Pointer Dog : Facts, Characteristics, Puppies

The pointer is a breed of dog which has been bred for thousand years to point birds and other small animals like rabbits. It excels in other arena too which includes strength and stamina. From agility to performing in show ring, the dog can master over any skills.

It is a highly trainable dog and makes excellent companion to active people. The dog has a strong desire to work in field; it needs open space to survive where its movement is not limited. The dog becomes restless and bored when their day goes of doing nothing. They need physical as well mental stimulation to thrive happily.


If we talk about attitude towards humans, then they are one of the most sweet-natured canine breeds. They are polite to strangers and are peaceful with other canine animals. The dog is sensitive to rude or high voice; make sure to keep your house free of violence as that can hamper their mental growth. The dog is naturally disciplined and ideal for novice owner who wants to have a hunting dog.

Pointer Origin

The term pointer refers to any breed of dog that excels in pointing game. The exact origin of the breed is unknown but it is believed that the pointer breeds firstly originated in Spain. Few pointer dogs were also seen in England but in actual they were Spanish pointer which was brought to England from Netherlands (then under Spanish control).

The earlier pointers tend to be slower and heavier than modern pointer. The modern pointers were developed in England by cross mating greyhound, foxhound and bloodhound. DNA report suggests that setters were also used in their creation.

Pointer Dog

Pointer Characteristics

  • The breed belongs to Spanish and England.
  • They excel in pointing games and aids in hunting animals.
  • It is a kind, even tempered, hardworking and active breed.
  • The lifespan of this breed is 12 – 14 years.
  • Pointer breeds stand at a height of 56–70 cm.
  • It weighs around 16–30 kg.
  • The dog comes in black, lemon-white, black-white, liver-white, liver and organ-white colors.
  • It is not hypoallergenic breed.
  • Pointers are high energetic breeds and require at least 2 hours of vigorous exercise.
  • It is not meant for apartment life because it tends to be energetic and needs space to live freely.
  • Pointers may resort to chewing, barking or other destructive behavior if their exercise needs are not fulfilled.
  • They are not meant to keep outside the house. It should remain with its family.
  • Pointers are rambunctious as puppies but as they grow up they turn to be calm and composed.
  • Pointers do well with other dogs.
  • Pointers shed averagely and require minimal grooming.
  • The average price of this breed is $400 - $500 USD.

Pointer Appearance

This breed gives the impression of power and stamina and expression of intelligence and alert. Pointers are medium to large sized dogs with noble head and tapered muzzle. The dogs have well developed nose with wide nostrils which provide them keen sense of smell. They have pendant shaped ears which falls downward. Their neck is elegant with leveled back. The dogs have thick tail which gets thin towards the end.


Size and Weight

Ideal height of the male breed is 56–70 cm and they weigh around 18–34 kg. Ideal height of the female breed is 53–66 cm and they weigh around 16–30 kg.


Coat and Color

The dogs have easy maintainable coat. Their coat is double layered, smooth and short. The dogs come in black, lemon-white, black-white, liver-white, liver and organ-white colors. Light colored dogs have flesh colored nose.

Pointer Temperament

  1. Personality – The pointers are athletic and energetic dogs and they shouldn’t be restrained to small areas. They are field dogs and true sporting dogs and in no way they should be curbed to express themselves. If you’re a countryside dweller, pointers are ideal for you. This breed is calm and well-mannered inside home only if its exercise needs are fulfilled. A pointer with excess energy will try to bring the house down with its destructive behavior. The dogs are welcoming even to strangers. They are sweet and gentle animals.
  2. Behavior - Young dogs are pretty bouncy. Commands like sit and quiet are necessary for them to learn. This breed can hunt all day in field and still have energy to do other works. They have keen sense of smell and once they get attracted towards smell, they give chase to it, being completely deaf to your commands. This breed is always brimming with energy. They make great playmate to adult children. It is advisable to keep the dog on leash when taking it out for walk or exercise.
  3. Trainability - Pointers are highly trainable but you need to strive hard to keep their attention intact. They get easily distracted by smell in the environment or voice. For this reason, it is imperative to keep training session short and accompany it with lots of treats and praise. You need to teach your dog valuable commands like sit and down because they tend to throw themselves on people to greet.
  4. Activities Requirement - Pointers are never meant to be house pet. They are field dogs bred to work and hunt alongside humans. They are reliable hunters and a great companion to people working in field. Apart from hunting activities, they excel in agility, tracking, and jumping. You can enroll your dog in dog’s exercise course where it can exhaust itself.


The same routine of diet should be followed to feed this dog else it can suffer from upset stomach.  If you want to change its diet, do it gradually. As the dog is prone to suffer from bloat, feed a mature dog twice per day instead of feeding it one heavy meal.

Never feed the dog before or just after giving it exercise. Make sure to give proper exercise to your dog so that it can burn its excess calories. Also ensure that the dog eats premium quality food.



The lifespan of this breed is 12 – 14 years.

Health Issues

The dog is not a hypoallergenic breed. The dog is not prone to suffer from any serious health issues. Minor health concerns of this breed is - hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infection and bloat.


All pointer dogs are easy to groom. Their coat is dirt repellent and naturally shiny. Brush its coat weekly to avoid lose hair and mats. Rub its coat with chamois to make its coat healthy and lustrous.

As they are naturally clean dogs, so there is no need to bath it daily. Check the dog’s ears for any signs of infection, allergy or wax buildup. Clean its teeth daily to have good oral health of the dog. Trim its nails as required. 


The dog is not suited for urban lifestyle and apartment life. It needs farm where it can carry its hunting passion and can wander freely. The dog can survive in extreme cold condition because of its thick double coat.

Pointer Dog Pet Names

  1. Olive
  2. Nemo
  3. Disney
  4. Donald
  5. Nobita

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The dog is social and amiable in nature. It makes great family dog.
  2. The breed is healthy and is not prone to any major health issues.
  3. An active owner and hunter will enjoy the company of this dog.


  1. The breed is not hypoallergenic in nature.
  2. You need to devote ample amount of time to it.
  3. They are highly energetic and not suitable for urban lifestyle.