American Foxhound - Dog Breed Information

The American foxhound is the cousin breed of dog to English foxhounds. They are found to originate from the states of Maryland and Virginia. This breed was developed after thorough experimentation by the landed gentry for the purpose of hunting foxes. Because of the migration of red foxes, Irish foxhounds are cross breaded to increase the stamina in dog. One of the features of American foxhound is that one can hear its musical howl from miles.

This is one reason that they are not so much popular in cities. In 1886 the breed was first recognized by American kennel club. Now days one can find many strains of American foxhound including walker, Goodman, trig. Though all the strains look quite different from one another but still they belong to same breed.


American Foxhound Appearance

American foxhound is found to be about 21 to 25 inches i.e. 530 to 640 mm tall. Weight varies in the range of 45 to 60 pounds i.e. 20 to 29 kg. Legs of the American foxhound are long and straight- boned. Their chest is narrow. They have long muzzle and large domed skull. Ears are wide and low-set.

Eyes are large wide-set and brown in colour. The dog is a common pet found in Virginia. Their tail is a bit curl. A coat of short hair, usually in shades of brown, black, and white in colour covers the whole body. They don’t shed a good amount of hair but brushing hair regularly will reduce the shedding. Their average lifespan is 11 to 13 years.


The American foxhound was originally found in Maryland and Virginia. The breed developed from walker, trig. Along with it they are even good hunters and trackers. Despite its long history of hunting and tracking animals, they are now kept as pet. They remain loyal and faithful to their master if they are well trained. When the dog enters a situation where full metabolism is required such as playing, fighting etc. At that instant the extra blood cells are formed.


American Foxhound Facts

The American foxhound bred to run.They are gentle, easy going and gets along with children’s. They are ideal pet for those who live in rural areas. This breed is a very active and energetic breed. They require a lot of exercise. They should be provided obedience training as this breed is indistinct and independent in nature.

This breed carries genetic disorders. If they are overfed then it may led to obesity. One of the common and minor health risks is platelet disease. This happens due to under-performance of the blood platelets and brings out the risk of uncontrolled bleeding from cuts and injuries in the body. The type of treatment depends upon the complexity of the disease. This breed is quite energetic breed. Proper exercise and a walk daily will keep the dog healthy.


The dogs are faithful and remain loyal to their master. They have a great sense and experience of choosing the right direction and so they can return to the owner, no matter how far the distance may be. Apart from it they also have sense of scent. They cannot withstand in cold.


They can survive in moderate climate. Their body is covered with acoat of short hair, usually in shades of brown, black, and white. They don’t shed hair easily, but brushing regularly will reduce the shedding. Their average lifespan is 11 to 13 years.


TheAmerican foxhound is quite energetic, active and needs a plenty of exercise. Besides exercise, the dog should be properly fed. The Nutritional food required by this breed include a mixture of protein, minerals, lipids and vitamins. Standard dog food that is fed to these dogs should be of high quality.

There are many dog foods available in market that are of lower quality containing filler ingredients and a lot of junk that are not suitable to eat. So before buying the dog food check the label and make sure that the food doesn’t only contain sugar and fats in it. They should be provided that diet which contain protein level between 32 and 40 %. They drink water quite often. So provide them with proper water.

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American Foxhound American Foxhound American Foxhound American Foxhound American Foxhound American Foxhound American Foxhound


They behave sweet and gentle at home. They want to remain free and want they should be provided proper space in the backyard where they can run on their own .this will improve their stamina. This means apartment life is not suitable for them. One important aspect is that they enjoy using their voice.

But this might not please your neighbour. These animals need your attention and they should not be left alone for long period of time. They mostly enjoy a long walk with their master. They are mild mannered and generally gets along with the children’s. They can’t always be trusted with other smaller animals.

The American foxhound is strong and has great stamina. But as they grow older then problems related to their health starts arising. So they should be treated properly and should be given proper care and affection.


Organisms that feed on the prey are called as predators. They are hunters as well as home guards. They are faithful. As a hunter they have keen sense of smell and are fast in chasing. They sometimes can harm smaller they can’t be trusted. Due to their musical howl, they are more popular in rural areas. They are quite good runner due to their tall legs. They should be trained. They have quite sharp noes. It’s not a surprise that they excel at hunting as previously they were grown for that.

Life Cycles & Lifestyle

Dogs are regarded as highly social animal on the earth. They account for their trainability, playfulness and their ability to adjust with the social situation. The loyalty and devotion that dogs demonstrate towards the master closely mimics the love and affection of human beings.

In American foxhound sexual maturity begins to happen around the age of 12 months or at most 2 year. Females experience oestrous cycle, during which their body prepares itself for pregnancy. At the peak it will be physically as well as mentally prepared for copulation. It is found that the Dogs after fertilization bear their litter for about 56 to 72 days. An average litter consists of 6 puppies. They are to be properly trained and taken care. Their average life span is 11 to 13 years.