Chinook Dog - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

Chinook is one of the rarest dogs in the world. The dog was first known on Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctic in 1928. Nowadays, these dogs are considered as multipurpose dog who loves to participate in dog sports, hiking, running, jogging and enjoys playing with kids a lot.

Chinook Dog Facts For Kids and Information

  • Maintenance : Moderate maintenance is required. You need to groom it daily to keep it in shape. Occasionally you need to strip and trim.
  • Training : Training is easy. It loves obeying the orders of owners. It listens to the commands. You may expect some repetitions when training it.
  • Watchdog : The dog has a good eye and it considered as a good watchable god. It will alert the owner in presence of intruder. In some serious condition, it will protect and defend the family.
  • Adaptability : It has low adaptability. It is not suited for apartment living. An average sized yard is perfect for them. It can handle different kinds of cold and hot weather.
  • Active : The dog is fairly active. It needs proper exercise to maintain its health. One or two trips each week is a nice idea.
  • New Owners : It is a perfect option for those who have some experience of dogs.
  • Kids : This dog has a loving nature and is perfect for kids.
  • Puppy Price : Average $650 - $800 USD.

Chinook Dog



It was developed in USA as sled dog whose primary purpose is sled dog racing and drafting. It is an athletic dog who is motivated and always busy in different things. It is an impressive dog and has black eye markings, dark almond eyes, aquiline muzzle, some of the ear carriages and fitted coat. The tail is graceful and is positioned in a sickle curve. Male dogs appear to be more masculine. Females have less masculine look but it is difficult to distinguish it. It is an affectionate family dog and is famous for love of kids.

Chinook Dog Diet

It likes to have some raw diet. Both veggie and meat can be given to it. Adding few drops of olive oil to the food is a nice idea. Feeding Chinook with top quality dry food is a suitable option. Split the diet in two meals and serve in the morning and at night.

Personality and Temperament

It is a motivated and focused working dog. It has a very gentle temper and is not aggressive. Most of the times, it is in friend mood and loves to please the owner and family members. It is mostly trained to work in form of a group and hence its aggression towards other dogs isn’t a question. It doesn’t means that this dog will be highly well socialized and easy. It is just that it is easier as compared to other breeds. Proper training is essential as without it, it may become reserved towards other people and dogs. It is alert and active most of the times.


As they are active dogs, they should be given some constant jobs because they want to keep themselves busy. If they are bored, they will find some ways of entertaining such as chewing things or digging.

Despite of their cool and calm personality, they have a great mind of their own. They are dignified dogs. Hence, proper training is necessary. You should show them the respect. These dogs aren’t a good option for females.


Start training your Chinook right from the childhood and take it for jogs and walks with you. Train it the way you like it to be socialized with pets and others. Proper training will ensure that there remains no shyness issues. Teach it what you want from it. It is a quick learner and will understand things quickly with its smart intelligence.


Health Issues

Most of these dogs remain healthy and fit throughout their life, but there can be some inherited problems that may occur with time. Only few dogs will be in such a situation. You need to take care of few of this including cataracts, gastrointestinal disorders, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cryptorchidism and seizures.

You must ensure that your puppy’s parents as well as grandparents have been tested thoroughly and there are no diseases that they had. A professional and responsible breeder will have the results of tests available for you so that you can check the things out yourself. They will not breed a dog just to make money. Always ask for tests reports. Once you have it, medical checkup is necessary after every few months.

Life Span

The average life expectancy of chinook is 12 to 15 years.


This breed is a moderator shedder but will blow their coat heavily couple of times each year i.e. in fall and spring. It is essential that they thick double coat should be brushed on regular basis. It should be bathed when it is essential. Similar to all the other dogs, it requires basic grooming. Clear their ears, brush their teen and trim the nails as and when needed.


The male stands at a height of 23 to 27 inches and weighs approximately 70 pounds. Females have a height of 21 to 25 inches and weighs approximately 55 pounds.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of Chinook Dog :

Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog Chinook Dog

Coat color

The coat color varies from light honey to dark/reddish gold. The outer hairs on tails are mostly black. Few of these dogs have buff markings of throat, cheeks, muzzle, toes, breeches, belly and chest.

Chinook Dog Characteristics

  • Friendly: The dog is highly friendly. It loves making people happier. It tries to keep itself busy in different activities. A perfect companion of children and friendly with other dogs as well.
  • Healthy: It is a healthy and fit dog. Maintenance is easy. You need not to spend huge amount of money on its grooming.
  • Trainability: Training this dog isn’t a problem for owners. It will follow your guidelines. You can train it the way you want.
  • Intelligence: The dog is highly intelligent. It keep its eye everywhere and will try to solve the things itself.
  • Intensity: Intensity level is moderate. It is mostly calm and forgiving.
  • Exercise: It loves to exercise.