Alano Espanol - Large, Muscular and Dominant Dog

Alano Espanol is also known as Spanish Bulldog and best known for bull baiting. Alano Espanol is a large breed of the dog of molosser type that originated in Spain. The breed is well-known for its use in the Spanish bullfights. It is a large muscular and athletic breed which moves with perfect ease and elegance. Although as per the historical facts, it had been used as a hunter and cattle management dog but despite this it is manageable and a commonly domesticated animal.

Alano Espanol Appearance

This large, athletic Molosser breed carries himself with an utmost elegance. This thick boned dog with sturdy skeleton has robust muscles also. Overall the build of this breed suits the conventional use of the dogs like hunting and managing aggressive cattle. Males are roughly 58 centimeters or 23 inches and weigh 40 kg in weight. Females are somewhat smaller. Coat of the dog is thick, short and not velvety. They have a short muzzle and their lower jaw is slightly concave. The dog has a very large, broad and black nose. Ears remain alert and the skin is thick with the wrinkles and neck folds all over the face.


Alano Espanol Important Facts and Information

  • Since this breed was used primarily for hunting in packs, they are very sociable with the humans and other animals in their young age
  • They are large working dogs and need regular training and activities all through their lives
  • They are best suited to live in yard and are able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, humidity, dryness with absolutely no problem
  • Alano has a set of very powerful jaws and their teeth are wide and well separated from each other
  • Alano Espanol is one of those dogs that were bred to be a harder, guard dog right from the start.


This dog breed should be kept in a fenced yard where they can get sufficient space to sleep and walk. They have tendency to sustain and survive the extremely cold and hot weather, dryness and humidity. The extreme weather conditions experienced in Spain are extraordinary and the dog is able to adapt these weather conditions.


8-12 weeks old puppies of this breed need 4 bowls of food every day. When they grow up to 3-6 months they need three meals in a day. Pups that are 6 months to one year old need two meals per day. By the time they are one year old, 1 bowl of meal is enough. There are some who prefer only two lighter meals. High quality dry dog food given to them and mixed with the broth, ensure their healthier growth.


This ancient breed has an uncertain history. Their history is not well-documented and hence little is known about them. However, there are several theories related to their origin. According to one such theory, these dogs were brought to the Iberian Peninsula in 406 A.D. It was back then that the dogs closely resembling them were found all through the Europe which was invaded by the Alans. Today, the largest population of this breed is found in Spain.



The breed is very loyal and it is very sincere towards their duty. It is not recommended for non-dominant owners. Though it is a dominant dog but submit to their masters when trained properly. They are social and become very affectionate with time when they are trained properly. You need to be very cautious about this dog as it does not give any warning prior to barking.

They follow the orders given to them carefully and they are very loyal towards their duties. This attribute makes them ideal for wild boar hunting and bullfighting.



The breed can become overtly destructive if not trained properly. A human interaction and an ample amount of exercise are very important. Their temperament requires them to be indulgent in some task or the other to remain happy. You need to take them to at least three daily walks and they should avoid meeting to the strangers till they are trained fully.


It does not require a lot of grooming. Brushing the dog once a month is sufficient unless they are shedding. But, they shed seasonally. If they are living at home, it is better to brush them at least once a week so that their coat can remain free from dirt and loose hairs. You need to use only a mild shampoo for washing their hairs and do not give them bath frequently and trim their nails in every few weeks.

Health Issues

It is known to be an exceptionally strong and healthy breed. They are not known to suffer from congenital health defects. But, before adopting this breed, you need to make sure that its parents are tested for hip dysplasia. They may suffer from bloating, gastric torsion though to a lesser degree. Apart from that, they remain healthy throughout their lives.

Similar Breeds

There are large dogs which are similar in appearance that share the history of this breed include the molossers of the Canary Islands like Mastin Espanol and Dogo Canario. There are some South American breeds that descended from these dogs and are brought by the Spanish explorers like Dogo Argentino and Uruguayo. There is no recorded evidence of any serious disease of this breed.

Alano Espanol Characteristics

  • They do not fear and are obedient in nature
  • They can be well controlled by their masters
  • They remain loyal and loving with the families and kids
  • They are great hunters
  • They are powerful and protective, yet they get aggressive sometimes
  • They are sociable with the other pets
  • They are not hypoallergenic
  • They should be kept in the homes that have yards.