Dunker (Norwegian Hound) - Facts, Puppies, Breeders

A Dunker, alternatively recognized as the Norwegian Hound is a medium size dog breed belonging from Norway. The dog was essentially bred by Wilhelm Dunker to be a scent hound by crossing a Russian Harlequin Hound with Norwegian scent hounds.

Dunker Facts and Information

  • The Dunker dog is famous for its unique spotted coat as well as hunting drive
  • The dogs are also known by the names: Norwegian Hound, Norwegian Dunker, Norwegian Scent hound, and Norwegian Rabbit Hound.
  • You can find them in different colours like brown, black, merle, and blue.
  • The average cost of a puppy dunker is approximately $500 to $700.
  • Study shown that nearly 75% of the dog’s breed is either unilaterally or bilaterally deaf.
Dunker Dog Breed


It is best to feed the Dunker dog breed around 2½ to 3½ cups of a high quality dry dog food every day and it should be divided into at least two meals.



The dog breed was bred to live in severe cold conditions. Therefore it is considered as a perfect pet for those who reside in cold climatic regions.


The dog breed is famous for its hunting drive as well as for its exceptional dappled fur. They make an excellent pet if you have home adjacent to yard. Basically, they behave affectionately and when they are properly introduced to people, majority of breed members are tolerant of kids, and also many are very friendly with them. 


Dunker dogs can chase after their prey for many hours in cool environment over severe terrain. It is known that they possess huge extent of stamina and survival and due to this, they require huge amount of exercise as well as stimulation mentally. They love hunting. When they do not go out on hunting, they require minimum an hour per day of strong activity. Moreover, they even require mental stimulation. The dog can also join you for a jog, a trek and such; however, they also like to run off lavishly.



The dog behaves bravely against its predators. Their major predators are beers, lion, cheetah, etc.


Dunker dog is basically a scent hound breeding from Norway. This is actually a rare breed exterior to Scandinavia; however, in its local place the dog relishes fame and is one of the greatest friendly dog breeds. The dog breed is famous for its hunting capability and unique coat makes them to standout from the crowd of dogs.


The weight of Dunker dog is approximately 16–18 kg. The male dogs are 50–55 cm at the withers, whereas females are of length 47–52 cm. It is known that the dog has a clean, lengthy and decent head with comparable planes of the muzzle and skull, essentially carried low and not in wedge-shaped.


The dog’s skull is a bit domed through a distinct stop and clear cheeks. Moreover, the muzzle is lengthy and square-cut through a broad nasal bridge. The teeth of the dogs are equally spaced through a scissors bite. Furthermore, the Dunker has a black coloured nose with huge nostrils, large, round, and dark eyes.

Life Span

The life span of the dog breed is comparatively higher as compared to its similar dog breeds; generally it is 20 years.


Health Issues & History

The dog can occasionally face from hip dysplasia. Moreover, deafness is considered as a noticeable issue, with 75% of every dogs of this breed being bilaterally or unilaterally deaf.

Glancing at its history, the dog breed is basically named after the Norwegian Wilhelm Dunker, who bred Dunker dog for hunting hares at the early 19th century. It is found that in order to create the Dunker, Wilhelm had crossed a Russian Harlequin Hound with faithful scent hounds, generating a dog that could seamlessly hunt rabbits by scent, as compared to sight. This dog breed is not so popular outside of its homeland.


The Dunker is basically a low maintenance breed.  They do not need professional grooming, just a regular brushing. However, they shed very heavily. The dog breed would cover furniture, carpets, and clothing with its hair round the year. Its owners need to make sure to cautiously and regularly clean their ears.


The dog sheds a lot. In case you have cleanliness obsession then this dog breed is not the correct pet for you.

Temperament and Personality

Similar to the majority of scent hounds, the Dunker was bred to be forbearing of unknown hunters and trainers. It is found that the breed is generally non-aggressive, and when they are carefully guided and socialized, majority of breed members are very friendly.  They lack the hostility to make a successful guard dog; also majority of such dogs would follow a stranger to their house prior to depict them of aggression. 

Appearance and Grooming

The Dunker dog breed requires little maintenance.  The owner needs to take care of cleaning of their nose, hands, and legs on regular basis. As they shed more, proper grooming practices needs to be followed.

They possess a long neck with no hoarseness, straight forelegs, sloping shoulders, a level topline, a straight and muscular back with wide and muscular loins, as well as a minor tuck up inside the chest. The dog’s hindquarters are found to be well-angulated, similar to the manner its stifle are, and its hocks and thighs are broad. It is found that the feet are curved, well-knit; they possess firm pads and hair among the toes, and they point straight ahead.

Dunker Characteristics

  • The Dunker dog’s body coat is hard, straight, dense, and not very short. The common desirable colours are found to be blue or black marbled with pale fawn as well as white markings.
  • This is not a dog breed that can be kept simply as a companion dog by majority of people.
  • The dog breed requires excess physical activity and it also requires skilled and confident handling.
  • The dog breed is not hypoallergenic