Brazilian Terrier - Dog Breed Information

The Brazilian Terrier is a small-sized dog breed originated in Brazil. It is one of the two native breeds of the Brazil, the other one is Fila Brasileiro. It was not known outside the Brazil and is most popular with in the country.

Brazilian Terrier Dog – Characteristics

  • The other names for this dog are Fox Paulistinha and Terrier Brasileiro.
  • Jack Russell Terrier was said to be crossed with Miniature Pinschers and large Chihuahuas in order to develop the Brazilian Terrier dog.
  • The temperament of this dog is intelligent, alert, friendly and perky.
  • It takes long time to be friends with the cats.
  • This dog will be friendly towards other dogs if given a long time.
  • These dogs were used for hunting as they have very high energy levels.
  • It is said to be the good watchdog and alerts the owner within time.
  • The Brazilian Terrier is not hypoallergenic.
  • The price of this dog is said to be in between $800 to $1000.
  • It is very easy to train this dog but few owners may face difficulty in training.
  • It is not recommended for the younger children, but it plays well with the older children.

Brazilian Terrier Appearance

The Brazilian Terrier is small in size with a triangular head. The tail is docked and has a narrow chest with pointed ears which are folded down. The undocked and natural tail is said to be short and curled. The legs of the dog are long and the muzzle is said to be less broad when compared to the other terriers.


This dog has a short and smooth coat and the head, ears and the below neck are covered with the hair. Generally this dog is seen in tri-color, white with tan with black, brown or blue markings. The height of the male Brazilian Terrier varies from 14-16 inches (35-40 cm) whereas the height of the female dog is about 13-15 inches (33-38 cm). The weight of this dog is about 15-20 lb (7-9 kg).


The Brazilian Terrier is alert, intelligent, and a perky dog. It digs holes and likes to play with the children all the time. It is often said to be a fearless dog and a good watchdog.

It barks to grab the attention of the owners and is not very aggressive like other terriers.These dogs were used to hunt the small animals and they can work all the day due to its high energy level.


Health Issues

Generally, the Brazilian Terrier is healthy and fit, but few times it may prone to certain health disorders just like other terrier dogs. The most common health issues seen in this dog are said to be elbow dysplasia, deafness, patellar luxation, epilepsy, demodectic mange and hip dysplasia.

Also, the dog may be prone to skin and respiratory allergies, and ear infections. The owners should raise the dog carefully and it is recommended to consult the vet in case of any unusual symptoms seen in the dog.


The Brazilian Terrier dog doesn’t require any special diet; it only requires a general and healthy diet just like all the other dog breeds. Over feeding is not recommended for the dog and try to put a proper food schedule for the dog and feed it accordingly. High-quality food and clean drinking water should be must for this dog.


Brazilian Terrier Habitat

This dog doesn’t suit well for the apartment living and a house with small to average sized yard is required for the dog. The dog is active indoors and likes to play with the older kids all the time. If the dog is properly trained to control the barking, then it may fit for the apartment living conditions.


The daily long walks are highly recommended for this dog in order to keep it active and energetic. Give it a little exercise daily so that it can be alert and active all the day. Sometimes, this dog become stubborn and aggressive, so inexperienced owners may face difficulty to handle it.


The Brazilian Terrier dog gives birth to an average of 2 to 6 puppies. The most important factor to remember is, raise the puppies with proper care and attention until they attain a proper age.


This dog has a tendency to hunt small animals and will be aggressive towards animals. The owners should supervise the dog whenever it encounters other big animals. Train the dog to be safe from its predators.


The breeding should be done after attaining a sufficient age and it is suggestible to have a professional breeding.

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Brazilian Terrier Brazilian Terrier Brazilian Terrier Brazilian Terrier Brazilian Terrier

Life Span

The Brazilian Terrier is said to have a life expectancy of around 12 to 14 years. Few times the properly raised dogs can live more than the expected age.


Regular brushing is advisable for this dog and make it bath only when necessary. Also, check and clean the ears regularly to avoid the ear infections.


The Brazilian Terrier dog sheds little when compared to other breeds. Some of the breeds shed little and few other breeds will be heavy shedders. Regular grooming is sufficient for this dog so that it can be clean and fresh.

Suggestible names for the Brazilian Terrier

  • For Males – Ala, Hair, Vas, Telt, Neem
  • For Females – Gill, Filly, Drolly, Bert, Peri