Bluetick Coonhound

This intelligent hunting dog can be a good companion and can serve a variety of purposes with proper training. It can act as a guard dog and it can become an excellent companion in hiking. This friendly dog can trouble its breedersometimesas it has a strong instinct of following its nose.

Facts :


Bluetick Coonhound was developed from Bleu de Gascogne and English foxhound. This breed got recognized by AKC in 2009 and its popularity is slowly increasing from then onwards. Though this breed is recently developed, Americans call it as old-fashioned because of itsappearance. Other facts may include:

  • It is hard to control them if they found any scent interesting. They will search for the source ignoring the commands of the breeder or owner.
  • With proper training, it can be an excellent family dog and follows the commands of all the family members.
  • If you have other pets like birds, cats etc., think twice before opting for this breed.
  • This is not suitable for apartment culture as they always howl and bark loudly.
  • Though professional dog breeders say that it is playful, one need to be careful while allowing this dog to play with kids.
  • This dog can live in variety of weather conditions and it can work even in bad weather conditions and difficult terrains.
  • The owner needs to be strong and authoritative or else this intelligent dog will ignore the commands of owner.
  • The bark of this dog is very much different from the bark of other breeds. Its bay cry resembles a howl.
  • Letting them off leash may lead to serious problems and think twice before doing so.

Diet :

As they are very active, their food requirements are also a bit high when compared to other medium sized dogs. Two and half to three and half cups of food tobe served per day and similar to all other dogs, it is better to divide that quantity into two meals. Note that the quality of the food to be top-notch or else gastrointestinal problems may develop in these dogs.


Habitat :

They are comfortable to live within the house as they are obedient. They can also be put in a suitable kennel although they prefer inside.

Behaviour :


If their energy is not released properly, these dogs will develop behavioral issues. Their loud barking can be a problem if you are looking for a silent pet. Breeder needs to be consistent and confident to get the best performance from it. Unlike several other breeds, there is no need to take special care for this breed. Even devoting one to two hours per day is more than enough but one need to treat it correctly or else behavioral problems may develop.

Lifestyle :

They are intelligent and their hunting instinct can be seen in the activities they are doing. If properly trained, they can become excellent family pets. Its exercise requirements are very high and it is not at all suitable for a lazy breeder. Along with half an hour brisk walk in the morning/evening,assign some other physical activities to make it more active.

It is easy to train. It has the habit of sniffing the strangers for longer times and the breeder can get rid of it with proper training.It loves training session but those who are new to dealing pets will face problems in voice training. Itneedsto be socialized from very young age. Their eye sight is very good when compared to other dog breeds and this capability made them perfect guard dogs. A breeder who doesn’t have any previous experience in handling hound dogs may face some problems in the initial stages but once they found the rhythm, they will surely love this breed.

Lifecycle :

They are born in about a pack of 6-10 puppies. They grow under the care of breeders. When they are old enough, they get a chance to start being independent. When the times come, they mate and get puppies.

Predators :

These dogs are quite dedicated. They are not very ruthless. They can be attacked by bigger dogs therefore should be taken care of by the owners accordingly.

Breeding :

Breeding should be done by professionals to ensure that the puppies are well taken care of and the mother as well. Breeding can be done when the female shows the signs of ovulation and heat that requires mating.

Appearance :

They are neither chunky nor clumsy. Their head is broad and eyes are large and wide. Their ears are long and always pointed downwards. Its tail is long tapering to a point. In most of the cases, head and ears are black in color and the red colored cheeks are hard to ignore. Female Bluetickcoonhound stands 21–25 inch tall. Male bluetickcoonhound dog height is in the range of 22–27 inches. Their weight is in the range of 20-36kgs.

The white and blackmottles present onthe dog’s body gives it a bluish color shade. In general, coat of bluetick coonhound is short and dense. In tri colored bluetick coonhounds speckled blue look can be observed. Their body is muscular and designed perfectly to meet the hunting dog requirements. Their paws are larger when compared to several other dog breeds and they help immensely in running quickly. Their legs appear to be straight from any angle.

Life Span :

They can live up to 12 years. Depending on the care, they tend to live longer. They must be taken care of and taken to the vet as required.

Health Issues :

Similar to several other recently developed breeds, bluetick coonhound dogs are also prone to hip dysplasia. Cataracts and Krabbes diseases are commonly seen in this breed.Though it is a healthy dog, it is better to opt for genetic testing before choosing a puppy so that no complicate problems arise in future.

Grooming :

There is no need to spend much on grooming if you opt for this dog. Brushing twice a week is more than enough. Bathe it with dedicated dog shampoo with good pH levels whenever you feel necessary. There is no need to go to professional grooming saloons and periodical combing is sufficient to make it beautiful.

Shedding :

Shedding occurs moderately. They can be brushed about two to three times a week to contain this. They are quite manageable when it comes to grooming and brushing.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Bluetick Coonhound :

Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound Information :

  1. Its full name is Bluetick Coonhound.
  2. It is also popular as Bluetick.
  3. It is native to United States.
  4. It is of medium size.
  5. AKC placed it in Hound group.
  6. Their lifespan is in the range of 11-12 years.
  7. They are athletic, activeand obedient.
  8. Female bluetickstand 21–25 inch tall.
  9. Male bluetickdogheight is in the range of 22–27 inches.
  10. Their weight will be in the range of 20-36kgs.
  11. Blue colored varieties are popular and the tri colored varieties are rarely seen.
  12. You need to spend close to $500 to get Bluetick Coonhound puppy.