Boxer Dog - The Strong-Minded Working Dog

The boxers are medium sized and muscular dogs of rambunctious nature. They love to run, jump and romp but as they grow older, they become calm. The boxers are prone to heat strokes because of its short face. They are suitable for moderate climatic regions. The dogs need great deal of exercise on every day for their health and happiness.

They are dominant towards same sex dogs and can even be cat chasers. Boxers are suitable for experienced and confident leader because they need constant guidance and consistent leadership. They tend to be strong-minded and stubborn in nature. You must treat the dog in an upbeat and persuasive manner so that they listen to your command. Hate or harsh treatment will make the dog aggressive in nature and it will refuse to obey your commands.


This breed of dog has all the qualities which make it vigilant watchdog and reliable guard dog. However it does not threaten the stranger unless it suspects unordinary behavior from them. Boxer is more likely to welcome strangers without jumping or fawning over them.


The boxer was developed in 19th century by Munich (German) breeder. He cross-mated Bullenbeisser (mastiff descended) with a local dog of unknown origin. The litter produced was bred to English bull dog which became boxer. The boxer was employed in World War for carrying messages, attacking and carrying other packs of animals. Today it is one of the popular companion dogs, watchdog and guard dog.

Boxer Characteristics & Information

  1. Boxer belongs to Germany (Munich)
  2. This breed of dog is intelligent, stubborn, loyal and courageous
  3. The lifespan of the breed is 10 – 12 years
  4. The dog stands at a height of 57–63 cm
  5. It weighs around 27–32 kg
  6. The dog comes in brindle and fawn
  7. Boxer is the 9th most popular dog in the world.
  8. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  9. The dog sheds lightly
  10. This breed has short coat which makes its grooming easy
  11. Boxer needs at least an average sized yard inside home to live freely
  12. It matures slowly and remains like a puppy till middle age
  13. The best to train your dog is to make the training session fun-filled along with firmness. They are stubborn minded and do not respond to harsh behavior
  14. Boxers drool a lot. They also snore while sleeping
  15. This dog is not meant for outdoor stay. It should be kept inside because its small nose and short coat can make them uncomfortable in hot or cold weather
  16. They are good for children who understand how to respect dogs. They are way too much energetic for toddlers
  17. This dog is energetic and needs vigorous exercise on daily basis


The boxer is a medium sized dog with rugged and muscular body. The dog has wide, short and blunt muzzle which is its distinctive trait. Its bones are so well developed that is visible clearly underneath their closely hugged skin. The dog has arched skull and indented forehead. It has cropped ears and tail is usually docked. The eyes of the dog are small and of brown color which look alert. Another distinctive identity of this dog is that they have slightly underbite teeth.

  • Size and Weight

The female breed stands at an average height of 53–60 cm and weighs around 25–29 kg. The male breed stands at a height of 57–63 cm and weighs around 27–32 kg.

  • Coat and Color

The dog has tight fitting coat which is sleek and short. Its coat is greasy and easy to maintain. The muzzle of the dog should be black in color. The dog comes in brindle and fawn. White color shouldn’t be excessive on its body.


  1. Personality - Boxers are playful and affectionate companion. Even inside house, they bounce, jump and romp with vigor. This dog loves to be the apple of eye of every family member. They take out sound – “woo-woo” which is specific to this breed. They often make this sound to attract audience. Boxers need ample amount of love and time of the owner. Middle aged boxers are dignified and calm in nature and gets along easily with everyone. They are great with children who want to play with it.
  2. Behavior - The dog can be aggressive towards dogs especially of same sex. Even a friendly boxer would look imposing and deterrent. Maybe it’s just their face.  Boxers are always alert and watchful. They make alarm sound as soon as they see new face. Their serious and deterrent facial expression is enough to make the trespassers shoo away. The dog is territorial in nature and makes effective guard dog. Boxers form deep attachment with its people so it needs constant companion of its family members.
  3. Activities Requirements - Boxers need daily vigorous exercise to keep itself mentally and physically fit. You can allow the dog to run freely in secured area. Do not make the dog exercise excessively in hot summers because they are prone to heatstroke. Like children, boxers need entertainment and fun in their life. Provide the dog with plenty of chew toys so that it remains busy.
  4. Training - Boxes are independent minded. They need persistent and confidence training. Once leadership has been established, you can easily train them “advanced obedience lessons”. Treats and appreciation work wonder in this dog’s case. Socialize the dog with good people so that it can have a stable mind on seeing new face.


All short nose dogs engulf air as they eat. Boxer diet should be home-cooked instead of packet commercial food. Food items like grains, bones shouldn’t be given to them because that makes digestion difficult. Always keep fresh drinking water in their place of living.



The lifespan of the boxer is short. They live around 10 – 12 years only.

Health Issues

The breed is not hypoallergenic. This dog is prone to suffer from many health issues like heatstroke, bloat, brachycephalic syndrome, pyloric stenosis and drug reaction.


When it comes to grooming, boxers are clean like cats. They naturally clean themselves like cats do. You just need to brush their coat weekly. Bathe the dog after three to four months. As they drool so wipe their mouth region with warm water. Brush its teeth regularly to avoid bad smell and tartar buildup. Weekly clean its ears and clip its nails in case it doesn’t wear down naturally.


Boxers requires house environment to survive. As they are active so an average sized yard is recommend inside home. Keeping your dog outside for an extended period of time can be harmful for it, unless you do not live in a perfect climate area. The dog is sensitive to excessive heat as well as cold weather.

Boxer Dog

Pet Names

  1. Zeus
  2. Max
  3. Rocky
  4. Rolly
  5. Raven

Things To Consider Before Buying Boxer Dog


  1. The dog makes excellent companion dog, watchdog and guard dog
  2. The dog is easy to groom
  3. It is one of the popular dogs in the world. 


  1. This breed is stubborn minded and not easy to train
  2. It has short lifespan and is prone to many health issues particularly heatstroke
  3. It is not hypoallergenic.