Doxle - Appearance, Temperament, Facts, Puppies, Breeders

If you wish to own a well-mannered dog as your pet, it is important that you should confidently go for Doxle. Irrespective of the age of your kids, he will turn out to be their best companion. As he is a naturally happy breed, he will eagerly play with anyone, whom he thinks as his friend.

Doxles surely consider themselves as a part of the family or the owner’s-family as the part of his family, he will do anything to make you laugh and smile. He creates great stories in families by bringing happiness and fun.


About Doxle

Doxle is a crossbred between two purebred dogs. Even though the origin of Doxles is not known, the origin of their parents is well documented. Yes, she is the crossbreed of the Dachshund and the Beagle.

Dachshunds originated in Germany and similar to Beagles, they were also used by humans for centuries for hunting. But, when they reached the Great Britain, rather than for hunting, they were bred to turn out to be companions. Now, dachshunds are companion dogs and this characteristic has passed on to the pup Doxle.

The Beagle is an old breed of dog. It is known for existence back to 5th century in Greece. Earlier, they were mainly used for tracking and hunting purpose. Then, slowly they were bred for being a loving family companion besides continuing their role as hunters and trackers.


Doxle Facts and Information

  • They are known for their loving, gentle, playful and loyal temperament
  • They are suitable for growing in families with first-time owners, homes with and without yards, for seniors, singles and also for families with kids.
  • They are expected to live from 12-14 years and they weigh between 20-30 lb with a height range of 9 to 11 inches.
  • Doxle is not a purebred dog


Doxles does not need any special diet. They will need around 1.5 to 2 cups of dry kibble each day. Make sure that you spread this quantity out into 2-3 meals per day. In every stage of the life of your pet, it is better to talk to your vet to find the ideal type of food and the best serving for your Doxle pet.


As mentioned earlier, Doxle’s are friendly in nature. So, they can live with any type of families be it families with seniors, older kids, smaller kids or even with singles. As they get very close to the owner, they can adjust themselves to the owner’s needs.


This crossbred dog has an absolutely joyous nature. They love spending time with families because of their patient nature. They have a friendly and curious disposition. They have the temperament to play with your kids for long.  As they love being lap dogs, they are ideal companions for seniors and singles as well.


If you are an individual with busy lifestyles, Doxle can be the best choice for you as you will benefit from the loving and forgiving nature of this pet. Yes, he will not mind, if you do not take him for a walk every day. What you have guessed is right, just some cuddles and loving talk will make him forgive everything.

As they are a combination of Dachshund and Beagle, they are more likely to be inclined to hunting smaller animals. So, if you have birds, kittens, and smaller puppies, you should have a close watch. They go well with smaller kids and toddlers. However, you should be watching initially for time spent together.

Doxle Dog


Similar to other pets, doxles will thrive under the appropriate living conditions when they get the right kind of care, love and the right level of exercise. Of course, the healthy diet will also play a major role in retaining the happiness of a doxle pet. With proper lifestyle, they will live longer.


Doxle are known for their hunting nature. So, they try to hunt smaller puppies. So, if you have birds and smaller puppies in your home, you should be watchful until they get along with each other.


Even though Doxle is a cross breed, it has recognized the following clubs:

  • The Designer Breed Registry
  • International Designer Canine Registry
  • Dog Registry of America
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • American Canine Hybrid Club

The Doxle originates from the United States of America and it is a designer breed. Most dogs in this breed have purebred parents. If you think that you should grow this breed, you should make sure that you get the puppy from a dependable breeder.


You will find doxles to grow from small to medium sizes. The size depends on his parents. As you know the dachshunds come in three different sizes being the toy, standard, and miniature, so the size of Doxle also varies. The colors, in general, are brown, white, chocolate, golden, black and tan.

Their coats also differ but can be straight, wiry, harsh and fine. Similar to the dachshund, doxles are known to have long bodies and short legs. They are known for their long floppy ears and long muzzles. The eyes are generally round, big and dark. They have brown eyes and a black nose.


The doxles are known for their average lifespan of 11 to 14 years.

Health Issues and History

The major health concerns of Doxles include bloating, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc, and patellar luxation. The minor health concerns include Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and deafness.

An occasional diagnosis is needed for issues like eye problems, Beagle dwarfism, and ear infections. The occasional tests recommended for doxles include ophthalmic examination, neurological examination, spinal tap, serum chemistry, complete blood work, urine analysis, physical examination, CT Scan, MRI, and X-Rays.


You should make sure that your doxle pet gets regular grooming. It will help with ensuring that your pet looks good. You should brush around three times a week. The brushing will help with the removal of any loose hair and will ensure the health of the skin as well. These pets do not need a lot of bathing unless really needed.

Brushing teeth for two to three times a week is better to prevent dental issues. As this is a breed that is common for ear infections, you should check the ears regularly and should wipe them with a damp cloth. You should check the nails on a regular basis and should get them clipped if they have grown long.


Doxle have a moderate shedding, which is a thing inherited from her parents.

Temperament and Personality

The Beagle is a breed that is known for intelligence, gentleness and friendly nature, while the dachshund is known for the affectionate nature, active, ongoing and playful nature. Both these personalities are part of Doxle. Doxles are known for their loving and gentle nature along with playful and loyal behavior. All these features make them the best companion for families.

Doxle Characteristics

  • Doxles are known for their great energy levels.
  • They are loving and caring for the owner family
  • They have a whole lot of excitement and they keep the family happy
  • They are kind enough
  • They are protective in nature
  • They play well with other pets
  • They are curious in nature

Do these characteristics make you feel like owning a Doxle? Choose a professional breeder and get the complete benefits.