Border Collie - Dog Breed Information

They are of medium size and they love to please their owner. They perform well in sports, agility activities, obedience tests and several other sheepdog trials. Their high intelligence levels are the main reason for increase in popularity.

Border Collie Facts

This breed was developed from Landrace Collies which are commonly seen in England. The word "Colley" means useful in the Scots language and this breed was first bred in the Anglo-Scottish Border and because of these two reasons, the name Border Collie perfectly suitsthis breed. By the end of 19th century, this breed became popular and severalenthusiastic breeders from Australia, NZ, USA etc. imported this breed. Other facts include:

  1. This breed is not suitable for allergic persons as they shed frequently.
  2. It is better to identify a Border Collie by its actions rather than its appearance.
  3. Some breeders believe that this breed is most intelligent of all dog breeds.
  4. You can happily play Frisbee with them and it meets their exercise requirements also.
  5. They are not suitable for you if some other small pets are present in your home.
  6. It is better to opt for other breeds if your family consists of small children or kids.
  7. They are not suitable for apartment culture but a small yard is enough to keep them happy.
  8. Average litter size is four to six but there are instances where female Border Collie gave birth to ten puppies.
  9. Similar to all other working dogs, this breed dogs also have a peculiar habit. They love to chase moving vehicles and let the leash off at your own risk.

Border Collie Diet

As they are energetic and active, they need much food compared to other medium sized dogs. Three and half to four cups of quality food is sufficient per day and it is better to divide it into two to three equal meals. Care must be taken while feeding so that they won’t suffer from obesity or over-weight problems.


They mostly stay in a well constructed kennel. They prefer outdoor than indoor where they can run around and play.


This dog was developed to be a livestock herding dog. Even though they became family pets, their natural instinct can be easily seen in the activities they are doing. They are very intelligent dogs and several Border Collie dogs got international fame with their activities.


Chaser, a Border Collie dog remembered 1022 words and Striker, another Border Collie dog opened car window in less than 12 seconds which is a record. Rico, a Border Collie dog recognized more than 200 objects by their names.


They love to compete with dogs and other animals as they always want to be the best. They always need a job that keeps them busy. Their activity requirements include physical as well as mental stimulation. Walking alone can’t meet their exercise requirements and assign some complex activities like herding, hunting if possible.

They are intelligent and very easy to train. Breeder must start voice training at an early stage and early socialization must be the integral part of training process. With proper training, they can easily identify things, guard houses and perform many more tasks.



The mother gets to give birth about 4-6 puppies. They are taken care of by the breeders until they can be sold to owners. Their growth happens quickly.


They don’t face much danger under human care. When exposed, they can be attacked by other bigger dogs. Therefore they may be kept away danger.


The breeding of this dog is done by professional to get the best out of the dog. The breeder works to determine the best time to mate the dogs.


They are medium sized but their energy levels are very high. Their eyes are oval shaped and ears are short and wide. Though front legs appear to be straight from front they are slightly bent. Much height difference can’t be observed between male and female dogs as female dogs stand 18-21 inches tall and male dogs stand 19-21 inches tall. Female Border Collie dogs weigh in the range of 27-42 pounds whereas male Border Collie dogs weigh 30 to 45 pounds.

Unlike several other breeds, the breeder can select from a wide variety of colors if he opt for this breed. Black, white, red and brindle are commonly observed colors. Chocolate merle, liver, blue, sable colored puppies are also available. Most of the breeders prefer bi-colored or tri-colored varieties.

The outer coat of Border Collie is coarse but the undercoat is smooth. They are neither cuddly nor cute and appear like perfect working dogs. Their chest is well developed and bones are really strong. Their overall body length is slightlymore than their height.

Border Collie Life Span

Though the average lifespan of these dogs is close to 12 years; their life span can be increased significantly if the breeder is extremely cautious of their health. Some Border Collie dogs lived for 18 years also.

Health Issues

Hip-dysplasia and CEA (Collie eye anomaly) are commonly seen health problems in this breed. Glaucoma and diabetes mellitus are rarely diagnosed. Complex health problems like Neuronal ceroidlipofuscinosis and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome are rare but a DNA test before choosing a puppy will avoid most of these problems. It is always better to opt for a reputed breeder who maintains a healthy line than buying from random breeders.


Brushing, bathing and combing must be included in the regular grooming. It is better to opt for professional grooming services once in six months to remove dead hair. Cleaning the ear with good ear cleaner will prevent so any infections.

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Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie


This dog sheds heavily. Apart from the occasional twice a year, they shed often. They need to be bushed and groomed often.

Border Collie Information

  1. The full name is Border Collie.
  2. It is also popular as Scottish Sheep Dog.
  3. This breed is native to United Kingdom.
  4. They are of medium size.
  5. This dog breed belongs to Herding group (AKC).
  6. Their life expectancy is in the range of 13 to 16years.
  7. They are energetic, intelligent and obedient.
  8. Female Border Collie dogs stand 46-53cms tall.
  9. Male dogs can grow up to 56cms but the commonly seen range is 48 – 56cms.
  10. They weight in between 14 to 20kgs.
  11. They are available in black, white, redand brindle and in several other colors. Bi-colored and tri-colored varieties are also available.
  12. One needs to spend close to $600 to get a healthy Border Collier puppy.