Own A Doxie-Pin And Get The Pride of Owning A Dachshund

A famous quote reads “A Dog will teach you, unconditional love”. This statement holds true almost for all breeds of dogs. However, there are many breeds that are known for their special characteristics apart from their love towards their masters. With these things said, let us explore some interesting details about a breed called as Doxie-Pin.

About Doxie-Pin

A Doxie-pin is a hybrid dog, a combination of a Dachshund and the Miniature Pinscher. The good thing about this breed is that it is an independent dog. Nevertheless, it responds very well to training, social and most importantly playful breed.


As this is a breed that lives to please the owner, it is highly rewarding to own this breed. However, if you wish to keep her strong and happy, you should exercise her regularly. The reason is that this breed is known for its agility and herding. So, for exhausting the energy, she needs regular exercises. She has a strong love for people and so she is ideal for an apartment lifestyle.

Doxie Pin
Doxie Pin Dog Breed

Doxie-Pin Facts and Information

  • The Doxie-pin breed is also referred to as Doxiepin
  • This is a cross breed approved by IDCR and DBR
  • It is a loving pet and will show the utmost affection even when busy in playing
  • It is a perfect companion for families with kids as they love playing a lot
  • As they are playful, sometimes it is hard to train the Doxiepin
  • It is a breed that loves to sleep and stay right under your covers
  • Even though they are naturally healthy, as with other cross breeds, this breed is also prone to ailments faced by its parents
  • Particularly, the dogs of this breed are highly prone to dandruff, dry, and itchy skin
  • The average height of this breed is between 6 and 13 inches
  • The average weight is between 10 and 25 lbs.


If you own a Doxiepin, you should remember one thing for sure. They are prone to weight gain. So, you should have a close monitoring of the feeding and diet. The ideal diet is to feed a cup of dog food every day. But, you should split the same and should not feed the entire cup in a single sitting.

Doxie Pin
Doxie Pin Dog


If you are in an apartment, a doxie-pin can turn out to be your best companion. To maintain her weight, you can take her for a walk once in a day. As Doxiepin is a well-mannered breed, she will not cause any disturbance to your neighbors in the apartment. But, make sure to take her for a walk at least once in a day to keep her active.



The Doxie-pin is a curious, well-mannered, playful, loving and very active pet. The good thing about this pet is that she will learn things easily. Of course, she is playful at times and might not listen to your training instructions. She always loves to bite. So, get her a chew toy to keep her engaged in her biting.


Doxiepin as mentioned earlier, love a lot of cuddling with her master. She shows utmost love and affection and when it comes to playtime, she turns highly playful forgetting everything around, other than the master and his love. She has a great love for kids and so she will grow healthy if she grows among people leading an active lifestyle with kids and lot of playing.


Doxiepin is known for a lifespan of between 12 and 14 years. You can easily groom her and she has moderate energy levels.


Doxie Pin


As mentioned earlier, Doxie-pin is a hybrid combination of the Miniature Pinscher and the Dachshund. As it is a modern bred, the history of this breed is not well-documented. However, both parents have a very long history. You should not confuse the Miniature Pinscher, shortly called as Min-Pin with Doberman pinscher.

However, both have a similar look and in fact, the Doberman pinscher looks very much like a miniature version of the Doberman. If you wish to get the real breed of these two dogs, you should make sure that you get the Doxie-Pin from a recognized breeder.


You can find this breed to grow from small to medium size, which will differ based on her parents. In general, the coat is black and tan. However, the color might vary from red to chocolate brown based on the breed of parents.

Doxiepin has larger ears and they are set inferior on the head. You will also see that the nose of this crossbreed is slightly bigger as compared to the parent Miniature Pinschers and the nose is black in color normally. As Compared to the Dachshund, the Doxiepin has less exaggerated looks. The legs are sturdy and as compared to the Miniature Pinscher, the Doxiepin has a somewhat extended body. The tail is like a cord when not docked. However, when the dog is excited, the tail will stand on end. This is similar to the parent Miniature Pinscher.

Health Issues

The major health concerns of this breed are Legg-Calve Perthes, hip dysplasia, and intervertebral disc, while the minor concerns include glaucoma, cataract and patellar luxation.

Occasional tests like blood tests, radiographs, physical examination and eye examination are recommended for this pet. In the same way, an occasional diagnosis for elbow dysplasia might be needed. This breed is also prone to ear infections and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

Grooming and Maintenance

Doxie-pin is a breed that needs just an average level of care and grooming. An occasional bathing, but regular eye check-ups and brushing are needed to upkeep her health.

Other than these things, there is no other task you need to do as the responsible owner. The ears should be cleaned regularly for removing wax, debris, and dirt. Even, regular brushing of teeth will keep gum diseases at bay.


Both her parents are known for their moderate shedding. So, Doxie-pin does not also shed much. But, she is not hypoallergenic. So, regular brushing of skin is important to prevent skin infections that are common in this pet.

Temperament and Personality

The Doxie-pin is a breed that is known for its high-energy temperament, similar to the miniature pinscher parent. However, at times she can be timid as well. At times she can even show her temper due to her Dachshund parent. But, she has a moderate nature as compared to her high-strung Miniature pinscher parent.

When a stranger reaches your home, she will bark in alarm and can be leery. Otherwise, she is quiet in nature. Even though she is an intelligent pet, she can be stubborn at times. As her Dachshund parent, she can respond well to the training. However, she will be happier if you reward her and she will turn cooperative dog with your award.

Doxie Pin Characteristics

  • As Doxie-pin is a mixed breed, she shares the characteristics of her parents
  • Doxiepin is known for their friendliness with kids. The reason is that they are affectionate and loving in nature
  • It is important that you should socialize her at a very early age when she is still a puppy. It will prevent the pet from being very much reserved when faced with interaction
  • The alertness makes her a good watchdog as well
  • She will bark moderately when a stranger comes to your home. But, otherwise, she is a calm pet for sure