British Semi-Longhair : An Easy Going Cat

The British semi longhair cat is a medium sized coat version of British shorthair cat. The British semi longhair cat is recognized separately in United States of America but considered as same breed in United Kingdom. Both the cats are similar in character except its coat size. Its coat is majestic in appearance but requires extensive grooming to keep it in good shape. This breed is quiet and does not meow or cry unnecessarily. The cat has a chubby face with happy disposition. The British semi long hair cat has short leg, round stomach and fluffy in appearance. This breed of cat is more likely to suffer from kidney problems than other cat breeds. The semi-longhair cat is not result of natural mutation. Breeders wanted the British short hair cat to have impressive long coat. In order to achieve this objective, they cross mated short hair with many Persian breeds of cat. The resultant cat fulfilled their wish of long hairs but it lost its distinctive trait and characters of short hair version of cat. In other words it became a separate breed. The breeders then decided to introduce semi-longhair cat that has medium length coat and similar temperament as that of British shorthair cat.

British Semi-Longhair Origin

The British semi longhair cat is related to British shorthair cat. In the 20th century British shorthair cat was bred with Persian breeds of cat like Turkish Angora that had long and luxurious coat. This hybridization produced litters of both sized coat- the long and semi longhair. As the semi longhaired cat was unintentionally produced, breeders decided to keep this specimen of the breed. Later they bred shorthair cat to semi longhair cat to establish a formalized and consistent version of the breed.


British Semi-Longhair Characteristics & Information

  1. The breed belongs to United Kingdom
  2. It is a medium to large sized cat
  3. This breed is not lap cat
  4. The lifespan of this breed is 12-14 years
  5. It is an independent, social, intelligent and easy going cat
  6. The weight of the cat is 10 - 18 pounds
  7. This breed comes in all feline colors and patterns
  8. The average price of this cat is $800 - $1200 USD
  9. The cat is adaptable to outside or inside environment
  10. The cat is good with everyone. It is affectionate with kids but toddlers should interact with cat under parents’ supervision
  11. The cat is peaceful and tolerant towards dogs
  12. The coat of the cat requires extensive grooming to keep it in good shape and health
  13. The cat is generally healthy but it might suffer from kidney problem
  14. This breed is not hypoallergenic
  15. The cat sheds moderately
  16. The cat tends to have low vocalization
  17. It is even friendly towards strangers.


The British semi longhair cat has stocky and musculature body which is generally large in size.  The dog has slight wedged shaped head with chiseled facial bones. This makes the cat look chubby and ultra-cute. The muzzle of the cat is well-developed with firm chin. It has short legs that gives the impression that cat is longer than tall. But in reality it is well-proportionate and solidly buildup. The cat has medium-sized ears which are set wide apart on its head. The eyes of the cat are almond shaped and match the color of its coat. The tail is plump and of medium length.

  • Weight

The average weight of the male breed cat is 10 - 18 pounds. The average weight of the female breed is 8 - 16 pounds.

  • Coat and Color

The British semi longhair cat has medium length coat. Its coat is lustrous and soft to touch. The cat comes in many colors and patterns including- white, red, cream, chocolate, blue etc. and patterns include- color-point, ticked and bi-colored.



  1. Personality - The British semi longhair cats have glamorous look. They are easy going, quiet and placid. They have an understanding nature and this is the reason why they don’t disturb you when you are at work. This cat will not follow you inside home like Bombay cat but it will sit close to you or lie on your bed. If you want a cat that doesn’t cry for constant companionship, this is the ideal breed for you. The British semi long hair cats have a reserved nature. They’ll have their own time if they see owner is busy. The cat is very calm inside home and is not at all demanding.
  2. Behavior - ‘Contentment’ is the correct word to describe this breed. The cat is happy and contented with whatever love and time you give to it. They are affectionate with kids though they may not always play with them. It even gels up with strangers. The cat has an independent mindset which means it will come on your lap on its own wish not by your order. The British semi longhair cat is also considered as smarter than most of the cats. This cat loves to interact with dog which is quite surprising.
  3. Activities - It is not totally a couch potato but the level of the activity of the cat is low. It is not hyperactive but is moderately active. This cat will active for few spans during daytime. You can say that it has a laid back attitude. Have a cat’s tree and cat’s gym inside home so that they can do some activities and lose few calories.
  4. Training - The cat gives good response to master while training. Keep the training session simple and of short span because the cat is not hard worker.


This cat is a greedy eater and is prone to get obese. Give the premium quality food to your cat which is rich in proteins and minerals. Good food directly impacts its coat as it become lustrous and strong. Dairy food items should also be given to it.



The life expectancy of the cat is 12-14 years.

Health Issues

This breed is not hypoallergenic. Because of indiscriminate breeding, the cat is prone to number of health issues including Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In this the heart muscles of the cat becomes overly thick which causes problem in breathing. Other disease may also affect the cat like blood clotting and obesity.


The semi longhair coat requires more effort in grooming than short hair cat. Regular brushing is important to circulate the blood flow and keep its coat debris and mats free. It will also reduce the amount of dead hairs. Other grooming process should also be followed like- cleaning its ears, clipping its nails and brushing its teeth.


The British semi longhair cat can live in any kind of household. The dog can live in indoor or outdoor but check if your outdoor is safe and escape proof. The cat can survive in any kind of climate.

Pet Names

  1. Kitty
  2. Tiger
  3. Misty
  4. Teddy
  5. Oscar

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The cat is suitable for owners who want a balanced tempered cat with lots of lovingness
  2. This cat is not at all demanding. It is also not an attention seeker
  3. The cat will get along with kids and other pets in your house.


  1. This breed is not hypoallergenic
  2. If you want an energetic cat, this breed is not meant for you
  3. The cat requires extensive grooming of its coat.