English Springer Spaniel - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

There are distinct differences between the two varieties and both need to be treated differently. The hunting variety is smaller, with a smoother coat but has an excessiveness of energy and if they are being kept for hunting purposes they are often kept in kennels. They can live in a yard as long as they are not cooped up which will not let him bond with the owner and in the end, the dog will not perform well. They like being involved and be part of the family so allow him into your home and treat him well with training the whole time.

The bigger dogs used for showing are not as energetic as their smaller cousins and with their lovely coats and friendly personality they make lovely pets. They like the smaller variety also need to feel part of the family and essential to living in the house or they are generally unhappy.


English Springer Spaniel Dog Facts and Information

  • Spaniel type dogs have been a popular breed for hunters over the centuries. They were used to flush out both animals or birds.
  • Even this far back it was not uncommon for puppies to grow up to be different in size but no matter what size they were they were used to hunt birds or spring bigger game for the hunter. They became known as the English Springer Spaniel in 1902.
  • They were registered in the US in 1924 and today the breed has been split into two categories. The smaller breed for its hunting ability and the larger breed for its showing qualities, which has a heavier coat but also with a much more passive temperament.
  • The English Springer Spaniel have very distinct differences between the working class type dog and the majestic larger variety used in shows. Not only does the size of the dog have differences but also the coats are very different.
  • Over the last 50 years, there has been no other dog breed that is excelled in both the hunting fields and the show ring quite like the English Springer Spaniel.
  • The English Springer Spaniel is a lively, friendly and happy dog and is very popular amongst pet owners, hunters and those who love the show ring.
  • Puppy Price: Average $500-$1200 USD


The hunting variety has much shorter hair and does not shed a lot of hair. A weekly brush will be sufficient grooming. The larger variety has much thicker and longer hair which requires a lot of grooming. A lot of owners will keep coats clipped and done professionally.


Both varieties are great family dogs that love to be around people. They will warn the owner if there is somebody approaching but it is generally just a friendly gesture and not aggressive type behaviour. The dogs have a lot of energy and need quite a bit of exercise and they love being out and about. If they are exercised regularly and able to spend a lot of time with the family then they will adapt to any type of home from small apartments to homes with huge gardens.



The smaller hunting dogs weigh between 35 to 45 pounds where the larger show dogs weigh between 40 to 50 pounds. The hunting dogs have a smoother coat that comes with different colours marked with white and small dark spots. They do shed but it can be easily controlled.

The larger variety has coats that have clear definitions of dark and white patches and are often judged on how pleasing the coat colouring is to the eye. Their coats are much longer and need a great deal of grooming and even clipping

Lifestyle & Lifecycle

There is no dog that does not need training from the time they are puppies to the time that they are adults. The English Springer Spaniel is no different but they are highly intelligent and trainable. Like all young dogs, they can be testing and will need constant training from the time they are 6 months old till they are about 18 months old. It is essential that the dogs are given a lot of exercises so that they do not get bored and create havoc.


As soon as you receive the young puppy start training them immediately and do not wait for some months so that they develop bad habits such as excessive barking, burrowing and other bad habits. It is important to let them socialise from a young age to get the best from the English Springer Spaniel

Health Issues

The English Springer Spaniel are prone to numerous health issues and these could include :

  • eye disorders
  • painful defects of the hips and knees
  • Heart disease
  • liver shunts
  • epilepsy
  • anemia

The English Springer Spaniel are prone to all these diseases but one of the most troubling is that they suffer from what is commonly known as "Springer Rage Syndrome" and is more common in show lines.

When you get a puppy use a reputable breeder that has all the certification for all the breeding animals and that they breed the healthiest dogs. While the puppy is growing up constantly take them to the vet to have them examined especially the eyes.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of English Springer Spaniel :

English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Characteristics

  • Very adaptable
  • Extremely affectionate and friendly
  • Adaptable to live in small homes to homes with wide open fields
  • Does tend to bark a lot if not trained properly
  • Cat-friendly but will require training
  • Child-friendly and needs supervision
  • Very dog-friendly
  • Needs a lot of exercises
  • Grooming required but less so for the hunting dog
  • Has many health issues so breeding stock must have all the certification
  • Very intelligent and playful
  • Reasonable watchdog but tends to be friendly towards strangers.


The English Springer Spaniel is very popular both as a hunting dog and as a show dog but it is advisable that before you get puppies check the breeder's record before you buy the puppies partly because of the numerous health issues that the dog has.

Good breeders will have all the certification and veterinary documentation to show that the dogs are healthy and will be very willing to share this information with you.

Conclusion :

English Springer Spaniels are great pets as well as working dogs whether they are being used for hunting or as show dogs. Being very intelligent they can be trained to do many dog tricks and are a great family addition provided they are treated as such. The English Springer Spaniel is not happy being outside alone.