American English Coonhound : Muscular, Independent and Healthy Breed

American English Coonhound Once known as the Virginia Hound, it is well adapted to hunt the rough terrain and the tricky raccoons of the American colonies. The American English Coonhound is famous for its endurance and speed. The breed is known for its excellence in hunting. It is used to hunt the fox by day and raccoons by night. The dog is pleasant towards the people and with other dogs. He is a good companion and a very good runner. They are very sociable primarily due to the fact that they used to hunt in packs. They are kind and gentle to their owners and independent in nature.

American English Coonhound Facts And Information

  • The breed can reach up to 23-27 inches in the height and 40-70 pounds in the weight
  • They have thick coat and 40-70 pounds in weight
  • They have a long broad head, drooping ears, large and muscular body, strong legs and a high-set tail
  • They have an excellent sense of smell and very good stamina
  • Two types of American Coonhound are found today. Out of which one is used as a working dog and the other one is used in the competitions and shows primarily
  • It is highly sociable and love to get surrounded with people and other pets.
  • It is alert, gentle, kind and loyal dog which likes to please its owners
  • It is an intelligent and hard-working dog that is excellent at detecting and following sounds, tracks and various types of scents
  • It has a hard and rough coat of the medium size and since it sheds a lot, it needs to be groomed at least once in a week.


This breed is of medium height and they are proportionate in weight and their coats are of three types predominately bluetick, redtick and a tricolor pattern. They are deep-chested and sweet-faced athletes that are known for their endurance and speed. They have a medium length coat with varying patterns. Their head is broad with a domed skull with dark brown eyes, low-hung ears and dark brown eyes.


The breed is incredibly fit and it is known to have the most muscular body among canines. The breed is very sturdily constructed and not very thick exactly. It has a medium length tail which is generally upright and slightly curved.


It is a very active breed which is suitable for the urban areas and the apartments. These should be kept in the houses that have fenced yards that can provide them plenty of open space for exploring and running all through.



The breed was created by crossing the Bloodhound (responsible for its size and smell) with the Black and Tan Foxhound (responsible for its coloration and agility). These are the domestic breeds that are said to have appeared in the North America with the European colonists in 1600s, where they were used for protection and hunting.


These breeds tend to be quiet in the homes but they need regular exercises to keep themselves in good condition. They love to nest and are considered to be good pets. They are very good at hunting and can prey on the small animals unless they are trained otherwise. This is the reason that they are not recommended to be domesticated with other small pets. They are a good company to the children and said to be very loyal. They are inquisitive by nature and needed training early in life.

Health Issues

Though they remain healthy all through their lives when taken care of properly but they may have a number of health concerns like ear infections, elbow dysplasia, cataract, gastric torsion, progressive retinal atrophy etc. They can also suffer from allergies and shed a lot. They may suffer from overheating when taken out in summers.


Coat and Shedding

The breed has a short, close fitting coat which can be taken care of easily. The breed does not need grooming on a regular basis and a meticulous trimming is also not needed. But, the problem with the dog is that they shed too much throughout the year and hence they should be brushed regularly and often. A thorough brushing once in week with firm bristled brush would be more than enough. A thorough brushing is needed once a week. They are playful in nature and can romp down in the mud puddle often and when they do so that they need to be shampooed well. It is good to clip their nails monthly and keep their length short. They need to be brushed often to keep dust and dirt at bay. A good dental hygiene is necessary.

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Characteristics of American Coonhound

  • It is a very active breed and hence not suited for the confined homes. It should be kept in the fenced yards
  • They are highly intelligent, have a great build and have a great sense of smell
  • They have three types of cats predominately bluetick, tricolor tick and redtick
  • They have a rough and hard coat. They shed a lot and hence need to be groomed once a week
  • They give birth to seven puppies on an average
  • They are generally a healthy breed but are known to suffer from hip dysplasia, overheating and ear disorders etc.
  • They have an average lifespan of 11-12 years
  • They need a lot of physical and mental exercises to stay active and healthy or else they may indulge in destructive behavior.