Field Spaniel - A Docile Natured Breed

Field Spaniel is a perfect blend of solid hunter and compassionate family companion. it is called by name ‘field’ and belongs to sporting group. This breed is known for its submissive nature and even temperament. Dogs of this breed are reserved in nature with strangers without being yappy.

This sensitive breed cringes when it is roughly treated by humans. Show your soft corner for this breed and it will all be yours. This breed thrives on human companionship.


This dog is a medium breed and is suitable for apartment. It gets along well with animals and that includes even cats. Birds should stay away from this breed because it has a natural instinct to hunt them. This dog has a love for sports and excels in dog games that involve agility and endurance.

Field Spaniel
Field Spaniel Puppy

Field Spaniel History

This dog belongs to 1800s and originated in England. This dog was bred for sporting and hunting skills. Earlier English Cocker Spaniel and Field Spaniel were considered as same.

But later it was decided that dogs above 25 pounds were considered to be Field Spaniel and below would be considered as Cocker Spaniel. This breed got its recognition from AKC in 1894. This is a rare breed and is still on a verge of extinction.


Field Spaniel Characteristics

  • They thrive on human touch in their life. They tend to be neurotic if left alone.
  • Being from sporting group, they need regular dose of exercise.
  • They love to play in water and are even great swimmers.
  • They are fond of food. Make sure that you do not over feed it.
  • Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years.
  • Their average size is 43 to 47 cm tall.
  • They weigh around 16 to 20 kg.
  • They are adaptable, social, sensible and sensitive dogs.
  • They are available in colors like black, tan, liver or combination of them.
  • This dog has its roots in England.
  • Their price is $800 - $1000.
  • They are not hypoallergenic.


This breed has a noble look. It is heavier and longer than Cocker Spaniel. They contain pendant like ears that touches to their muzzle when stretched towards muzzle.

Their almond shape eyes are either brown or hazel in color. The tail forms a curved structure and is naturally docked. Feathering can be seen in the following areas tail, ears, chest, legs and belly. Their coat is soft and silky.

Field Spaniel


Size and Weight

Male breed stands at 18 inches when measured from shoulder and female breed stands at 17 inches. Their weight could be between 35 to 50 pounds. Field Spaniel tends to be longer than tall.

Coat and Color

Field Spaniel possess a soft medium length coat. They contain single coat which is ultra-soft to touch. Moderate featherings can be seen in ears, tail, chest, belly and back legs.

The length of the feather is shorter than Cocker Spaniel. They are available in solid colors like black, liver and tan. White markings can be found on their chest and throat region.

Field Spaniel Temperament

  1. Personality - It is a medium sized dog with enormous energy. They are sweet tempered than rest of the spaniels but that doesn’t mean they will get friendly towards strangers. They remain aloof from strangers without showing aggression but with their own family members they compassionate. This breed loves to go outside with its family especially on vacation. This breed is fond of water and loves to play by splashing water. Occasionally you can also take this dog to swimming pool. They are an ideal choice for first time dog owners because of their sober and amiable nature.
  2. Behavior - Barking and chewing are only complaints that owners make for this breed. But these traits could be because you are not giving time to your dog. This breed wants to be surrounded by family member every time and leaving them alone can cause separation anxiety to them. Being vocal in nature, they tend to bark at every approaching person or bike or car.
  3. Trainability - As they belong to sporting group, so they possess an independent nature which can make training a bit difficult to them. You should treat your dog gently to bring out the best from them. “No bark command” should be taught to them at an early age. Praise your dog whenever it excels at any lessons or skills. This will boost morale of your dog to perform well at training. Training should be or shorter duration so that the dog doesn’t gets bored.
  4. Activities Requirement - This breed has a reservoir of endless energy. They are far away from being a couch potato. They love to run and jump so it is imperative to provide them open space to carry these activities. They have a natural instinct of hunting so take this dog to an open field where it can satisfy its desires.


The size, weight and activity level of dog are the factors that determines it meal. A more active needs more food than a couch potato. Feed this dog raw meat and bones. Occasionally you can give it dog’s biscuit which are its favorite food item. You can feed it vegetables and boiled eggs so that it can achieve optimum health.

Field Spaniel

Life Span

They live up to 10 to 12 years of age.

Health Issues

It is healthy breed and any serious health issues haven’t been found in this dog. Few of common health concerns related to dogs are hip dysplasia, ear infection, eye problems and hyperthyroidism.


They are easy to groom than Cocker spaniel and other Spaniel breeds. They shed moderately and daily brushing is enough to keep the dead hair in control. Brushing its teeth daily will make its teeth and gums healthy and bad smell will be at bay.

If you hear its nails tapping sound on the floor immediately cut its nails. It is important to regularly check its ears because of hairy hair, chances of developing wax and infection increases. Clean the ear from solution provided by vet.


They can survive in warm climate but not in extreme hot temperatures. Similarly, they can survive in moderately cold climates.

Field Spaniel

Pet Names

  1. Bella
  2. Bobbi
  3. Penny
  4. Mandy
  5. Bruno

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. They are affectionate breed which loves to please humans.
  2. They are easy to groom when compared to other spaniel breeds. They also shed moderately.
  3. They are friendly and fun loving towards children.
  4. They are excellent swimmers.
  5. They form strong bonds with other animals.


  1. They bark a lot.
  2. They have an independent nature and that can create problem while training this breed. They have their own way of doing things.
  3. They are not hypoallergenic. If you are suffering from asthma or any other lungs related problems, it is recommended to not pet this breed.
  4. They are suitable for devoted owner who can provide it at least 90 minutes of exercise.
  5. They are not suitable for apartment. They need farm or open space to run and jump.