Bracco Italiano - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders

Bracco Italiano is purely a versatile gun dog with its extraordinary sharpness, fast running, and physical fitness. This dog some other names like Italian Pointing Dog and Italian Pointer. This dog has an antique history almost 4 to 5 centuries back. These dogs were observed and used for multiple indoor and outdoor activities in 16th and 17th centuries. The tribe sin Italy used these dogs to catch the prey when they used arrows and bows for hunting the flying birds and some medium sized animals. These dogs have shorter, but dense and glossy coat that makes these breeds more attractive and handsome.

Bracco Italiano Facts For Kids and Information :

These dogs are more famous in Europe, especially in Italy. However, today, it is also found in Northern America, but rarely. The important information and facts of the Bracco Italiano are;

  • Italy is origin place
  • Glossy and dense coat
  • Weight is up to 55 to 88 lbs
  • Italian Pointing Dog, Italian Pointer & Bracco Italiano
  • The big helping hand of the shooters and hunters
  • Friendly attitude and much fond of living with children
  • Playful nature and healthy
  • Chestnut markings on the coat of Bracco Italiano etc.
  • Puppy Price, Average $1000 - $1200 USD

Bracco Italiano Diet :

There are different diet plans for the Bracco Italiano which the trainers and masters choose according to health needs of this breed. Fundamentally, these dogs are extra powerful, hunting dogs and the bets in physical appearance. They always keep on moving, running and walking. So, they need the sufficient amount of energy regularly. These dogs like the dog diets formulated specially and the dog biscuits in the morning.

Habitat :


Basically, the outdoor places are the best for Bracco Italiano to live happily, but these have natural ability to adjust with humans. Nowadays, these have become the leading pets in Italy that are living indoor. However, they are energetic and more powerful. They do not leave exercising as this may suffer them from some physical and health problems.

Behavior :

Being a hunting dog, the people always develop misperceptions about the Bracco Italiano. They always consider these dogs furious, biting and aggressive with humans. But, the story is totally opposite to this consideration. These are loving, happy, gentle and very friendly dogs with the humans. In fact, Bracco Italiano feels endless happiness with children. Actually, this dog breed is very intelligent and more capable of understanding the gestures and signals of the master.


Lifestyle :

The lifestyle of Bracco Italiano is not different from rest of dog breeds. However, it wants to stay outdoor and hunting the animals. It always goes with the masters or children whenever they move out. Secondly, it eats simple but behaves like the intelligent animals. This dog is friendly with humans, especially with the kids. It is very excited about taking exercises and hiking.

Lifecycle :

Bracco Italiano is rarely found in the world and its origin is Italy. This dog has an average lifecycle up to 10 to 15 years. Sometimes, these dogs suffer from critical and risky diseases that may weaken them and consequently, the dogs will lose their weight and overall health. If these dogs are provided an ideal environment and healthy foods, then they can live up to 15 years very easily.

Predators :

Bracco Italiano is hunting and gun dog and you should never mean it is a dangerous and aggressive dog. By nature, it is polite, intelligent, cooperative, friendly and playful. However, it changes its behavior when it is on a job of hunting the birds and small animals. It obeys the master’s directions and instructions comprehensively. In fact, Bracco Italiano does not hurt anyone.

Breeding :

There are many over expectations and rumors about the breeding of Bracco Italiano. However, it has been officially estimated that Bracco Italiano can give birth 3 to 8 puppies. The puppies of Bracco Italiano are much expensive because these are hard to find in the world except Italy.

Appearance :

The appearance of Bracco Italiano is a wonderful feature that makes it more beautiful, handsome and attractive dog on the planet. Usually, the coat of this dog is short and it has a glossy and dense feel. Secondly, the coat also has orange amber or chestnut marks that add more beauty to the overall look of Bracco Italiano. Finally, the average weight of the male and female Bracco Italiano is 25 to 40 kg. The height of a male Bracco Italiano is 23 to 26 inches and of the female is 22 to 24 inches.

Bracco Italiano Health Issues & History :

Beyond the history, Bracco Italiano was used in paintings and writings in a 4th and 5th century of B.C. In the 1700s, the Bracco Italiano was created by Egyptian hound and Mastiff dog. Later on, these dogs became more popular in Italy and other parts of Europe. The Bracco Italiano may encounter some casual and few critical health issues due to bad environment, bacteria, virus and poor food. These health problems are;

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloating
  • Ear infection
  • Eye disorder
  • Joint problems
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Bendy legs etc.

Bracco Italiano Grooming :

Due to plain and soft coat, Bracco Italiano is very easy to groom. You can use grooming once a week or so with soft brush and water. The cost of maintenance and grooming is very low.

Shedding :

In the fall of winter or so, Bracco Italiano may have some skin and mouth infections due to the climate change. However, these infections are short-term and these get recovered automatically when the weather becomes normal for these dogs.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Bracco Italiano :

Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano

Temperament and Personality :

Bracco Italiano is known as the sweet and gentle for a family. It offers the best nature, helping and supporting role for the children. Basically, Bracco Italiano is a hunting dog, but it can play a key part in surveillance of your children and home. Bracco Italiano is completely trainable, intelligent and fond of companionship with the children. Further, it is playful, protective, gentle, fearless, brave and courageous for families.

Bracco Italiano Characteristics :

Finally, the Bracco Italiano owns many characteristics that make it different from rest of the dog breeds. Usually, this dog possesses following qualities.

  • Less grooming is required
  • Average in height, but extra powerful
  • Ideal option for friendship and hunting
  • Fewer chances of health problems
  • Good tolerance
  • Friendly behavior with all
  • Sharp, energetic and intelligent
  • Cooperative and friendly with other pets etc.