Bombay Cat - Smartest Cat

The Bombay cat has an endearing look. The sleek panther-like black coat and vibrant yellow color eyes will make you fall in love with it. Its wide open eyes give the impression as if the cat is in perpetual state of surprise or shock. It is a medium sized cat that can be lap cat as well playful cat. This cat loves to learn new tricks in order to impress its owner. It is advisable to provide it interactive games and toys so that it lives happily in the family.

This cat has been named as Bombay because it is the collective name given for all Asian cats having rich black coat. This breed of cat is the best choice for first time cat owner because of its easy going personality. It makes constant companionship to owners, is playful with kids and is acceptable by other animals including dogs too. Read the below mentioned headings to know more interesting facts about the Bombay cat.


Bombay Cat Origin

India is a place known for too many Black Panthers. There’s no doubt that this breed resembles to Black Panther. The cat has been named after a famous coast in India namely Bombay. The credit for this breed development goes to Nikki Horner.

She wanted a cat that has stature of Burmese cat and mesmerizing black color coat and copper eyes like American Shorthair. This breed was created in 1950’s but got registration from Fanciers' Association (CFA) in 1970. Today the Bombay Cat is the most recognized cat in the world.

Bombay Cat


Bombay Cat Characteristics & Information

  1. This breed belongs to United States of America/Thailand
  2. The cat weighs around 8-12 lbs
  3. The lifespan of this breed is 9-13 yrs
  4. The cat has rich black coat of velvet type
  5. The eyes of the cat are of sparkling yellow (copper) color
  6. It doesn’t shed much
  7. The cat is friendly to everyone. It is playful with kids and tolerable of other animals
  8. This breed reassembles to miniature black panther
  9. The cat is medium sized and seems heavier than it is in actually
  10. The gait of the cat is also similar to panther
  11. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  12. The cat is an attention seeker and need human companionship every time
  13. It is an energetic cat. Give the cat interesting cat puzzle and toys to play. You can also provide a tree where the cat can hang out and have its own time
  14. It is incredibly loyal to its owner
  15. The cat is naturally denser than most cats so it is important to monitor its diet
  16. It is a smart cat and is willing to learn tricks taught by master especially how to fetch.

Bombay Cat Appearance

  1. Body Structure - The cat is naturally heavy in appearance but for its heftiness it is pretty agile and swift in its movement. Like other cats, this cat head is round and wide. The ears are long, set atop its head and has rounded tip similar to other cats. The nose is short and roly-poly. 
  2. Weight - The ideal weight of this breed is 3-6kg. The male tends to be heavier than female. Though it seems light weight but in factual it is heavy when carried.
  3. Eyes - Its eyes are the most appealing feature which makes it look like supernatural. The eyes of the cat are round and big. Based on the eye color, the cat is divided into two segments - The British Bombay cat which has gold to copper colored eyes and The American Bombay cat which has orange or honey colored eyes.   
  4. Coat - The satin black color of the coat gives the cat arresting attribute. Its coat is short and ultra-soft to touch.

Bombay Cat Personality

  1. Temperament - The cat craves for company of humans and shouldn’t be left alone in the house. Like other cats, it needs great deal of pampering, caressing and love from its loved ones. There are few signs which the cat does to let you know to devote more time to it - The cat will make loud purr sound, it will respond back to owner’s command as if it is talking and will knead on owner’s lap. Bombay cats are famous for their affectionate and gentle nature. They are great around kids and would love to entertain them from its comical activities. They are even peaceful with other animals.
  2. Behavior - The Bombay cats are also knows as “Velcro cat” because they love to be on lap of owners and form unwavering bond with the family members. They even follow their favorite member like shadow. The cats hate being left alone and aloof. This is the main reason why they are suitable for families who have flexible work schedule or work from home based jobs. During winter season, you’ll often find this cat near heat sources. You’ll often find them curled up under the bed or under carpet for heat. The Bombay cat tends to be more dignified than other cat breeds.
  3. Activities requirement - The Bombay cats are not couch potatoes. They need interactive play sessions for few minutes in a day. The cats are energetic and agile. They love playing fetch game or chase game with their family members. They can also accompany the owner on walk or other outdoor activities.
  4. Trainability - These cats are easy to train as they have calm and peaceful nature. The cat is naturally submissive to learn any tricks or skills taught by the owner. If you’re ready to devote time and love to your pet, it will do anything for you.


As the cat is naturally healthy so do not overfeed it else it will be prone to obesity. Do not leave food all the time on its plate. Give premium quality dry kibble to your cat. Milk is favorite drink of all cats so you can feed it milk too.


The life expectancy of Bombay cat is 9-13 yrs.

Health Issues

This breed is not hypoallergenic. In general, they are healthy cats but some cats tend to suffer from breathing problem. It may also suffer from excessive production of tears. Obese cat can suffer from arthritis, diabetes, and a liver disease.



The cat sheds lightly as it has short coat. Once a week, brushing is advisable to circulate blood flow. The diet of the cat plays a major role in keeping its coat healthy and lustrous. It will also keep its coat free of any disease.

The other grooming process which the cat needs is checking its ears regularly for infection and nail clipping. Brush the cat’s teeth with vet approved toothpaste.

Bombay Cat


The Bombay cat is suitable for warm climate but it can survive in winters as well, if you give protection and heat sources.

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The cat is lively, energetic and similar to dogs
  2. It sheds lightly and has an easy maintenance coat
  3. It is loving and gentle and acceptable by other animals too.


  1. The cat tends to be vocal
  2. It gets stressed when the owner is not devoting time and love to it
  3. The breed is prone to get obese and suffer from breathing problems.