American Coonhound - Excellent Hunters with High Endurance Levels

American Coonhound also referred to as American English Coonhound and the Redtick Coonhound, the breed was originated in the Southern United States. It is said to be the descendent of English Foxhound and the dog breed is known for its endurance and loud voice. He has a muscular build and needs a lot of exercise.

American Coonhound Facts & Characteristics

  • The dog was bred and developed by the settlers from Europe in the 16 and 17 hundreds
  • The breed is known for the traits like speed, versatility and endurance
  • Primarily they were used for hunting raccoons in the night and fox at the day time
  • They are deep chested, sweet faced athletes having muscular bodies
  • They are powerful hound dogs that have high set tails


The breed is true American dogs that are well bred for endurance, speed, talent and hunting. They have wide athletic bodies and broad chests and muscular frames. Their backs, forequarters and backs are very powerful and support their effortless gait and stamina. They look exactly like the hound dogs that have long, low set and soft droopy ears. They have squared-off muzzles and put on gentle expressions. They have high set tails which they carry gaily. This breed has a doomed skull with a broad head and their nicely arched neck makes them look alert and self-confident.



The dog has a short, close-fitting coat that can be taken care of easily. The breed does not require excessive grooming and meticulous trimming. But, they do shed throughout the year and hence they should be brushed on a regular basis to keep the home clean. A thorough brushing once in a week with clean firm bristle brush is more than sufficient. They do not need to be bathed frequently. Normally, they require shampooing on regular basis only when they romp in mud puddles. A good dental care regime is also necessary. Regular cleaning of nails is also necessary.

Health Issues

It is a healthy breed with an average lifespan of 11-12 years. Like other medium sized to large dogs, it is one of the most common health issue is hip dysplasia. They may suffer from ear infections, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and polyradiculoneuritis (happens due to the exposure of raccoon bites), otherwise it is a healthy breed when groomed well.


This is an alert watchdog that is a good and reliable safety against the intruders. A series of barks and howls by the breed go for a while. The dog has a protective instinct and it is a good defense for you and your family. When it is looked after well, it turns to be very affectionate, cheerful and intelligent. They are sociable because they hunt in packs. They are alert and watchful with deep and big voice. They turn to be very aggressive sometimes.



The American Coonhound is developed by tribesmen in the mountains in the 1700s. The dog is required both for defending and for the hunting purpose. It is originated by the crossing of Bloodhound with the Black and Tan Foxhound. The breed that was created had an immense sense of smell like the Bloodhound. It was much quicker and it was used to hunt small animals generally raccoons. They could also be trained to hunt much larger prey like bears and deer. It is one of the breeds that can be labeled as “Made in America.” Like most of the Coonhound breeds, it descends from bloodhounds and possibly Irish hounds. Many of their earlier breeds had a black saddle over the back and they are nicknamed as “saddlebacks.”

Interesting Facts And Features

The breed is loyal and good-natured with an exceptional sense of smell that can be distractive. They follow a new scent trail and can go independently for its search. The bred is a popular pet but it was bred primarily for chasing the Raccoons.



Shedding is rare and hence they do not need any special grooming.


The breed should be fed on a high quality dog food whether home prepared or commercially made. They have an active lifestyle and hence they need similar type of diet. They are prone to gain weight as they begin to age, which will render them sedentary and hence it is important for you to keep their calorie consumption at a lower side. They need to be cleaned with fresh water. As they are hunters they need a high activity level all through the day.

Important Characteristics Of Coonhound

  • They are also known as Redtick Coonhound after the breed’s most common coat color
  • They are available in blue and white tick and also in the tricolor with the ticking
  • They are very talkative and the American English Coonhound is ranked as one of the top most talkative dogs
  • It is very proficient in hunting and it is actually a champion hunter because of their ability to track and chase raccoons with an amazing speed.
  • They have a distinct ability of climbing trees
  • They are extremely active and athletic breed that are full of immense energy.