Bohemian Shepherd - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders

Bohemian Shepherd is a specific type of the dog and it has some other popular names, but Chodsky Pes and Chodenhund are more popular names. Anyways, this dog has been a national identification of the Czech Republic beyond the 20th century. This is a particular dog breed in Chod regions. Further, the height of the dog is not enough as other hunting dogs own. Secondly, it is a human-oriented and friendly dog that can’t live without the contact of the humans.

Bohemian Shepherd Facts For Kids and Information :

There are plenty of important and interesting facts about the Bohemian Shepherd. Basically, this dog has following interesting information and the facts.

  • National identification in the Czech Republic
  • Much fond of exercises
  • Love to spend more time with humans
  • Equally comfortable in homes and outdoor environment
  • Long hair makes it more attractive and dashing dog breed.
  • Isolation may bore, suffer and irritate Bohemian Shepherd very badly etc.
  • Puppy Price: Average $700 - $900 USD

Diet :

There are plenty of diets and the specific foods which Bohemian Shepherd loves to have throughout the day. It likes bread, meat, dog biscuits, formulated feed and many other types of the energetic products. It also has a habit of drinking milk. The most dogs in Bohemian Shepherd breed also enjoy the human foods, especially the chicken recipes.

Habitat :


It is a great pleasure for the dog lovers and fans that Bohemian Shepherd is one of the most dog breeds on this planet that are equally fond of living indoor and outdoor. Basically, these dogs feel more pleasures and comforts in living with the humans and their contact. Usually, these dogs are the best companions of children for playing different games.

Behavior :

The behavior of Bohemian Shepherd is completely stable, active, courageous and intelligent. These dogs are fully comfortable with the humans and they learn a lot of human activities during this contact. For a home, this dog is the best watchman. These also adopt and follow the people very accurately, intelligently and amazingly. That is why; the most people love to select Bohemian Shepherd as a pet.


Lifestyle :

The lifestyle of Bohemian Shepherd is quite amazing because these dogs are fully adjustable and comfortable with the humans. They have adopting nature that lets them do most of the things which the children say. The Bohemian Shepherd likes to live in the healthy, friendly, fresh and good environment. These dogs also love to have a daily walk outside the homes.

Lifecycle :

There have been many observations and interesting calculations about the lifecycle of Bohemian Shepherd. The most experts and trainers believe that this dog usually lives an average life of 10 to 13 years. However, they seem older and bigger after the age of 3 to 4 years because their physical growth is faster and better than rest of the dog breeds in the world.

Predators :

By nature and behavior, the Bohemian Shepherd is a cool one and it does not have a habit of aggressive mood. It generally has the polite, friendly and highly cooperative attitude. However, this dog is known as the best with its marvelous smelling sense and it is a great option for rescue the places and people. Further, this dog has a title name of “Watch Dog”.

Breeding :

In fact, Bohemian Shepherd belongs to German Shepherd and this dog always has a bitter size of 4 to 10 puppies. The value of these puppies has been outstanding and higher as these dogs are rare in the world. The value of each puppy of Bohemian Shepherd starts from $700 to $900 and it may be several thousand for matured, young and trained dogs of this breed.

Bohemian Shepherd Appearance :

The Bohemian Shepherd is little high with a longer neck, the hair on the whole body, even at the neck, strong legs, and sufficient weight. The size and weight both of this dog continuously grow up to 5 to 7 years. These dogs have a very cute look, attractive face, and charming color.

Life Span :

The lifespan of Bohemian Shepherd is different in various regions and environments. However, an average age of this dog is between 10 and 13 years. Secondly, the weight and height of make Bohemian Shepherd would be 39 to 55 lbs and 19.5 to 23 inches. Similarly, the female dog will have a height of 18.5 to 21 inches and the weight 39 to 55 lbs.

Bohemian Shepherd Health Issues & History :

The history of Bohemian Shepherd is very antique because this dog was found and developed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Later on, these dogs became more common and famous in the 18th century in the Czech Republic. In addition, this dog breed may also have some ear, skin and eye problems. However, the diseases and infections in these dogs are not very common.

Grooming :

Despite long hair, you can conduct deep grooming of Bohemian Shepherd. However, this dog becomes dirty due to longer hair and it is right to groom it several times a week. In intensive summer, you can use daily grooming that would be fine for the health of Bohemian Shepherd. However, the grooming cost is very low.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Bohemian Shepherd :

Bohemian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd

Shedding :

In hot summer and some other parts of the year, Bohemian Shepherd may have some skin disorders and fall of the body hair. The skin shedding is common, but the body hair fall is not enough common.

Temperament and Personality :

This dog is known as the best, most intelligent and excellent dog with its multiple features, skills and look. Usually, it is trainable, stable, intelligent, active, brave, friendly and courageous dog that loves to stay forever with the humans. It is crazy for the human contact and affection. The gentle and friendly behavior makes it more popular and preferable dog breed for the families that like dogs as the pet.

Bohemian Shepherd Characteristics :

Of course, Bohemian Shepherd has the ample of characteristics and features that declare it a leading dog breed in the world after German Shepherd. Usually, it comes with following qualities.

  • Playful nature
  • Friendly, active, cooperative and gentle behavior
  • Rare and available in Czech Republic (mostly)
  • Medium energy level
  • Happy to live indoor and outdoor
  • Minimum health issues and fewer possibilities of infections etc.