American Shorthair : Muscular, Adaptable and Sociable Cats

The American Shorthair is a breed of the domestic cats that are believed to be descended from the European cats which are brought to the North America by the early settlers for the protection of valuable cargo from rodents.

Their incredible abilities to catch rats have made them valued by the ships’ crew. Some of the progenies of these cats which were known as domestic shorthairs begin to be known as American Shorthair.


Important Facts

  • They are adaptable and good in nature and retain his natural ability for hunting.
  • They are moderately active and enjoy being a companion.
  • They have the body of a working cat, muscular, stocky and strong.
  • They have a strong build that give them the agility and endurance that they need to be an excellent stalker.
  • They are medium-size to large cats which are slightly longer than taller.
  • They are adaptable and good in nature. They are well-known for their hunting abilities.


American Shorthair is the shorthaired cat that is native to the United States. The breed was bred out of those cats which were originated in the Europe. They are not the native of the United States till the time of the Christopher Columbus.

The first recorded breed of the American Shorthair was in 1904. British Shorthair which was also known to be domestic shorthair was one of the parents of this breed.  They were used to keep the rodent population under control. They used to be a very active cat, healthy and hardy. They used to be out of the doors most of the times.

American Shorthair
American Shorthair Kitten


They are adaptable and very sweet in nature. They are a good hunters and a good family companion. They are moderately active and have a good play time. They are smart and enjoying playing with the interactive toys. They are very sociable and can get easily mixed up with the visitors.


They are very friendly to the children and prove to be a great companion in the pass time. The most strikingly good color of the American Shorthair is sterling silver coat with the black markings. There are 60 different colors in which they are available.


Both the pedigreed and mixed breed of these cats has a number of health issues which may be genetic in nature. The shorthairs are normally healthy, but you need to make sure to ask breeders about the health issues that they may come across before adopting this cat.


They are medium-sized cat which are very powerful. They have a muscular bodies and heavy bones. They are rounded, thick in appearance that makes you feel that they are heavy to be picked up. It is a powerful cat with a broad chest, strong jaws and muscular neck which are well-developed.


Their legs are strong and thick. They have a strong build and are capable of keeping the rodents out of the house. They have thick and dense coat that is much longer and thicker during the winter time.  Their coats have a hard texture and can provide them solid protection. They live up to 15 years and weigh 6-15 pounds with an average height of 10-14 inches.

American Shorthair Care

The cat does not need an extensive maintenance. It is said to be one of the healthiest cats. You need to keep it on a well-balanced diet. Occasional grooming is also an option but it is not a basic requirement. Though the cat is very energetic, they prefer deliberate movements and they need to be put on light exercise also.

American Shorthair


They are friendly, gentle and have a laid-back attitude. They make excellent company for the children because they are easygoing. They can tolerate to be left at home for several hours. They love to play with the toys and enjoy interacting with the human’s. They tend to be obese as they age.


They have short, thick coats that need a regular brushing. To avoid the burrs as well as to combat the moderate shedding, you need to increase the frequency with which you brush their hair.


  • American shorthair is a medium-to-large size powerful cat that has a broad chest and muscular neck with a strong jaw bone-line.
  • Females are somewhat smaller than the males. Ears are rounded at the tips and are set high on the head.
  • They have large and wide eyes which may be blue, gold, hazel, green copper and they are even odd-eyed also (with one eye having one color and another one with the other.)
  • The tail of the cat has a thick base which tapers towards the end and the length is proportionate to the size of body.
  • They are short and straight and are made available in a large number of colors like white, cream, silver, brown, gold and cameo etc.
  • The breed also has different types of coat pattern styles like solid, smoke and calico.
  • They have an easy going temperament and would like to interact.

This particular breed is well-bred of strong and healthy so that they keep control over the rodents at home. They spent most of their times outdoors and have thick coat that is protective. Originally, the breed was known as the domestic shorthairs.