Doxie-Chon : Facts, Pictures, Habitat, Characteristics

Doxie-Chon is a mix dog breed in between the Bichon Frise and Dachshund. So, one can say that it is a cross in between these two dogs but it is not a purebred one. It is a spunky and cute breed that have wiry coat. This dog breed is little bit stubborn, loyal and fearless. Doxie-Chon is dedicated to their masters and playful. It does not like to be alone at home.

Doxie-Chon Facts and Information

  • Doxie-Chon has originated in United States
  • It is a mixed breed between Bichon Frise and Dachshund
  • Doxie chon is cute and spunky with a wiry coat
  • Their height ranges between 9 – 11 inches and weight is 10-25 lbs
  • It has medium activity level and requires 30 minutes walk per day
  • They live around 15 years


Doxie-Chon eat 1 cup of dry fruits on the daily basis. It requires balanced diet to get the optimum growth and health. You can also serve the raw meat. Packaged foods are suitable for Doxie-Chon but it should not contain any kind of preservative in it. Vegetables are also given to these dogs.

Doxie Chon Puppy


Doxie-Chon has intolerance to high temperatures, therefore during the hot season, dog must not take to walk in sun but at the time of sunrise and sunset, it can be taken to walk. It is the perfect dog for the apartments as size of the dog is little.


It is bold, fearless and playful dog but sometimes fearful about strangers. They go well with other animals.


It is a small dog but has muscular structure. Doxie-Chon has narrow head which gets flattened at the area of forehead and has long muzzle. The jaw of this dog breed is quite strong. Tail is bushy, Nose and eyes are dark coloured.


This miniature creature is 5-6 inches in height and its weight is around 16-32 pounds. The coat has wiry hair and is dense which varies from small to medium size of hairs. Its coat comes in shades of Black, Brown and tan.

Life Span

The average life span of Doxie-Chon is around 15 years.

Health Issues

Like other dog breeds, Doxie-Chon also have some health concerns. The major health concerns are atopy, diabetes, hip dysplasia, allergies, patellar luxation and Von Willebrand’s disease. The other minor health issues are seborrhoea, epilepsy, corneal dystrophy, Acanthosis Nigricans and Mitral Valve Dysplasia.



It is believed that Daschund was originated in the country of Germany in 1600s. They were wonderful companions to the hunters. Whereas Bichons were originated from the Barbet that is French water dog. Historians believed that these dogs were brought from the Canary Islands by the French Sailors.

During the sixteenth century, Bichon Fries was an important member of the French Royal Courts. In fact, this dog breed was liked by the King Henry III of France so much that he always carried a basket carrying this white dog. In 1975, this dog was added to the American Kennel Club.


Grooming and Maintenance 

They have medium, wiry coat and is low maintenance breed. Occasional professional grooming is required. It requires infrequent grooming. The owner must brush the wiry coat of Doxie-Chon twice in a week to get rid of debris and lose hair. Weekly brushing is required to remove loose hair and to eliminate tangles. Stripping of hair once a year is necessary.

Bathing is also essential for this dog but with the mild shampoo. However, bathing is needed only once in a month. One should use the wide toothbrush for the purpose of brushing the coat. The master of this dog breed must ensure to cut the nails once in a month but it is not recommended to cut the nails too deep.

For good oral health, daily brushing is required. At least brush its teeth weekly to avoid gum disease and build up of tartar.

Temperament and Personality

The temperament of Doxie-Chon is cheerful and sociable. This dog is loyal to its owners. Due to its background in racing events, it needs regular exercise. It really likes vigorous activity. Its learning ability is quick and therefore, to train this dog is very easy. Its affection and friendliness to kids is good. They are little shy around the strangers but soon get warm up as time passes. They are possessive in nature.


  • Doxie-Chon is a low maintenance dog.
  • This dog breed is an obedient one. This attribute makes this one a highly trainable.
  • As its size is little, therefore, best for the living in the apartments.
  • These dogs are below average shredders.