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The origin of “American Pit Bull Terrier” was seen around the late 1800s. Two famous categories of pit bulls and terriers were crossbred to find out the better one. Then they were being transported from England to America for fighting purpose. These dogs were then used as family pets but were trained to behave adequately to their owners.

They are used as working dogs by farmers. The real cut off in their numbers was prominently visible after World War 2. This dog is bred so clearly that they would react against humans. Unfortunately these dogs were used for betting and fighting purpose. But in America it is fetching a derelict, laid up and deserted breed.



The “American Pit Bull Terrier” is a normal sized, built in and diminutive hair dog. It is the member of the moloser breed group. It has similar genetically with that of American Staffordshire terrier. Both the breed got the name AKC and UKC. The real difference between the stature and heaviness is a very low margin.

It differs from 6-8 inches in height and 25-35 lb in load. In both cases “American pit Bull Terrier” tends to be the larger though their behaviour and appearance resembles. The eyes are somewhat round shaped; ears are small and shaped like a muscular structure. The tail is again thick coated. Finally the coat can be broad, lustrous and may have any tint.


The “American Pit Bull Terrier” is a kind of dog which can be recognisable easily. The dog has a broad head having bulky cheeks. The neck is substantial and influential dropping to brawny and a deep chest to follow. Colouration is palpable but the dogs can range from brown to black and white.


American Pit Bull Terrier Diet

The healthy feeding tip for your pit bulls is to maintain a healthy diet for them. The dietary complements should be added for the optimum growth of the pit bull. So it requires a lot of water and exercise to remain healthy and fit. Does not free food the pit bull rather just manage a schedule to add good food? The addition of raw food nutrition matters a lot to the pit bull.

Just give a full cup of dog food in the day time for lunch and accordingly for dinner also. Along with dog food you have to give table scraps and fresh meats to add more nourishment. The carrot shavings, diced potatoes also can be implemented for the healthy diet of the pit bulls.


“American Pit Bulls Terrier” is disposed through its breeding. The dog is breeding of hybrid genus and its classification incorporates with the reproduction. Different bloodline experiments are done to enhance the breed quality. In relation to the quality the size and colour may differ. The crossbred technique is widely accepted to get the better one in quality and behaviour. Recently “American Pit Bulls Terrier” is breeding with other sources to sort the hybrid product.



The “pit bull” itself is a predator. But there can be some other creatures to which they justify. At times the nature of the “pit bulls” may create pressure for themselves. Thus it creates predators for themselves. They can surely find some cats and other animals mastering their territory. But the wildness and predator instincts gave them a win. But it is found that wolves are more nearer to them in case of hunting.

Lifecycle and Lifestyle

The life span of “American Pit Bulls” is about 10-12 years. As the female mate gets pregnant, its gestation period is about 61 days. The gestation period will flow through its life cycle there by producing new born puppies. The female mate gives birth to five to fourteen off springs.

The pit bull puppies are born deaf, blind and helpless relying upon the mother to serve food. With mother’s assistance they grow and start functioning with tally. After four weeks they can now heed and supplement some work to their backdrop. They try to have a healthy diet followed by longer period of sleep. By the sixth week they become elastic enough to play with their mates. In this time the socialization with human comes as trepidation to them.

This animal belongs to royal folks and serves as a great companion. The strength, buoyancy and agility are common characteristics of all to them. This clearly reflects in their lifestyle that is the stance and with a good sense of humour. The key concern to their style of living is that they lean to impair easily.

American Pit Bull Terrier Facts

“Pit Bulls” is more often used in terms of dog. It is the pedigree of this club registering with their formal names. The purebred can be sort out through some physical characteristics. This category is certainly an all round dog. The unmatched ability and strength have made this breed a unique one. This is also an individual breed dog as registered by “UKC” which does not belong to any ailing breed and any other type. For the time being they are much prized and upright cohort.


Created in “united kingdom” the “American Pit Bulls Terrier” now found to be in 13 countries. The over breeding of this genus made a successive growth in past. Now the habitat for living mass of the pit bulls remains silent due to competition. Now pit bulls are finding the parts of a developing nation. In short their habits and ability to type with the environment have made a good shed to grow.

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American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier


“American Pit Bulls Terriers” are very clever dogs. They are very loyal to always please their owners. The APBT is an attention seeker to every stimulus in its perception level. Their tendency is to be aggressive with others. They have a very submissive nature to cope with the environment. So they can be used as guard dogs to detect everything. After 2 to 4 years they will fully grow up and behave properly like a matured one. In young they are lovely, playful and to be honest a great companion.