Andalusian Hound - Natural Instinct of Hunting

Andalusian Hound is a compact, pick eared hound having a harmonious build that resembles the other Iberian breeds like Podenco Canario, Ibizan Hound and Maneto. This sight hound is found in varying sizes and coats.

The three commonly occurring sizes are Podenco Andaluz Talla Chica, Podenco Andaluz Talla Mediana and Podenco Andaluz Talla Grande. They have different types of coats that lack an undercoat (longhair, wirehair or smooth).


Andalusian Hound Facts and information

  • Andalusian hound is originated in Spain, particularly in Andalusia
  • Small breed height is 12-17 inches, medium is 16-21 inches and large breed is 20-25 inches
  • Small breed weight is 5-11 kg, medium breed is 10-18 kg and large breed is around 20-33 kg
  • Life span of this breed is around 10-12 years
  • Their price ranges between 300 to 500 USD
  • Andalusian hound litter size will be 3-5

Andalusian Hound History

They originated from the Andalusian region of the Southern Spain. The Hound is thought to have descended from the European hunting dog. They are one of those ancient breeds that are depicted on the cave paintings in the Peninsula of Iberia several years before.

They are also known as Podenco Andaluz, the breed was recognized in the Spain in 1990. Owing to the lack of any distinct or unique characteristics and the resemblances that it shares with other dogs, the breed is not recognized much outside its Native place.


It bears some close resemblances with other types of Mediterranean breeds that include Portuguese Podengo, Ibizan Hound etc. They have a proportioned and well-muscular body which is positioned on the straight and lean legs. They bear a pointed muzzle and have a long face. Erect and large ears are their most noticeable feature that occupies most of the space above their head.


They have three accepted coat types that include wirehair, longhair and smooth. They have varying heights and coat styles. Typically, nine distinct varieties of Andalusian hounds occur that are cinnamon, white and a combination of both the colors. They do not have any undercoat.


Andalusian hound is an intelligent and submissive dog that behaves rationally. It can prove to be a great watchdog that is cheerful and love to play with his master. The dog has been bred for hunting basically and has an excellent sense of smell.

By nature, it chases other animals; it has a rational behavior and reacts well to the unexpected circumstances. It has an immensely powerful memory and able to retain information with complete ease. 



Since they are hunting dogs primarily they are very good at smelling and have plenty of stamina. They are energetic and resistant towards fatigue. You cannot scare away or intimate the dog.

The breed is not well suited for living in the small quarters or people who have lazy or laid back attitude. It is a great guardian and needs strong and confident masters that have expertise in training and socializing large breeds.


As true with the other hunting dogs Andalusian hound requires socialization which can tame its protective and hunting spirits. If you have young children, you should prefer buying their smaller variation which is good with families and young children. Normally they are affectionate, obedient and easy to train as compared to the other breeds. They have an inherent hunting spirit.


They try their best to keep their masters pleased. They respond well and can be quickly trained if the master is consistent and firm. You need to exhibit a lot of patience while training them.

If you treat them unkindly, they tend to lose respect for you. They are super-fast dogs and they are born with an instinct for hunting. They can get distracted easily by the moving prey. They are clever and intelligent and can be easily trained if done in the right way.

Health Problems

Though the breed has been there for several years, no major health issues are found in the breed. Like other hunting dogs Andalusian Hound is prone to arthritis.

They may also suffer from eye diseases and ear infections. They need to exercise daily and groomed well to keep the diseases at bay. Routine health check-up is advised.


Andalusian hound lifespan ranges between 10-12 years


A regular brushing is enough for all the coat varieties. The longer coat varieties need an extra care so that the formation of mats can be prevented. It is not a hypoallergenic breed and thus it is not recommended for you if you are suffering from allergies.

A regular brushing and claw clipping should be introduced at an early age which will ensure that they would accept this as part of their daily activities. They have large ears that need to be checked regularly to make sure that they are not infested with wax or debris.

Exercise and Activity Levels

The dog has a high energy level and would be able to thrive well when they remain outdoors. They are good at hunting, love to run and play around. They are known for their stamina and can run happily for many hours together. You need to indulge them in running for a long duration or they will have pent-up energy.

They can have undesirable behavior pattern which may turn destructive if they are not made to exercise daily. They are loyal and gentle in nature. They have supreme level intellect and are able to carry out tasks easily. The smaller varieties are very affectionate and can prove to be a great company to the children.

Important Charateristics Of Andalusian Hound

  • The dog is used traditionally for hunting due to its heightened senses, endurance and stamina
  • It is a well-proportioned, lithe dog with muscular bodies
  • Ears are the most prominent feature of the dog
  • Naturally submissive and good dogs that are observant and attentive
  • They have an inherited hunting skill and are very sweet in nature.