Dalmatian Dog - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

A Dalmatian is a friendly and loving family dog, which was used as carrier dog in early days. It is known for its unique black spots on the coat. It was originally found in Croatia, Dalmatia region to be specific. They are also known as Leopard carriage dogs, spotted carriage dogs, firehouse dogs, and plum pudding dogs.

Dalmatian Dog Facts For Kids and Information

  1. These dogs served as the guarding dogs in earlier days. They were the protectors of the Croatia. Until this date, they have retained the ancestral guardian qualities.
  2. One of the best traits of a Dalmatian is a strong hunting quality. It can eliminate the rats and vermins.
  3. Their aesthetic beauty and intelligence have made them excellent circus dogs.
  4. They originated in Croatia in early 18th century. The first evidence of a Dalmatian has been found in a painting of 1888.
  5. They were named firehouse mascots as they were trained to run in front of the carriages and make horses run away to the firehouses.
  6. Dalmatians are still used by Firefighters as pet dogs.
  7. The Dalmatians are also popular in United States as a symbol of Budweiser and Busch Garden Theme Parks.
  8. 101 Dalmatians was a book written and 2 Disney movies have also been about Dalmatians. The huge popularity of the dogs made people rush and bring these dogs home. However, they were not able to keep them and abandoned them in large numbers.
  9. They are probably the most famous dog breed on the planet.
  10. They were used an aristocratic family dogs in earlier times owing to their dashing looks abd intelligence.
  11. Puppy Price: Average $700 USD


The history of a Dalmatian is much debated issue in the society. They are believed to be as old as nomads of the Romania.The first trace of a Dalmatian is found in a painting of Croatia around 1888. This breed has been cultivated and bred in England for thousands of years. Its unique coat became so popular in 1920's that they were mentioned in books by writers and authors. These dogs have been used as a guard dogs for horses and coach when they took rest. They also cleared the way for horse carriages. Royal and aristocratic families used them in earlier days.



A Dalmatian is always active and alert. He is an extremely intelligent dog and has a rich history of being the protectors and saviors of people of Croatia. The dogs are loving, caring and affectionate. They are obedient for the masters and fit perfectly with families and duty dogs.


A Dalmatian is a good-looking dog with intelligence and a mind of his own. They have unique black spots on their coat. Their height could vary from 1 feet 7 inches to 2 feet. They can weigh from 48 to 55 pounds.



The lifespan of a Dalmatian is 13 to 16 years.

Temperament and Personality

Dalmatians are more than beautiful plush toys. These dogs are extremely intelligent and highly active dogs. They serve as a perfect companion for the hikers and runners. They demand new challenges and activities to keep their brains plugged to something. They are a sensible and watchful dog. They are not very friendly with the strangers. However, with the close-knit families, they are the most loving dogs one can ever have.


These dogs have been born to run. They have a never dying energy for exercise. This dog has a sense of humor and would do things intentionally to make you laugh.

These dogs are sensitive and emotional. They do not react well to harsh training methods. They are one breed of dog that never forgets a mistreatment or harsh behavior. If they are provided ample exercise opportunities in  a day, they would rarely develop any kind of behavior issues with the owner.

Dalmatian Health Issues

  • A polygenic health issue that has been passed on from generations into a Dalmatian is Deafness. It is shocking that 8 % of Dalmatians are born deaf and 24% are born with hearing defects.
  • Dalmatians have a unique urinary system. These dogs should not fed too much if protein. They should have access to lots of fresh water all times during the day and night. They need to urinate frequently in order to keep their system flushed.
  • Hip Displasia is another disease, which can affect a Dalamtian. The signs could be limping, fatigue and difficulty in standing at one place.
  • Hyperuricemia is a disease, which is also found in humans. It leads to improper functioning of liver. This can cause stones and calcium intake should be limited for the Dalmatians showing any such signs.
  • Urolithiasis is another disease, which can affect a Dalmatian. This can generate urinary stones inside their stomachs and cause extreme pain.
  • Skin Allergies are also very common with Dalmatian. These can be caused by food allergies, contact allergies or airborne allergies.
  • Iris Sphincter Dysplasia is a disease, which can cause sensitivity to light, poor night vision, partial or complete blindness in a Dalmatian.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of Dalmatian Dog :

Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog Dalmatian dog


Dalmatians shed a lot. Regular brushing can help them shed less. Regular toenail cutting and checking ears for infection is necessary with Dalmatians.

Dalmatian Dog Characteristics

  1. Daily Exercise is a necessity for Dalmatian or they can be easily bored and develop behavioral issues.
  2. These dogs are extremely intelligent and alert dogs. They need training from the earlier days to learn to mix up with strangers.
  3. They hate to be left alone for a longer time. They need to feel like a part of the family. They should be involved in all family activities. They become better dogs when they live and sleep with the family.
  4. Disney Movies caused extreme rise in the demand for a Dalmatian Dog in people. They are probably the most famous dogs on the planet.
  5. They could be dangerous for a family with children smaller than 6 years of age. Dalmatians are heavy and active dogs. They could hurt the smaller children.