Hamilton Hound - Focused and Driven Hunting Dog

Hamilton Hound is a calm, confident and courageous hunter. The dog was particularly used for hunting hare and fox. It is a handsome hunt dog and has characteristically white blaze on head, neck, legs and tip of the tail. They thrive in a multiple dog’s home where they get dog companion to play with. They are energetic inside home but are not hyperactive which makes them good apartment dog.

You need to provide vigorous exercise to the dog, to make it happy. The dog enjoys hiking, running and romping. They are patient around toddlers and make incredible playmate to young children. They are intelligent, hard-working and loyal breed. The dog needs confident and stern leader that can handle its stubbornness. A well trained dog is a mesmerizing addition to family. It is a reliable dog that you can trust for lifetime.


Hamilton Hound Origin

Hamilton Hound also known as Hamiltonstövare is a native breed to Sweden. From the earlier age only the dog was taught to hunt in pack. It is known by name Swedish Foxhound. The breed was developed by mixing German breeds with Harriers and English Foxhounds. The credit of developing this breed goes to Count Adolf Hamilton. He wanted a sturdy dog that could hunt hare and fox. Today it is the popular dog of Sweden and other European countries. This breed is valued for its healthy life and strong hunting drive.

Hamilton Hound Characteristics

  • The breed belongs to Sweden and is a hunt dog.
  • It was developed to hunt hare and fox.
  • Lifespan of this breed is 11 to 13 years.
  • It is courageous, energetic, devoted and friendly dog.
  • Height of the dog ranges from 46 - 57 cm.
  • It weighs around 22.7 - 27.2 kg.
  • The dog is tri-colored- black-tan-white.
  • Average cost of the puppy is $400 - $500 USD.
  • The dog is highly and can live in any apartment as well as house with yard provided its exercise needs are being fulfilled.
  • The dog can survive in any type of climate.
  • It is a suitable breed for kids and tends to be affectionate, playful and cheerful around them.
  • It is an animal friendly dog.
  • It has low grooming needs. It sheds negligible amount of hairs.
  • The dog requires stern trainer as it tends to have stubborn steak.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
Hamilton Hound
Hamilton Hound


Hamilton Hound is a proportionately built up handsome breed. The dog gives the impression of strength and stamina. It has a wedged shape head with long muzzle and a well-defined stop. It has dark brown color expressive eyes. Nose of the dog is straight with wide nostrils.

Ears of the dog are set at moderate height and of floppy shape. It has strong jaw and teeth should meet in a scissor bite. The dog has well arched and powerful neck. Back is strong with leveled topline. Its tail is carried low and in continuation of back line.


Size and Weight

Ideal height of the male breed is 50 - 60 cm and female breed is 46 - 57 cm tall. Both the breeds should weigh around 50 - 60 pounds.

Coat and Color

It is a double coated dog. Undercoat should be dense and soft while topcoat should be coarse and lie close to body. The dog should have white blaze on neck, legs, head and tail tip. The dog is multi-colored and comes in tan-white and black color. Its coat is weather resistant and during winter, its undercoat becomes thicker.


  1. Personality - The dog is bestowed with stamina, energy and strength. It is an easy going pet but sometimes it shows stubborn streak in its personality. The dog is loyal and makes great companionship to family members. It shouldn’t be left alone for too long. It loves to be surrounded by family members. It is even tempered inside home but gets courageous, bold and fierce on hunting spot. With strangers it is suspicious and makes reliable watchdog but lack aggression towards humans to be an effective guard dog. The dog loves to be included in every family function and outside.
  2. Behavior - It is a gentle dog that thrives in a home with multiple dogs. In that way it feels less anxious and can entertain itself with other dog partner. The dog loves to be engaged in some sort of task. It is playful and cheerful around children. Care should be taken with non- canine animals because of strong prey drive. The dog needs to explore the outside environment. If it remains inside home too often it can become destructive in nature.
  3. Activities Requirement - The dog can be ideal apartment dog only if gets great deal of physical exercise and mental stimulation. The dog loves to accomplish challenging task. Without a doubt the dog thrives better in a rural area where it has got open land to track, roam and explore. Owners need to be active to fulfill its exercise needs. Take the dog on jog, run and hike. It is important to keep the dog on leash else it will run after the scent. Give this dog, opportunity to hunt for which it was born. A minimum two hours of exercise is must for the breed.
  4. Training - It is challenging to train the dog. It requires a confident and assertive trainer to teach its skills. Teach your dog obedience and basic canine manners. Training should be done gently and positively.


Hamilton will eat four bowl of food in a day. Its diet should be split in two meals because it is prone to bloat. The dog should have access to water all time.



The dog lives up to 11 to 13 years.

Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic breed. The dog doesn’t suffer from any major health issues and has a healthy lifespan. Minor health concerns of the dog are - ear infection, dry skin, bloat and hip dysplasia.

Hamilton Hound
Hamilton Hound

Grooming and Caring

It sheds negligibly and is a low maintenance dog. Brush its coat once a week to distribute natural oil found in its skin and keep its coat dirt free. Bathe the dog as needed; excessive bath can destroy the natural oil found in its skin so caution should be taken.

Take care of your dog’s oral hygiene. Brush its teeth with vet approved brush and cleanser. Trim its nails if it has become long. Check its ear periodically for any sign of infection or wax built up.


It can live in apartment if exercised well. But generally it is recommended for country side area where it gets lot of open space. The dog has a weather resistant coat and can withstand any type of climate.

Pet Names

  1. Shakira
  2. Messy
  3. Karma
  4. Mighty
  5. Pinku

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a sweet tempered dog and that makes excellent family dog.
  2. It is a healthy dog with no major health concern.
  3. The dog is easy to groom and sheds low.


  1. It is not a hypoallergenic dog.
  2. The dog needs active owner who can fulfill its exercise needs.
  3. It is prone to bloat.