Blue Picardy Spaniel - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders

Blue Picardy Spaniel is a famous dog breed that became more popular in early of the 20th century and Picardy Spaniel and English Setters used these dogs as their companions in different situations.

The nature of these dogs is very friendly, cooperative, loving and polite with the humans. However, the dogs are furious and excited for hunting in the deep forest. These are also known as the gun dogs and they belong to France.


Blue Picardy Spaniel Dog Facts For Kids and Information

Blue Picardy Spaniel is a famous dog with different coat colors and medium to high physical size. These are available in;

  • Speckled, Black and Gray coats
  • Active & energetic
  • Powerful for hunting
  • However, these are not good to keep in residences as they like open spaces and the green land to play & exercises
  • The body size, weight, and height of Blue Picardy Spaniel vary according to age, health, type and environment where they are living.
  • Puppy Price: Average $600 - $800 USD.

Blue Picardy Spaniel Diet

These dogs are more energetic, sharp, active and efficient. They always require good quality diet to grow and refill their body energy. Further, the specific dog biscuits, breed, casual diet and some of the dog grains are the best foods of Blue Picardy Spaniel.

In addition, these dogs take more exercises and tough training for which they always need a good quality diet rich in all natural substances and growth minerals. The dog specified and formulated diet is highly recommended for Blue Picardy Spaniel.



Like other hunting and herding dogs, the Blue Picardy Spaniel is also extremely fond to live in hutches, outdoor in the natural environment and play on the grass.

However, the most people adopt this dog as the pet and it feels more comforts and relaxation with the humans, but it requires regular exercises and physical training to adjust and accept indoor life.


The behavior of Blue Picardy Spaniels has been playful, polite, loving, friendly and protective. These dogs are fully docile with their very fondness nature with the children.


These dogs are easily adaptable and they can easily adjust with other pets and dogs. Blue Picardy Spaniel may be a bit excited, furious and passionate at the job of hunting.


The lifestyle of Blue Picardy Spaniel is very interesting, motivating and amazing to read and understand. Basically, this dog always demands regular walk, exercises, physical training, and hiking.

If you don’t let them take exercises and execute other physical activity, then they will become unhealthy, dull, lazy and bore. The exercises are more important for Blue Picardy Spaniels similarly as the diet for them.


This Purebred dog has been under the deep and comprehensive observation of many International Dog Training Schools, Research Centers, and Animal Health Departments.

They all agree that the average lifecycle of Blue Picardy Spaniel is generally 10 to 14 years. In some circumstances, these dogs may live just one to two years more than this lifecycle. So, the lifecycle of healthy, well-muscled, powerful and energetic Blue Picardy Spaniel may be 10 to 15 years.


If you preview the Blue Picardy Spaniel as the predating qualities and habits, you will find it a highly recommended dog for hunting and herding. Basically, the top energy level, sharpness, active mood, body appearance, bone strength, powerful muscles and fast run on the track make it a powerful killer of the prey. In general, it has been the best and unique choice of French hunters from beginning to the fall of the 20th century.


The litter size or the reproduction capability of a Blue Picardy Spaniel is up to 5 to 8 puppies that may be up to 9 in some specific conditions. The average price of Blue Picardy Spaniel puppy is $600 to $800, but it is rare in America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. However, it is available in Europe, especially in France and England.


The physical look of Blue Picardy Spaniel is very appreciating and inspiring. In general, the skin color of the most dogs is gray, while these are also available in speckled and black coats. However, the weight of this hunting dog is very normal and up to 43 to 45 lbs, while the height of the dog is 22 to 24 inches.

Life Span

In fact, Blue Picardy Spaniel can stay longer, healthy and 100% fit if they are supplied the best diet to eat, excellent and healthy environment to live and regular course of time for the physical workouts. These dogs are extremely fond of hiking, running and walking. They have a lifespan up to 12 to 14 years.

Blue Picardy Spaniel Health Issues & History

Blue Picardy Spaniel belongs to an antique history and France is the actual origin place of these dogs. These specific dogs were the part of French Army for some outdoor activities and keeping watch on circumstances. Later on, these dogs became the choice of professional hunters.

Secondly, Blue Picardy Spaniel may own some genetic health issues from the parents. Secondly, they may have more critical bone complications, muscle weakness and tissue problems due to no exercises and physical activities. Further, they can also suffer from some eyes, skin and ear issues.


You can use brushing twice or more in a week according to needs. If you feel it necessary to apply dry shampoo to Blue Picardy Spaniel, then it will be very fine for grooming. Regular brushing and grooming will keep this pioneer dog fit and active.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Blue Picardy Spaniel :

Blue Picardy Spaniel Blue Picardy Spaniel Blue Picardy Spaniel Blue Picardy Spaniel Blue Picardy Spaniel Blue Picardy Spaniel


The outdoor spaces are the ideal locations for these dogs. Secondly, if the trainer and the families use a variety of exercises for their Blue Picardy Spaniel, then it will easily adjust with the humans indoor.

In the unhealthy and warm environment, the Blue Picardy Spaniel may encounter the shedding and skin peeling, but it is rare in this group of dogs.

Temperament and Personality

The Blue Picardy Spaniel is very polite, active, protective, friendly and fearless dog in the world. It does not attack the animals and other pets at home, but it has a gentle temperament to adjust with them.

Further, it is fully attentive, sharp and active at the job of hunting. In general, Blue Picardy Spaniel likes a lot to play with children and go for a walk with them.

Blue Picardy Spaniel Characteristics

Of course, Blue Picardy Spaniel has a number of characteristics that differentiate it with other dog groups in the world.

  • The best companion of the man
  • Playful, energetic, strong and powerful
  • Hunting weapon
  • Least possibilities of getting suffered from diseases and infections
  • Expensive and rare in the most parts of the world
  • Smoother coat and shiny skin
  • Fearless, brave, active and protective nature etc.