American Curl - Smart and Friendly Cat With Distinct Curled Ears

American Curl is a breed of cat that is recognized by their distinct ears that curl back from their face towards the center of the skull at the back and hence they are named as American Curl. It is important to handle the ears of this breed carefully because wrong handling can damage the cartilage of their ears. This is one of the youngest cat breeds. This medium-size cat weighs 5-10 pounds.

Important Points About American Curl

  • The cat is known for its friendly and gentle nature. It is known for its adorable nature.
  • The cat is moderately active, smart and curious
  • The cat is not dominant or bossy in nature similar to other breeds and not so talkative.
  • It is a medium sized cat weighing about 5-10 pounds
  • Both the pedigreed cats and the mixed-breed ones can have health issues which are genetic
  • When curls remain in the alert state, their ears swivel forward
  • They have distinctively shaped ears but even without those ears, they are striking cats with sweet expression and silky coat which can be long or short or any color
  • The long-haired variety of the cat has a plumed tail.


This breed is highly distinctive and has elegant and wispy ears which curl backwards in grace, giving them a sophisticated appearance that looks similar to a wild lynx. Kittens of the breed have straight ears and in 4 or 5 days their ears begin to curl back in a tight rosebud fashion. The degree of the ear curl varies vastly within the breed.


The fancier ones have dramatic curls and the straight eared ones are domesticated normally. There are some kittens in the breed that do not develop curly ears. The breed is medium-sized with silky coat and the tail is fan-like and fluffy which resembles feather boa. The tail is to be brushed on a regular basis.


The cat is people-oriented, highly affectionate and loyal. These cats remain with their kittens till they attain adulthood. They are highly adaptable to the new situations and do not get stressed easily. They can adjust to almost any type of circumstances. They are very gentle and friendly towards the children and with other dogs and cats. They can mix well with other pets and form a close bond with the owners.


The cat requires occasional grooming so that the coat remains in the good shape. Though these cats lick their coats to keep themselves cleaned, they need grooming on a regular basis to remove the hair and stimulate circulation. If the hair is long you need to clean them twice a week and if they are short they should be cleaned in every few weeks.


Health Issues

The cat does not suffer from any type of known illness or health conditions like the other cats. The cat maintains a good health all through the year and it is best for the owners who do not want to worry about their long-term medical costs. They are not hypoallergenic.


The cat is known for its loving and people friendly nature. The breed is friendly and joyous in nature. He loves to play and seek the company. He has domestic shorthair, moderately active, smart and curious. Though it is not talkative it is very interactive and affectionate. While curled ears are one of the main features of this breed, their other characteristics are large walnut shaped sparkling eyes and medium-sized rectangular body.

American curls are medium sized cats that are well-balanced with rounded head and a substantial amount of muzzle and distinct whisker pads. They are elegant looking and have a smart and alert appearance. They are sweet in nature and are able to express themselves well. They are long haired and have beautiful plumed tail.


Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of American Curl

American Curl American CurlAmerican CurlAmerican CurlAmerican CurlAmerican Curl


The cat is expected to shed moderately. By providing them proper nutrition and by keeping them groomed regularly you can control the shedding to a large extent.

Life Span

They live up to 12-16 years


They are affectionate, curious, intelligent, lively, playful and interactive. They are not bossy and you can expect them to behave very politely and in friendly manner. They love to play even in their old age.

American Curl Characteristics

  • These cats are found both in the longhair and shorthair. They are available in myriad of colors
  • They have silky and flat lying coat and have hardly any undercoat
  • They do not shed very often and require little grooming
  • The curled ears are a major feature of this breed and they have large walnut shaped eyes with a rectangular body
  • They are born with the straight ears that curl back into a rosebud position in 3-5 days and reach the final shape in 4 months
  • They are generally quiet but make you know their needs by making trilling and cooling sounds
  • The unique curled out ears of the cat is its distinct feature and the swept back ears give the cat its happy appearance.