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Cane Corso is a medium-large sized dog belonging to the Molossus family. It is a pure and ancient breed from Italy. Italian Mastiff and Cane di Macellaio are other names by which the breed is known. The dog was originally bred as a family guard dog and hunter.

The breed shares ancestral lineage with the Neapolitan Mastiff and both are believed to have descended from Roman war dogs. The Cane Corso is said to be the fittest and fastest dog in the Mastiff family notwithstanding its weight.


Cane Corso Dog Facts For Kids and Information

  • Cane Corso is a pure bred and ancient dog of Italy
  • The dog is quite large and was initially bred as a farm dog and hunter
  • It is quite loyal and fond of its family and guards them well
  • The dog requires some form of work to occupy itself
  • An active lifestyle is ideal for the dog with plenty of space available for it
  • The dog being a hunter has high prey drive and must be socialized
  • Popularity of the breed worldwide is quite high
  • It can be quite challenging for a new owner to raise a Cane Corso and is not recommended to the inexperienced
  • Puppy Price: Average $800 - $1500 USD.

Cane Corso Diet

The Cane Corso dog is quite large in size and muscular too. A dog belonging to the breed with its exercise needs fulfilled and an active lifestyle will generally have high metabolism. The dog will need to be fed with good quality of food, preferably natural, three to four times a day. Proper portioning of food must be ensured so that the dog doesn’t over eat.


The Cane Corso was raised to be a working dog with tasks involving farm work, guarding and hunting. The dog ideally requires some place where it can roam about freely and a house with a yard or open space close by is preferred. The dogs can do well in both hot and cold weather conditions. They are bound to chase small animals and must be put in an enclosed space.


Despites its size, the Cane Corso has above average energy levels. The dog likes to stay busy and occupied with physical work. Some form of activity is recommended every day such as walking, jogging or some form of sport meant for dogs such as dock diving or tracking. If the dog doesn’t have its exercise needs met, the dog will expend its energy in destructive activities such as chewing furniture, digging holes in the yard or running around barking at every stranger in sight.


The dog is also fond of its family and likes to be around them. It should not be left alone for long hours or it can make the dog anxious and destructive. The dog requires a firm individual to guide them. Anyone who can’t devote time for the dog’s activity needs should not consider this breed.


The dog breed was initially meant to guard and hunt and hence has high predatory instincts. The dog will instinctively chase after small animals and might even injure them to the extent of death.

To curb the dog’s prey drive, the dog must be socialized from an early age with both humans and animals. It must be discouraged immediately when it shows any sign of aggressiveness. The dog must be supervised when around other animals and must be put in an enclosed area when left alone.



The Cane Corso is a pure and ancient breed belonging to Italy. Initially brought up as farm and hand dogs, in the modern world they are made use for guarding and in sports. The breed is officially recognized across the globe and is quite popular both in its native as well as other countries. The best breeders ensure that any lineage with unprovoked aggressive and short tempered behavior is not pursued further. The litter size of the female is 3 to 5.

Cane Corso Appearance

The Cane Corso has a well-built body with sturdy bones. It appears to be agile and robust. The head is broad and large. The eyes are dark or light shade of brown, not perfectly round. The ears are triangular and might be cropped or intact.

The tail may also be docked or natural and is carried low or at some angle to horizon. The dog breed has a coat which is short and thick with an undercoat also present. The color of coat is a shade of gray or fawn with white color spots also present. The dog may is large and has following physical attributes

  1. Height - Males:  25 to 28 inches (63 – 71 cm); Females: 23 to 26 inches (58 – 66cm)
  2. Weight - Males: 99 - 110 lbs. (45 – 50 kg); Females: 88 – 100 lbs. (40 – 45 kg)

Life Span

The Cane Corso has a life span ranging from 10 to 12 years with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Cane Corso Health Issues & History

The breed is generally considered to be a healthy breed but a few genetic and acquired health problems are found in the breed. The diseases frequently seen in Cane Corso include hip dysplasia, gastric torsion and a few other progressive and non-progressive genetic eye disorders such as cherry eye and retinal atrophy.

To keep the chances of these at a minimum, it is best to adopt a puppy from a lineage that has been certified and evaluated for various genetic disorders. Regular checkups and visits to the vet can help to detect any of these diseases early and provide proper medical attention to the dog.


The dog breed of Cane Corso has a short and smooth coat that is quite easy to maintain. Brushing one or two times a week is sufficient with an occasional bath every fortnight or so. The size of the dog might make the grooming a time taking process.

If uncropped, the ears of the dog will require cleaning regularly to prevent infections. Nails must also be trimmed monthly. Special attention must be paid to the dental hygiene of the dog with daily brushing recommended. Overall, the grooming of the dog is easy but requires time.


The Cane Corso is a moderate shedder and does so seasonally. The coat is short and is manageable but in colder areas undercoat may be present increasing the amount of hair shed by the dog. Regular brushing will help in the shedding season.

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Behavior, Temperament & Personality

The Cane Corso is primarily a guardian and that too a large one. It is affectionate and loyal towards its family but it can be quite aggressive if it perceives a threat. Considering its size, it can be quite dangerous.

To ensure that the dog acts aptly, they must be socialized from an early age to develop their perception of normal behavior and a genuine threat. A well socialized dog behaves well around strangers and other animals. The dog is generally tolerant of children and pets that it is brought up with.

Excited and noisy children may be perceived as threat by the dog and hence the dog should always be supervised when around kids not belonging to the household. They may also try to establish their dominance around other male dogs and such behavior should be discouraged and immediately corrected.

The dog needs firm guidance and consistent training from a young age to ensure good temperament. Only a person experienced with dominating and large breeds should adopt Cane Corso. The dog is a perfect and loyal companion and is a lovable breed.

Cane Corso Characteristics

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