Thai Bangkaew Dog - Thailand’s Breed

Thai Bangkaew is a spitz category dog that originated in Thailand. This breed is powerful, intelligent and a fierce hunter. This breed loves chasing small animals like Pomeranian dog, rabbit, hamster, rodents etc.

Timid and novice owners should not domesticate this breed. If you’re a confident and experienced dog owner and wants an active dog, this breed is the right choice for you. If trained well, they make great family dog.


They are aloof of strangers and will never take their eyes off them. They are known for their guarding and hunting skills. Because of presence of wild traits in this breed it is necessary to socialize the dog at an early age.

It is a dominant dog that generally perceives children at lower rank in pack. Establishing leadership in dog’s mind is utmost necessary. Teach your children to respect dog’s privacy so that happy relationship can be established between them.

Thai Bangkaew Dog


Thai Bangkaew Dog Origin

The dog has got its name from its place of origin which is Bangkaew. Bangkew is a small village in central province of Thailand. Valid documentation about its origin is unknown. Some experts believe that the dog is a result of cross mating of local bitch with golden jackal (now extinct).

As there were no male dogs in the surrounding area so people were not sure about its mating partner. Later chromosomes study of the dog proved that the dog has jackal bloodline.


  • The breed belongs to Thailand and in categorized as guard dog and hunt dog.
  • It has jackal’s genes in its bloodline which makes it wild in nature.
  • Strong trainer who understands the attribute and nature of the dog well is suitable for this breed.
  • They need great deal of exercise so they are appropriate choice for active owners.
  • If children are raised with the dog, they will be protective and cheerful with the kids.
  • They tend to be extremely aggressive with other animals.
  • It is in their deeply embedded genes to chase small animals. They consider them as their tasty food.
  • Life expectancy of the dog is 10-12 years.
  • Dog is 45-56 cm tall.
  • It weighs around 18–20 kg.
  • Dogs come in combination colors of white-black, brown-white, grey-white, white-tan and red-white.
  • Average cost of the puppy is $400 - $600 USD.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic breed and it sheds regularly.


The dog has a typical spitz type appearance. It is a medium sized dog with squarely proportionate body. Its body is muscular and compact. It has bushy tail which gets curved over its back.


The dog has a deep chest and mane is formed around its neck like lions. Its eyes are medium sized and expressive. Ears should be triangular in shape and erected. Overall expression on its face is alert and keen.

Size and Weight

Ideal height of the male breed is 46–56 cm and female height is 41–51 cm. Male should weigh around 18–20 kg and female should be 16–18 kg in weight.

Coat and Color

The dog has a thick double coat. Topcoat should have straight and coarse hair while undercoat should have soft and dense hair. Its hair should be longer on neck and shoulder region than rest of the body.

This gives the impression of mane formation just like in lions. Males have more pronounced mane than females. Length of the coat is shorter on head and front legs. The dogs come in many colors with white as ground color and patches of red, grey, black and fawn color.


  1. Personality - It is a handsome spitz type dog which has been used for guarding since inception. When the dog is in your house, your property and family members will be safe. The dog can be intimidating and scary to unknown This is common nature of all the guard dogs. It doesn’t bark excessively but will bark to let you know of the intruder. This trait makes it excellent watchdog. The dog is downright territorial and protective of its family. It doesn’t get along well with other animals and small animals are its delicious lunch. It is important to put a board of “beware of dog” outside your home, if you plan to own this dog.
  2. Behavioral Traits - The dog has a strong prey drive. No amount of training can stop the dog from pursuing its hunting talent. It loves chasing moving objects be it bike or animals. Even if another dog is raised with this breed, it tends to be dominant and tough with it. Keep your dog busy as much as you can if you want a calm dog inside home. The dog is also fond of digging. It is an excellent climber and an escape artist.
  3. Activates Requirement - The dog is hardy, agile and intelligent. It is always ready for action and has an incredible stamina. It is necessary to provide both physical and mental exercise to the dog. Take your dog on long run, hike and adventurous trip. You can involve it in dog’s games that involve usage of mind and strength of body like tug of war, finding the treat, fetch games etc.
  4. Trainability - The dog is highly trainable but not easy to train. It is an independent dog that tends to be stubborn and disinterested to learn skills in training. You need to be firm while handling the dog but physical correction to dog should be avoided. Treats play and appreciation will surely garner response from the dog.

Thai Bangkaew Dog


Their diet should include essential vitamins and minerals. They are greedy eaters so care should be given while feeding them. Fish, meat, bacon and beef should be given to them. As the dogs are canine in nature so barf diet (raw food) is best for them. Curd should also be given to dog as it is good for its health.


The dog lives up to 10-12 years.

Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic dog. Because of pure genetic pool, the breed is less likely to suffer from any major health issues. The dog can suffer from common health problems related to dogs like hip dysplasia, deafness, blindness, bloat, luxation patella etc.


It is low maintenance dog that doesn’t contain doggie odor. As it sheds throughout the year so it is mandatory to brush its coat regularly. Brush its teeth daily to avoid dental problems and bad breath.

This breed doesn’t require bath as its coat is dirt repellent. Check its ears for any sign of irritation, infection or wax built up. Trim its nails if it doesn’t wear it naturally.


The dog thrives in cold region. Ideal place for dog’s living is countryside or farm.

Pet Names

  1. Dino
  2. Mario
  3. Nobita
  4. Cheenu
  5. Dragon

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It makes incredible guard dog and watchdog.
  2. It is low maintenance dog with no major health issues.
  3. Suitable dog for active owners.


  1. It thrives in an open place. Urban lifestyle is not meant for this breed.
  2. It doesn’t get along well with other animals.
  3. Training the dog is difficult task.