British Shorthair - Chubby Cat

The British shorthair is one of the chunkiest feline breeds of this world. The cat has strikingly round face which is its distinctive feature. In fact in its whole face there is no pointy feature. As the name suggests, this cat has short and wimpish coat. The British shorthair cat is well suited for cold climate. You will love to hug this cat in winters because its dense coat has the ability to trap heat. In earlier days, the cat was used to chase rats and rodents. The personality of the cat is like a Zen. It is not a drama queen. The cat will not go wild or disruptive because it needs attention. This kind of breed of cat is suitable for working people who don’t want an over demanding cat. This cat is grounded in a manner that it doesn’t like to be picked up. If you want a lap cat, this is definitely not the right pet for you. The cat is neither aloof in nature nor clingy when it comes to attention seeking. It is just a cool and peaceful creature.


The ancestor of British shorthair cat belongs to Rome. When the Roman Empire though to expand they brought with themselves earliest British shorthair cat on ships to keep control on rodents. Eventually this cat’s population grew in Britain and people started keeping this cat as farm cats. After the World War 2, only handful of cats was left. Breeders revived the breed by cross mating it to Chartreus and Persian. In this manner, the modern British shorthair cat was developed.


British Shorthair Cat Characteristics

  1. The cat belongs to United Kingdom
  2. The size of the cat is large
  3. The expected lifespan of the cat is 12-17 years
  4. It is affectionate, loyal, easy-going and gentle cat
  5. The weight of the cat is 12-20 pounds
  6. It comes mostly in blue, red brown, silver and cream color
  7. The average price of the cat is  $1500 - $2000 USD
  8. The cat is friendly and affectionate to everyone
  9. The cat is not so energetic but it is not lethargic too
  10. It is adaptable to any size of home and environment
  11. It is peaceful with cat friendly dogs
  12. The cat sheds minimally. Occasional grooming is required to keep its coat in good shape
  13. It is a hypoallergenic cat
  14. It doesn’t require much time and attention. The cat is happy with whatever time and love you devote to it
  15. The cat doesn’t meow or cry excessively at night.


The British shorthair cat is the national cat of British isle. It is also called by name “Brit”. It is a compact muscular and hefty cat that looks insanely cute. The cat has broad chest and thick neck which is barely visible. The legs are short yet powerful with rounded paws. The tail is plush, thick at the base and gets rounded towards the end. The eyes are large and wide. The ears of the cat are small and widely set. Males have bulkier appearance than females. They are large in size with prominent chubby cheeks.  In comparison to other breeds of domestic cats, the British shorthair gender identity is easy.


The average weight of the male breed is 4.1–7.7 kg and the average weight of the female breed is 3.2–5.4 kg.

Coat and Color

The texture of the cat’s coat is plush that breaks when the cat’s body moves. The coat on its body is dense but not wooly. The cat doesn’t have undercoat but its coat provide insulation to the cat in cold season by trapping the heat. The cat can come in all feline colors and pattern.



  1. Personality - The British shorthair cat has all the traits that make it lovable to every cat owner. A chubby face, easy care coat and cool temperament make the kitty ideal for those owners who want a non-demanding cat. Apart from having attractive appearance, she is calm and moderately active. The cat prefers to be on floor and doesn’t like to be getting picked up. The cat has social nature towards strangers, kids or dogs. This loving feline likes to spend time with its loved ones but doesn’t demand 24 hours attention from them.
  2. Behavior - The amiability and happy disposition makes it ideal for first time cat owners. The cat is not at all vocal. It is not a cry baby. Give this cat peaceful environment to thrive as it is a lover of tranquility. Even when the kids play roughly with the cat, it will hardly use its claws. But it is important to teach your kids how to respect animals. The cat is ok with dog provided they have separate food bowls and sleeping place.
  3. Activities Requirements - The cat has moderate exercise need. It is not active and is happy with few minutes play in the daytime. As the cat is naturally fat and is prone to get fatter so it is advisable to motivate the cat to do some workout. It loves jumping in the air and stretching its arms and legs. The cat also loves to scratch. Make sure you provide it interesting ‘cat toys’ to keep it engaged. This cat prefers to stay indoors than outdoors.
  4. Training - The cat is naturally calm and obedient. Training the cat is breeze. You can teach it basic feline manners and commands.


Kittens should be fed thrice a day and an adult cat should be fed twice per day. You can buy kibble that is specially formulated for British shorthair cats. Keep in mind that a cat’s food should be high in protein and low in fat.


The average lifespan of this breed is 12-17 years.


Health Issues

This breed is not hypoallergenic. It is a healthy, hearty and resilient cat due to diverse gene pool. It is advisable to visit the vet after every three months to keep your cat safe from any dormant health issue.


It’s a very hardy and clean cat and doesn’t have any special requirement for grooming. Once a week, brushing is recommended to keep its coat mats free. Brushing will also remove dead skin cells from its body.  As it is not so active cat, so trim its nails periodically. Check its ears for any signs of allergy or fungal infection. Bathe is not at all compulsory unless it has become messy.  Brush its teeth to avoid tartar buildup or bad breath.


The cat can survive in any climate. It prefers cold climate than warm climate. The cat loves to stay indoor than outside maybe because of its rat catching lineage.

British Shorthair Cat Pet Names

  1. Ben
  2. Pikachu
  3. Alice
  4. Galaxy
  5. Oreo

Things To Consider Before Buying British Shorthair


  1. The cat makes excellent companion to people of all ages
  2. The cat is not demanding when it comes to attention and pampering
  3. It has an easy care coat which sheds less.


  1. This breed is not hypoallergenic
  2. It is not a lap cat
  3. The cat may get fat if you do not control on its diet.