Japanese Chin : Facts, Puppies, Price, Temperament

The Japanese Chin is a small-sized dog breed which is said to be originated in China. It is considered as the good companion dog as well as lap dog.

The Japanese Chin dog – Facts, Information and Characteristics

  • The other name for this dog is Japanese Spaniel and it is called with the nick name Chin.
  • The temperament of the dog is said to be alert, intelligent, friendly and loyal dog.
  • This dog can be trained easily and early stage training is recommended for the new dog owners.
  • It is said to be the best companion dog for the humans.
  • The Japanese Chin dog is not hypoallergenic.
  • The price of the Japanese Chin puppies is about $600 - $1000.
  • It becomes friends with the cats in a short time.
  • The Japanese Chin dog takes some time to become friendly with other dogs.


The Japanese Chin seems to be small dog with short and broad muzzle. It has large and round eyes and v-shaped ears. The legs are straight and strong, and the tail is carried up wards on the back and is medium in length. The coat of the dog is straight, silky and long.


Generally, this dog appears in red and white, black and white and sometimes in tricolor (black and white with tan points). The height of the dog is about 8 – 11 inches (20 – 27 cm) whereas the weight of the dog is around 3 – 15 lb (1.4 – 6.8 kg).


The Japanese Chin dog is alert, intelligent and friendly. It is very playful and sometimes resembles cat in behavior. These dogs are very loyal towards their owners and like to play with the kids all the time. It becomes obedient in a short time and it doesn’t bark very much.

It barks whenever sees a stranger and drags the attention of the owner. Whenever the dog is with the younger children proper supervision is required and do not let the kids handle the dog in rough and harsh manner.


Health Issues

The Japanese Chin dogs are generally healthy and fit but few times it may probe to health disorders. The common health issues that can be seen in this dog are patellar luxation, heart murmurs, seasonal allergies, progressive retinal atrophy, atrioventricualr endocardiosis, legg calve perthes disease, cataracts and sometimes breathing problems.

Because of its flat face, sometimes it snorts and sneezes reversely. Also, the skin around the nose will be folded and can have moisture from the large eyes due to which it can have fungal problems. So, this dog needs proper health care.


Feed the dog daily with high quality dog food and use clean water and quality milk for drinking. Some of these dogs are allergic towards corn and so take some special care while feeding and avoid corn. Feed the dog depending upon its size and it is always advisable to prepare and follow the proper food schedule for the dog.



The apartment living is well suitable for this dog as it is active indoors. Sometime the dog is sensitive towards extremely cold and hot temperatures. A house with small yard will also suit the dog and make sure the yard is fenced.


Limited exercise and little daily walks are sufficient for the Japanese Chin and keep it active and energetic. They love to play in the yard along with the owners and seem active and alert all the time.


The Japanese Chin can give birth to 1 to 3 puppies on an average and requires attention during the time of pregnancy. It becomes reproductive after attaining certain age and it is recommended to consult the vet in case of any emergency.


Due to its small size, it may grab the attention of big animals and may possess danger from them. So, owners should always keep an eye on the dog whenever it is outside for daily walks. The dog is safe as long as it is under human protection.


This dog requires professional breeding upon attaining a proper age for reproduction. Improper breeding results in weak puppies, so it is always suggestible to have breeding by professional. Take proper care and maintain the quality food after the breeding.

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Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin Japanese Chin

Life Span

The average lifespan of the Japanese Chin dog is about 10 to 12 years but few dogs can live up to 15 years. This is possible when proper care and attention is taken.


The Japanese Chin dog needs weekly brushing and occasional bathing. Check and clean the ears of the dog regularly and keep away the ear infections. Also, clean the eyes and wash the face regularly. Brush the teeth of the dog regularly at least twice a week to avoid dental problems.


The Japanese Chin dog is not a heavy shedder, it sheds little and regular grooming is sufficient for the dog in order to keep the dog clean and fresh.

Suggestible Names For The Japanese Chin Dog

  • For Males – Lapper, Droll, Gin, Well, Tap
  • For Females – Olive, Silk, Nikkie, Prince, Lovely