindo is a beautiful dog with majestic coat. It has a typical spitz type appearance. The dog has a round face with well-developed pointed muzzle. The dog has triangular shaped prickly ears. Tail of the dog is thick and it gets folded over its back.

Topline of the dog is strong and leveled. One can easily differentiate between male Jindo and female Jindo. A male breed has larger and heavier head and female breed has fox-like head.

  • Size and Weight

It is a medium sized dog with light bones. Ideal height of the male breed is 50–55 cm and female breed is 45–50 cm tall. Male breed weight is around 18–23 kg and female weighs around 15–19 kg.

  • Coat and Color

The dog has an attractive double coat. Its coat is of medium length and straight in texture. Topcoat should be frizzy and rough to touch while undercoat should be soft and dense. The dog comes in white, black and tan, grey, red and brindle color.

Jindo Dog Grooming

This dog sheds profusely. You are supposed to brush its coat regularly to control dead hair and keep its coat mats and debris free. Its coat is water and dirt repellent so they do not require frequent bath. Brush its teeth to keep the bad breath at bay. Trim its nails, if it has a grown long. Don’t forget to clean its ears on regular basis.

Korean Jindo Dog Temperament

  1. Personality - The dog is known for its unwavering faithfulness towards family. They are energetic but definitely not hyperactive which makes them suitable family dog. It is also not extremely barky. The dog barks only to let you know of approaching strangers. This dog is extremely protective of its dear ones. It is also used in Korean military force to work as guard dog. Jindo lovers vouch for its loyalty. This dog will even not take food from strangers. They are also referred to as 'gatekeepers'. The dog is high spirited; you will never found Jindo sitting dull and gloomy inside home. They love to get involved in family activities and want to become the center of attraction.
  2. Behavior - The dog forms strong bonds to every family member. At puppy stage, they are like hooligans but as they mature they become level headed and calm. Just like cats, they are fond of cleanliness and will clean their coat by licking and wiping their head. They are valiant in nature and can fight with the animal twice its size. The dog is peaceful with family pets with they are aggressive towards other animals.
  3. Activities Requirement - It is necessary to provide physical as well as mental stimulation to dog. The dog has a zest to work and impress its owner. If you are not taking the dog for hunting it is important to channelize its energy to other mediums. Minimum an hour of exercise is necessary for them. The dog loves to play hide and seek and fetch games.
  4. Training - A strong leader that can establish him as leader of the pack can train the dog. Teach your dog to respect each of the family members. Obedience training and ongoing socialization lesson is must for them to learn.


They are hunting dogs so they are predominately carnivores. Feed them rabbit’s meat, beef, meat and bacon. The dog even preys upon reptiles and lizards.

Life Span

Life expectancy of this breed is 12-15 years.

Health Issues

They are not hypoallergenic breed. This breed is not prone to any serious health issues. Few health concerns of the breed include hip dysplasia, bloat and deafness.

Jindo Dog
Jindo Dog Puppy

Jindo Dog Habitat

The dog is highly adaptable. It can live in kind of environment as long it has family around itself and its exercise needs are being fulfilled. The breed thrives in cool temperature.

Jindo Dog Pet Names

  1. Aabra
  2. Ho
  3. Dong
  4. Doll
  5. San

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. Jindo is a fascinating dog. Anyone can be lost in its beauty and grace.
  2. It makes wonderful family dog. It is loyal, affectionate and protective of its family.
  3. The breed has a healthy lifespan.
  4. It makes remarkable guard and watch dog.


  1. It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  2. The breed requires experienced owner to train.
  3. It is not animal friendly dog.
  4. The breed is suitable for only active owners.